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Germany ‘spent more than €20bn on refugees in 2016’ – outstrips state budgets

Angela Merkel admits Germany ‘lost control’. Lost control?? She should be charged with treason. It’s far more severe than losing control and the German population is paying the price. Of course there are good muslims within the refugee numbers, who want to harm to anyone. But you cannot force upon a country a majority refugee danger simply because a minority of refugees do not represent that danger.

The Independent is a delusional ‘newspaper’ and it’s a surprise they have been willing to publish this report which contradicts everything they stand for.



Germany ‘spent more than €20bn on refugees in 2016’ as crisis outstrips state budgets

Government document seen by The Independent shows Berlin spent almost double budget

Lizzie Dearden, The Independent
Friday 10 March 2017 16:25 GMT

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently admitted she had lost control of the refugee crisis in Germany.

German states spent more than €20bn (£17.5bn) on refugees in 2016, government figures have indicated as Angela Merkel continues to come under pressure for her policy on migration.

Statistics seen by The Independent for the states of Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and Berlin show that the cost of housing and integrating asylum seekers has far outstripped official predictions.

The Bundestag’s statistics service has listed a total spend of over €7bn (£6bn) for those four states alone in 2016, meaning the nationwide figure is likely to be far higher.

Johannes Singhammer, Vice President of the German parliament, told Die Welt: “[The figures] show that if the costs are added up for all federal states, around €23bn (£20bn) has probably been spent on migrants and refugees in 2016.”

The four states recorded have taken around a third of asylum seekers currently living in Germany, where more than a million have arrived since the start of the refugee crisis in 2015.

Berlin set aside €685m (£600m) for accommodation, unaccompanied minors, integration programmes, healthcare, language lessons and other projects but spent around €1.3bn (£1.1bn) in total – almost double the budget.

The state of Bavaria spent €3.3bn (£2.9bn), Hesse €1.6bn (£1.4bn) and Schleswig-Holstein €783.7m (£685.9m).

A spokesperson for the Bundestag’s statistics authority said a complete report would be made public when other states had calculated their spending.

An official survey conducted in December 2015 predicted that federal states would spend €17bn (£15bn) on dealing with the refugee crisis in the following year but with a huge backlog of asylum claims and difficulties with deportation, costs have spiralled beyond expectations.

Germany’s government has drawn up a new package of refugee funding for state authorities, as well as plunging money into new housing construction to prevent migrants sleeping in emergency accommodation like school gymnasiums and military barracks.

Despite the huge financial cost of the ongoing crisis, Germany’s federal government announced a budget surplus of €6.2bn (£5.4bn) last year.

The unprecedented number of refugees arriving in 2015 generated a huge backlog of claims that civil servants are still working to clear, with more than 430,000 cases outstanding at the start of 2017.

Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister, said about 55,000 migrants returned home voluntarily, compared with 35,000 in 2015, while another 25,000 were forcibly deported.

Last month, the government announced a scheme to offer migrants financial incentives of up to €1,200 (£1,000) each to leave Germany and withdraw their application for protection, with a lower amount of €800 (£700) if they choose to depart after being refused asylum.

Mr de Maizière said StarthilfePlus was intended for those with “very poor chances of success” under the country’s asylum laws.

“I appeal to understanding and reason: For all those who have no prospect of staying in Germany, voluntarily departure represents a better way than deportation,” he added.

The flow of asylum seekers into the country has fallen dramatically since the implementation of the controversial EU-Turkey deal last March, which aimed to slow boat crossings to Greece by seeing anyone arriving detained under threat of deportation.

The number of new applications plummeted by more than 600,000 last year, standing at less than a third of those at the height of the crisis, when Ms Merkel opened Germany’s borders to Syrian refugees amid a series of boat disasters in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Children play in a building converted into refugee accommodation in Frankfurt (EPA)

Germany refugees-germany-9

Mohamed Zayat, a refugee from Syria, looks among donated clothing in the basement of the asylum-seekers’ shelter that is home to Mohamed, his wife Laloosh and their daughter Ranim as residents’ laundry dries behind in Vossberg village on October 9, 2015 in Letschin, Germany. The Zayats arrived approximately two months ago after trekking through Turkey, Greece and the Balkans and are now waiting for local authorities to process their asylum application, after which they will be allowed to live independently and settle elsewhere in Germany

Germany refugees-germany-6

Mohamed Zayat, a refugee from Syria, plays with his daughter Ranim, who is nearly 3, in the one room they and Mohamed’s wife Laloosh call home at an asylum-seekers’ shelter in Vossberg village on October 9, 2015 in Letschin, Germany. The Zayats arrived approximately two months ago after trekking through Turkey, Greece and the Balkans and are now waiting for local authorities to process their asylum application, after which they will be allowed to live independently and settle elsewhere in Germany. Approximately 60 asylum-seekers, mostly from Syria, Chechnya and Somalia, live at the Vossberg shelter, which is run by the Arbeiter-Samariter Bund (ASB) charity

