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Sweden: Too Many (Muslim) Rapes, Too Few Investigators

The Swedish government doesn’t care about their own women and children, who are vulnerable to muslim brutalities and rape. The police is deeply short-handed yet the government is doing nothing to fill the shortfall. In fact, the Swedish socialist government has not cared at all for decades to prepare itself for the influx of violence and crime which it has approved.



Sweden: Too Many Rapes, Too Few Investigators

Gates of Vienna
September 2, 2017 by Baron Bodissey

In the following video, a Swedish man calls the office responsible for the investigation of rapes and asks why it has failed to make any progress on investigating the rape of a 12-year-old girl. It has been a month, he says, and there is a named suspect, yet the alleged perp has not yet been interrogated.

The woman he talks to explains that there are too many rapes, and too few personnel to deal with them. And she also lets slip the fact that the rape of 12-year-olds is no longer anything special — that they are dealing with the rape of 3-year-olds.

No mention of ethnicity in any of this, of course. But how many native Swedes are raping 3-year-old girls?

18 thoughts on “Sweden: Too Many (Muslim) Rapes, Too Few Investigators

  1. Stunning. So apparently there is enough money in Sweden to allow in ‘refugees’ in record numbers, which means of course money spent on housing, food, health care and education, but there are not enough employees in the Swedish government investigating and punishing serious crimes against children, the crime of rape?

    European countries need to step back from their so called ‘beneficence’ toward those wanting to escape the Middle East and Africa, men and boys who are trained in the idea that women are disposable and can be used to satisfy their disgusting lust and perversions. At what point are the people of Sweden, meaning the actual natives of Sweden, going to insist that reprobates like this are sent back to wherever they come from.

    The Middle East and Africa are filled with chaos and violence, poor governments and a barbaric 7th century ‘religion’. And these are exactly the areas where a population boom is occurring, and there will be millions more wanting to come in. Europe needs to say ‘no’ and they really don’t need to continue to send vast amounts of money to those countries, those countries need to do it themselves, like we in the West have been doing for a very long time.

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  2. Just liked your comment but please stop talking common sense no one in authority and the NGO’s benefiting from massive amounts of government money bringing in all these so called refugees wants to hear people saying things like that.


    • @ It is unbelievable, Ericka. Evidently Swedish authorities or some bedraggled Muzzie has decided we just can’t see the truth, that Sweden is not doing jack to address growing problems with their sociopathic Islamic buddies. The reason seems to be, if we can bury or hide the problem, people won’t notice children being raped!

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  3. An article from The Telegraph outlines how Sardinia is now having an influx of ‘migrants’ from Algeria, some of whom have already committed crimes. One thing Africa is good at is popping out endless babies, let the Dirtbag Brigade stay in their home countries. No wonder they dream of living in Europe which is stable rather than the hell holes they come from. Let them fix their own countries, not bring their troubles to Europe.

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  4. Good news I read today in Bare Naked Islam Italy is deporting Africans back to Africa, China has invested millions in Africa no interest loans, rather a bata system China will reel in the produce of natural resources. These people need to move from hunter gatherer to modern society which means learning, working, and contributing.

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  5. An excellent article in the Times today about growing complacency and non concern in the UK, in London in particular, after today’s somewhat botched terrorist bombing. The author makes the fine point that it is troubling that Londoners are shrugging it off, as if it’s just a part of everyday life. Of course, ISIS has claimed responsibility.

    My thought is that it is not just these horrific incidents but the growing numbers of Muslims in Britain, the UK and Europe. Where is the outrage in the Islamic community, save for a few voices, if their ‘leadership’ really believed that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’, one first class bunch of malarkey, their ‘imams’ should around the world be protesting against the horrific violence being perpetrated again non Muslims .. but we are not hearing that, at all.

    Islam is insidious and people’s complacency as the percentage of them grows, it’s dangerous and worrying.

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