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Islamic Sweden is now the world’s second largest rape nation with a 1,472% increase in rapes

The report says that before the doors opened to Muslim migrants Sweden’s rape numbers stood at 472 in 1975. Post Muslim immigration and the numbers swelled to 6,620 in 2014 – an increase of 1,472%. (There seem to be a small typo in the article and the number should be 1,572%). We should point out … Continue reading

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Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Crime statistics

This article below, taken from from 2012 – a blog that investigates government statistics on immigration – touches upon the overrepresentation of ‘foreign’ born criminals in Sweden’s crime statistics. All data is compiled from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, or BRÅ, described on its website to be “an agency under the Ministry … Continue reading

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Sweden: Muslims and rape: a new hell for Swedish women

Residence permits granted — The number of reported rapes in the years 1980-2008 (Source Migration Board, BRÅ)våldtäkter i Sverige, 1980-2008. Posted by: Fjordman 15 October, 2013 The very first essay I ever wrote under the pen name Fjordman, published at my then brand-new blog on February 20, 2005, was entitled “Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and … Continue reading

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Sweden deport yet another Muslim for violence and death threats, but keeps bringing in more

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
More news from the land of the deaf, dumb and blind: the main dhimmi headquarters in Scandinavia, Sweden. How dumb are the Swedes? These people must be amongst the dumbest in the world. And they don’t care about protecting their women or children either. After racing to the top…

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Sweden: 5% Muslim Pop commit nearly 77.6% of all rape crimes in the country

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
The report on the foreign crime wave in Sweden is translated from Google, so there may be some minor grammatical errors. After publishing this article we have had Muslims and the extreme socialist left argue that the numbers are distorted and fabricated. All figures in this report originates from…