Germany refugees-germany-10

Mohamed Ali Hussein ((L), 19, and his cousin Sinjar Hussein, 34, sweep leaves at a cemetery in Gieshof village, for which they receive a small allowance, near Letschin

Germany refugees-germany-11

Kurdish Syrian asylum-applicant Mohamed Ali Hussein (R), 19, and fellow applicant Autur, from Latvia, load benches onto a truckbed while performing community service, for which they receive a small allowance, in Wilhelmsaue village on October 9, 2015 near Letschin, Germany. Mohamed and Autur live at an asylum-applicants’ shelter in nearby Vossberg village. Approximately 60 asylum-seekers, mostly from Syria, Chechnya and Somalia, live at the Vossberg shelter, which is run by the Arbeiter-Samariter Bund (ASB) charityGermany refugees-germany-12

A refugee child Amnat Musayeva points to a star with her photo and name that decorates the door to her classroom as teacher Martina Fischer looks on at the local kindergarten Amnat and her siblings attend on October 9, 2015 in Letschin, Germany. The children live with their family at an asylum-seekers’ shelter in nearby Vossberg village and are waiting for local authorities to process their asylum applications. Approximately 60 asylum-seekers, mostly from Syria, Chechnya and Somalia, live at the Vossberg shelter, which is run by the Arbeiter-Samariter Bund (ASB) charity

Her policy sparked the arrival of more than a million asylum seekers in Germany, many of whom are still housed in temporary accommodation while awaiting a government decision.

Anti-immigration and far-right groups have criticised the decision, blaming the Chancellor for a series of Isis-inspired terror attacks carried out by migrants in Germany last year, including the Berlin Christmas market massacre.

The atrocities and increasing concern over migration have driven surging support for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is expected to enter the national parliament (Bundestag) for the first time as Ms Merkel battles for a fourth term in September’s election.

There was fresh scrutiny this week after Germany’s federal prosecutor charged three suspected Isis members with planning a terror attack in Düsseldorf.

Officials said the two of the Syrian men, aged between 25 and 27, investigated smuggling routes to Europe for jihadis in 2014, sending several refugees as tests before journeying along the migrant route themselves in 2015.

They allegedly drew the third suspect into the plot and worked with an Isis bomb maker already deployed to Germany by commanders, planning to detonate two suicide bombs in Düsseldorf’s popular Old Town before other militants massacred as many passers-by with guns as possible.

The plan was thwarted after one of the conspirators turned himself into French authorities in February last year.

A man injured seven people with an axe in a rampage at Düsseldorf’s main railway station on Thursday but police said there was no indication of a link to terrorism and described the 36-year-old suspect as mentally ill.

18 thoughts on “Germany ‘spent more than €20bn on refugees in 2016’ – outstrips state budgets

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  2. The only comment I can submit and agree with is the Independent is a delusional Newspaper. Obvious from the luvvy duvvy pics of well integrated Muslims? What proof do we have they are not middle eastern Christians who are far more likely to raise their children quietly, tend public gardens and be happy to wear second hand clothes! No the 20 billion is going on the damage Muslims are creating in Germany by Muslim Men which Merkel has allowed to get out of control. It is reprehensible she is in for another four years.


  3. As some leaders in world affairs have noted, there is no way to tell a ‘good Muslim’ from one who intends harm. This is why when pictures are made, they are nearly always of children, women or their families. Look a little further as on YouTube, the ‘imams’ who proudly proclaim their disdain and disgust with the West and democracy, some openly stating that their religion Islam and its tenets are antithetical to Sharia law. Or the many others openly declaring their intent to wage war on the West.

    Pew surveys show again and again support from a majority of Muslims in many countries for killing of those who mock the prophet, cutting off of hands for theft. And there is no room for compromise because for them, their Koran, which is filled with savage language toward ‘infidels’, is the one and only world. Unthinking tribal people. Interesting too that in the liberal press, is that rising incidence of rape perpetrated by ‘asylum seekers’ and continual planning and execution of terrorist attacks in Europe is lightly covered or not at all. Even among Muslims who may never contemplate a terrorist attack, a surprisingly high percentage of them approved of the killing of the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo.

    Europe will come to rue the day when they allowed in such huge numbers of these so called ‘refugees’.

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  4. I just read an article tonight about how homogeneous societies where for example nearly all Swedish citizens were, in the past, native born, but that this society has changed with the allowance of many more immigrants. It is noted too that much of this influx which was allowed in the past, not the huge numbers allowed in recently as ‘refugees’ .. starting in the 1960s, those of foreign origin were encouraged to come in to have more workers and to help fund the growth of the social welfare state. Very well argued, many excellent points. As the saying goes ‘food for thought’. It also discusses how people are essentially tribal and look toward other people who look and behave similarly to themselves.


