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One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.?

This report was published in 2015 but is important to republish to demonstrate the scale of the problems in Britain. Bear in mind that the claims of one million children in the country being victims of Muslim rape gangs is not exposed by a conservative but by a member of the pro-migration and left-wing Labour party, MP Sarah Champion. It was impossible in the past for people to come out and expose these problems due to relentless liberal attacks and violence to shut people down.



One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.?

A national disaster sweeps Britain.

Frontpage Magazine, Arnold Ahlert


In a gut-wrenching development, it may turn out that last year’s report detailing a decade-and-a-half of sexual exploitation inflicted on at least 1,400 children from Rotherham, England—and the PC-driven effort to cover it up–may represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The city’s Labor MP Sarah Champion believes as many as one million children may have been victimized, describing it as a “national disaster” that requires the establishment of a task force to deal with the “horror.”

Champion picks up the story following the release of a report, titled “The Independent Inquiry Into Child Exploitation in Rotherham, 1997-2013.” “The day after the first report broke the victims started coming to me,” she told the Daily Mirror. “They couldn’t go to the police, they couldn’t go to the (Rotherham Borough) Council. So who do you go to?”

“For the first three weeks I generally thought I was losing my mind. I nearly lost my mind because of the level of depravity and horror,” she continued. “Listening to what these, now women, had gone through and how they were just left discarded, to flounder on their own. It was utterly mind-blowing and then the problem I had was that I was getting new cases coming to me, ones that hadn’t been reported which they wanted me to report. But I didn’t know who I could trust in the police to report it.”

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“There was this parallel universe going on and it is mind-blowing,” she added, revealing that an average of 10 victims per week are seeking her help. Furthermore, it seems her concerns about the police were well-founded: a month after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) began its investigation, 14 officers were suspended.

Last week a subsequent inspection report written by former Victims’ Commissioner Louise Casey was released, following allegations two councillors and a police officer had engaged in sex with minors. It hammered the Council for being “in denial” and failing to protect children because of “misplaced political correctness.” Minutes after the report’s findings were published, the entire Labor Cabinet of Rotherham Council, along with leader Paul Lakin, resigned. Five senior Whitehall officials, including a children’s services specialist, will assume control of the authority.

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Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles announced new elections aimed at replacing the council’s “wholly dysfunctional” political leadership. “It is because the council is so seriously failing the people of Rotherham, and particularly some of the most vulnerable in that borough, that I am proposing to take this truly exceptional step,” he explained. “My aim will be to return these responsibilities to local democratic control as rapidly as possible.”

Cases contained in Casey’s report are highly disturbing. One concerns an alleged rape with a broken bottle, and girls being ordered to kiss the feet of a perpetrator at gunpoint. A mind-numbing 61 pregnancies were attributed to rapes. “Children were sexually exploited by men who came largely from the ­Pakistani heritage ­community,” the report stated. “Not enough was done to acknowledge this, to stop it happening, to protect children, to support victims and to apprehend perpetrators.” Inspectors further noted that council members bullied victims, with a witness insisting the council viewed those victims as “little slags.”

The police weren’t any better, refusing to believe accusations made by young girls on numerous occasions. “They were threatened with wasting police time, they were told they had consented to sex and, on occasion, they were arrested at the scene of a crime, rather than the perpetrators,” the report reveals.

Adding insult to injury, whistleblowers who raised concerns lost their jobs. “I stepped forward on behalf of young people – it cost me my job and my career,” one ex-staff member revealed.

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A local police officer aptly illuminated the reasons for the coverup. “They were running scared of the race issue… there is no doubt that in Rotherham, this has been a problem with Pakistani men for years and years,” the officer explained. “People were scared of being called racist.”

Following the second report’s release, the National Crime Agency said it was looking into what were described as “potentially criminal matters.”

Last Wednesday an independent inquiry into the Rotherham scandal, along with the Westminster VIP pedophile ring that allegedly consisted of high-ranking members of Britain’s establishment abusing young boys in the 1970s and 1980s, was initiated. UK Home Secretary Theresa May appointed New Zealand High Court judge Lowell Goddard to lead the investigation that may last until 2018. In addition to investigating the two scandals, Goddard’s inquiry will also determine whether other public bodies, including government entities, charitable organizations, the Church and the BBC, also failed to step up and protect children.

