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Germany: Muslim migrant criminal suspects soared by more than 50% in 2016

Number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50% in 2016, as minister warns the number of crimes has ‘increased disproportionately’

  • German police were hunting 174,000 migrant criminal suspects in 2016 
  • Meanwhile crimes motivated by Islamism also jumped by 13.7 per cent 
  • The number of German criminal suspects fell by 3 per cent to 1.4million
  • Interior Minister blamed the increase on migrant crime on their housing 

The number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50 per cent in 2016, data from the Interior Ministry showed on Monday.

Police were hunting 174,000 suspects classed as immigrants in 2016, the data showed, 52.7 per cent more than in the previous year.

Crimes motivated by Islamism also increased by 13.7 per cent. That includes the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market by a failed Tunisian asylum seeker.

German police were seeking more than 174,000 criminal migrant suspects in 2016, data shows, while crime motivated by Islamism also rose by 13.7 per cent (file image shows police officers arresting a Syrian man accused of smuggling migrants from Austria to Germany)

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned that crimes committed by refugees had ‘increased disproportionately’ last year.

Migrants accounted for 8.6 percent of all crime suspects in Germany in 2016, up from 5.7 percent the previous year.

Mr De Maiziere blamed the high crime rate among migrants on their housing , saying that many were living in makeshift shelters or sharing crowded rooms in 2016.

The number of attacks on refugee homes has declined for the first time since data started being collected in 2014.

Some 995 were carried out in 2016, compared with 1,031 the previous year.

Under the German system immigrants are classed as people who are applying for asylum, refugees, illegal immigrants and those whose deportation has been temporarily suspended.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere (pictured) said crimes committed by migrants had 'risen disproportionately' in 2016, blaming it on their housing situation

The number of German suspects declined by 3.4 percent to 1,407,062.

More than a million migrants have arrived in Germany in the last two years, largely from the Middle East.

Concerns over security and integration initially pushed up the poll ratings of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), but support has slipped as the rate of arrivals has slowed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union, has shown strong gains in recent polls, including in Germany’s most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

That region goes to the polls on May 14 in what is being seen as a bellwether for the general election in September.

The UDC is currently level with the Social Democrats on 34 per cent.



9 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim migrant criminal suspects soared by more than 50% in 2016

  1. This can be attributed the Mad as a hatter, Merkel. By reading some of her early comments about this massive migration of illegals started by her, one of the primary motivations was that Germany’s population was aging, and that their businesses needed more workers.

    So rather than doing the sensible thing and hire many unemployed throughout the rest of the EU, actual Europeans in need of work, she chose the ‘cheap’ route, inviting in many illiterate, violence prone Muslims, many of whom have no ambition other than sucking up to the teat of European generosity. Note how many of these Islamists said they would pass on any countries other than Germany, the UK and some Scandinavian countries. And the Muzzies were very clear about that, they wanted to come only to the countries with the most generous ‘social benefits’.

    But what a huge price Germany and other EU countries are incurring with huge increases in crime, from petty thievery to muggings to rape. What is the financial cost of all that going to be, with the huge numbers of dirtbags that German police and security are pursuing? Merkel and business wanted a less expensive way to hire workers, so rather than offer good paying jobs to unemployed Europeans, they thought they would save a buck or two by hiring illegals from the Middle East and Africa.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Excellent points, Ericka. All we need do is look where Islam is the majority ‘religion’ in any nation, and if that nation is not ruled by an iron fist, as in Saudi Arabia, there is constant infighting and killing among Muslim factions, countries and infrastructure destroyed and millions of refugees on the march.

      We cannot help all of them, we should not allow any more in as surely as the sun rises, so will ISIS and other terrorist radicals come right along with them. And those Muslims who are supposedly ‘peaceful’ now, while angry at the Western nations that host them, find plenty of excuses to join in with the murderous clan.

      It is really is the same as in the days of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, or take a look at the Muslim idol, Mohammed, renowned for this brutal torture and killings of anyone who would not convert. As you say, percentage are likely much higher than being reported by most of the press, which Muslims are constantly portrayed as the victims.


      • How odd you should mention Ali Baba, it crossed my mind the other day Ali Baba has to be the story of Muhammad as well as Sinbad the Sailor (barbary pirates) Ali Baba found a magic lamp in cave, rubbed it and the gene came out and offered three wishes. In true Muhammadan desire Ali Baba wanted the world and all that was in it, plus the most beautiful woman in the world!? I wonder which came first Ali Baba or Muhammad. The Arabian Nights are banned in Islamic countries? A Saudi Prince now on the council for Women’s Rights is the most diabolical decision made so far by the UN. I can’t figure this?


  2. Something we never get used to are the horrific attacks, like the one just today, in Manchester, England, where children were exposed, very likely, to a terrorist attack, with at least 19 killed and 59 injured. Of course Islamic apologists, some are saying ‘let’s wait before we pass judgment, until we know who did it’.

    Of course, it could be a lone wolf who is not a Muslim, but in our hearts those are willing to think about horrific attacks in Europe over the past few years, it is almost certainly was a Muslim. The press often says ‘it is a rarity, this has nothing to do with religion’, but any thinking person who googles ‘violent phrases in the Koran’ can be left with no doubt about who Mohammed was, and what action had advocated to the ‘infidels’, that is, anyone who does not ‘convert’ or ‘submit’ *submission being correct translation of the word ‘Islam) … those who are not ‘with him’ are against him.

    Many Pew surveys, a highly reputable source, in interviewing many Muslims in England, Europe and America, show that a high percentage minority opinion in England, for example, shows sympathy for the killers of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, for the wish for Sharia law in the UK, many of their imams will openly state that the goal is to establish a world wide caliphate of Islam.

    To proclaim that Islam is ‘a religion of peace’ is an absurdity, all one needs to do is look to where the great majority of terrorist attacks are coming from, what ideology, what religion. It does not take much looking, or thinking, to find the answer.


  3. As many of us, feeling great sadness over the latest insane killings in London, just now seeing that again it is the so called Islamic State which is claiming responsibility. Teresa May said anti terrorism laws have to be enacted and is already getting flack for that.

    There was a real need for city walls in centuries past, to keep one’s enemies out. Though that would not be possibly in the UK, certainly far stronger measures must be implemented. To do otherwise, is madness.

    These people are ‘not our friends’ and are not ever willing to assimilate, to think that they will, is a dangerous daydream.


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