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Swedish police release extensive report on 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ controlled by Muslim criminal gangs

by Matt Danielsson, DailyCaller Swedish police have ceded control over 55 “no-go zones” to predominately Muslim criminal gangs. An extensive report mapping out 55 no-go zones was released Oct. 24, showing where law enforcement has all but handed control to criminal gangs. Officers frequently face outright attacks when trying to enter the areas, which is … Continue reading

Europe / Muslims Random Statistics / Sweden

Sweden: Since 2013 illegal threats increased 6%, muggings 11%, burglaries 12%

The government report can be found in original here:   Already before Sweden started taking in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, its population was sky rocketing due to Muslim immigration. Not surprisingly, EU has chosen a Swede, Cecilia Malmström, to be the Union’s commissioner of immigration. The country will have to increase its … Continue reading

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Sweden: Violent crime explosion in Sweden between 1975-2012 dominated by Muslims

The terror of the Swedish neighborhood. . Sweden doesn’t have an immigration problem. It has a MUSLIM immigration problem. Big difference. While looking at the authentic statistics compiled from government sources, keep in mind that Sweden’s Muslim population is around 5%. This 5% population stand for the huge overwhelming majority of the total crimes statistics. … Continue reading

Europe / Muslims Random Statistics / Sweden

Sweden: A rise in asylum numbers correlates to rise in rape statistics

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
The Swedish immigration authorities, who are flooding the country with Muslim migrants who have managed to make Sweden into the rape capital of the world, are blind to their own data. Like other European countries maintenance of statistics based on religion is forbidden. However data is collected on nationality…