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Germany ‘spent more than €20bn on refugees in 2016’ – outstrips state budgets

Angela Merkel admits Germany ‘lost control’. Lost control?? She should be charged with treason. It’s far more severe than losing control and the German population is paying the price. Of course there are good muslims within the refugee numbers, who want to harm to anyone. But you cannot force upon a country a majority refugee … Continue reading

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Austria: 90% Of Muslim Asylum Seekers In Austria End Up On Welfare

Angela Merkel brought death onto European countries. . . 90 Per Cent Of Asylum Seekers In Austria End Up On Welfare by Chris Tomlinson Breitbart, 16 Sep 2017 Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka is resisting EU efforts to increase his country’s migrant quota, claiming that 90 per cent of asylum seekers in Austria end up … Continue reading

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Denmark’s Muslim migrant crime: “Worst situation since 2nd World War”

Gangs of Muslim migrants and refugees of Arab or North African descent are now shooting innocent people at random in the capital city of Copenhagen, using them for target practice. . . Danish government on Muslim migrant crime: “Worst situation since 2nd World War” by Nicolai Sennel The rule of law is imploding in … Continue reading

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Sweden: Too Many (Muslim) Rapes, Too Few Investigators

The Swedish government doesn’t care about their own women and children, who are vulnerable to muslim brutalities and rape. The police is deeply short-handed yet the government is doing nothing to fill the shortfall. In fact, the Swedish socialist government has not cared at all for decades to prepare itself for the influx of violence … Continue reading

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UK: 52% of people believe Islam is a threat to the West

Almost half of English people more suspicious of Muslims as a result of recent terror attacks, study finds ‘Worrying’ report shows a quarter of English people believe Islam is a ‘dangerous’ religion, but overall England is becoming more tolerant and open May Bulman, @maybulman The Independent Online Members of the Muslim community lay flowers after attending a … Continue reading