  5. ‘A knifeman fatally stabbed two women at the main train station in the southern French city of Marseille on Sunday afternoon before soldiers on patrol shot him dead.

    One of the victims was stabbed while the other had her throat slit by the man who is believed to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”) at the start of the attack, a source close to the investigation told Agence France-Presse.’

    More sociopathic behavior from the ‘religion of peace’


  6. It still amazes me that after a terrorist attack by a Muslim yesterday in New York City, that the narrative goes that he was ‘deranged’ and why wasn’t the same condemnation there for the mass killer in Las Vegas who killed many more this year.

    If ever the analogy of apples to oranges existed, this is the one. The foaming at the mouth Muslim shouting ‘god is greatest’ was indoctrinated, as so many Muslims are, with the idea that the West is corrupt and that his ‘mission’ is to kill as many innocents as possible, and yes, it has everything to do with his religious beliefs. He is the poster boy for ISIS and other sociopathic Muslim groups, and if many more of his ilk could do exactly the same or worse, they would be applauding it.

    The man in Las Vegas was a sociopath, who also sought to take the lives as many innocents as he could, but he had no deep religious underpinning, he was a lone individual and not part of a very large group of religious fanatics whose goal is the destruction of Western society.

    If someone does not understand the difference, it would likely be impossible to explain it.


    • I read just a couple of seconds ago France is really tightening up on Islam. If Merkel can be forced to back down by the new majority, soon the same may apply across Europe? Having watched RT Documentary last night screening the problems of poverty in Italy, too much welfare is being paid out to these invaders all across Europe. As a consequence too few taxpayers to pay into the welfare pot, which was originally designed to help our own not freeloaders from Islam! There is enough money sloshing around in Oil rich nations these invaders are their responsibility not ours? Yet not one politician has had the sense to negotiate with Arabs (Iranians are no longer Persian but Arab). It was announced last night on CGTN {Chinese News station} how close Russia & China are working together. Incidentally Russia appears to be taking control of OPEC no bad thing – let’s hope between Russia & China neither of whom tolerate Islam with patience, both will swiftly banish these desert rats back to the desert, forcing them to compete with the rest of the Oil producing nations and thus tow the line.


      • @ Ericka. Well said. Reading today too that predictions of increasing number of migrants in future years from Africa, in some countries there, they are literally ‘breeding like rabbits’ which Pope Francis said, referring to some Catholics in South America. He had the courage to say it. Meanwhile in the Islamic world, some of their more sickening and outspoken members brag about ‘out breeding’ Europeans, their hope to eventually displace Europeans.

        It is great that France is waking up. Where Islam prevails, if a country is not run by an iron hand, what reigns is chaos, destruction and instability. This is exactly what they bring to Europe and to the Americas. Hats off to Poland and other sensible countries which just do not want them.

        One irony is that in Japan, they don’t want migrants either as they don’t want ‘outside influences’, and there is virtually no condemnation of Japan for that stance. Why is so much hatred lobbed at Europe which due to Merkel’s insanity invited in more than a million more? Europe and the Americas are supposed to just welcome every last one in, despite the social turmoil, very real threat of terrorism and exorbitant costs.

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  7. Precisely, just when will this end? I sincerely hope before the end of 2018. As for Sweden it is truly heart breaking to see what it has become. My last visit was 2011 when I saw the first mosque on the Uppsala Road out of Stockholm North.


    • “Precisely, just when will this end?”– It will end when you faggot Krauts get your heads out of the sand, grow yourselves some Krupp Steel balls and get over all this NAZI legacy guilt complex bullshit.


  8. A truly chilling video here, presented in a rational thoughtful way, about Europe’s changing demographics with Muslims. If current fertility rates are maintained by Muslims, many of Europe’s countries will become majority Islamic within the next 25-50 years. The video also predicts what may happen in the future when this happens, with native European populations made a minority and major civil wars breaking out.

    What I find compelling are the scenes of possible future conflicts, and how very closely this correlates with exactly what we see in many Islamic countries, instability, repression, chaos, suicide bombings, destroyed cultures and cities.

    Note too the top boy’s name in London in 2016 …
    ‘Muhammad was the top boys’ name in London and the West Midlands while Harry was top in the North East for boys. Amelia clung on to top spot for girls in the four regions where Olivia wasn’t in first place.’


  9. The German Majority Who Voted for That Appologist Merkle Deserve What they Get!! Not Once Not Twice Three Times!!!!!!! The Once Proud Nation has Become a THIRD World Laughing Stock of the World!!!!! ENJOY!!!!

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