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Most European Muslims want Sharia – not European laws

In other words: the claim that they are “escaping” atrocities are actually not true. They want atrocities – plus free house and money. What exactly is included in Sharia law: Beheadings Stonings Hangings Crucifixions Honor killings Genocide Burning infidels alive Supremacy/global domination Warfare/conquest Beatings Torture Limb amputations Genital mutilation Death to apostates Forced conversion Slavery … Continue reading

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Islamists on Welfare in the West

Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West’s Demise by Kathy Shaidle Pajamas Media April 4, 2011 In 2008, the Toronto Sun reported that “hundreds of [Greater Toronto Area] Muslim men in polygamous marriages — some with a harem of wives — are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to … Continue reading

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Denmark ‘astonished’ at 1,000% Muslim Somali majority crime numbers

In a response to the Danish people’s Party, Martin Henriksen, given by justice minister Karen Haekkerup Monday, it appears that Somali nationals are significantly over-represented in Denmark’s crime statistic database (Photo: Capture from Karen Haekkerup’s response). Original Letter: — The Justice Minister’s response and statistics here (PDF) . Shocking numbers: How criminal are Somalis in … Continue reading

Denmark: 90% of applicants for economic help to celebrate Christmas are Muslim – Fraud report
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Denmark: 90% of applicants for economic help to celebrate Christmas are Muslim – Fraud report

Muslims neither celebrate nor recognize Christmas. Christmas is referred to as idol worship in Islam. . [JihadWatch] While the newly elected Muslim majority in a local board in Kokkedal, Denmark decided not to spend 1,000 USD on a Christmas tree a few days after having spent 10,000 USD on their Eid-party, their brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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Costs of ‘non-Western’ immigration in Denmark have increased by over 2 billion kroner in just four years

Heading into an election year, the Social Liberals’ new leader Morten Østergaard has signalled a tougher immigration stance. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Scanpix Cost of non-Western immigration on the rise Published: 16 Sep 2014, The Local In the span for just four years, the societal costs of non-Western immigration have increased by over two billion kroner, according … Continue reading