The probe was initially set up last July to deal with the Westminster case, but failed to move forward due to a series of scandals that included the disappearance of a 40-page dossier on suspected establishment pedophiles compiled in 1983, raising suspicions of a government cover-up. May reached overseas for her investigator because the inquiry lost its first two chairs due to questions about their possible links with establishment figures.

Goddard promised the latest effort would put survivors “at the forefront and the whole center” of her inquiry. She will travel to the UK to meet Secretary May and discuss the investigation’s scope. The National Crime Agency told the Daily Mail Goddard’s probe would not slow down their own investigation.

A victim of the Rotherham scandal was overjoyed at the latest turn of events. “Finally somebody has listened to us,” said a mother whose daughter had been sexually exploited for five years—beginning at age 11. “Thank god my children will be safe now.”

Perhaps. “There are hundreds of thousands and I think there could be up to a million victims of exploitation nationwide, including right now, Champion warned. “Girls in the process of being groomed.” She explained her calculations “If you just think we know at least four big cases each with a couple of thousand each in smallest towns. It’s extraordinary,” she said.

Not really. It’s a very ordinary and predictable reflex born of decades of infatuation with political correctness and multiculturalism. Better to allow children as young as 11 to be systematically abused in Rotherham for more than 16 years, chiefly by men of Pakistani descent, than be labeled a bigot, racist or Islamophobe. Better to fire whistleblowers and better to bully the victims and/or dismiss them as low-lifes who deserve it.

This expanding investigation is now about far more than sexual abuse. The character of the entire UK is on trial. Soon the world will know whether their surrender to multiculturalism and political correctness is completely abject—and irreversible.

31 thoughts on “One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.?

  1. It’s disgusting that the police and social services tried to hide this from the public. Calling the victims whores and worse. When they were actually vulnerable white school girls, many in council care. All in need of protection from the state.

    The muslims know no better than to be animals. They are raised to consider women as mans property. They are raised to consider none muslims as infidels and sub-human according to the koran, sunna and hadith.

    The police on the other hand have no such “excuse.” Social workers and other officials, need to be hung for this crime of negligence. They failed to do their duty. Knowingly and with forethought. Which means they talked about it and agreed to turn a blind eye. All to stop real British people turning vigilante and attacking the Pakistani muslims.

    How do we come back from this?
    Not only has it fuelled the fires of disharmony and real racism. It has caused a complete loss of faith in the police, council and social services.


    • As intended. It’s all meant to break down Western civilization, to destroy the West. The political leaders of the Western world no longer serve the people of the Western world; they serve elitist globalists whose vision for humanity’s future is ultimately a complete return to feudalism on a planetary scale. They’re a pack of pedophiles themselves, like their masters, so why are we surprised to learn that they’ve deceived us? Why are we surprised that psychopathic pedophiles in our governments have imported, supported, financed, protected, covered up for and basically INSTALLED in our nations a culture (Islam) that has an unbroken 1,400 year history of war on the West and the use of terrorism, rape, slavery and pedophilia as weapons of cultural jihad? The answer is that we’re surprised because we thought our political leaders were like us, that they shared our values, hopes and dreams. They are not, and they do not.

      One of my favorite American writers once likened society to a stew simmering on a stove. He said that it needs to be stirred occasionally, or a layer of scum rises to the top and stays there.


    • I find the one million estimate of child victims very hard to swallow.

      There are roughtly eight million school-age children in the UK (according to 2012 government stats.

      For the sky-high figure quoted to be right, one child in every eight across the country would need to have been assaulted.

      Such misleading figure plucked from the air do more harm than good to the very real arguments against mass immigration from Islamic countries – particulary when they come from a Member of Parliament.


      • The figure has not been plucked from the air! Many of the girls have been the victims of multiple offenders. Hence, such a high count. Journalists should have said ;
        “Pakistani muslims, have committed far in excess of ,1,000,000 rape jihad offences against “infidel kufar” under age girls.
        A far more accurate statement, using all the appropriate terms. As used by the rape jihadists themselves!


  2. It boggles the mind! No more than that, it tears ones heart to shreds, to think that these little girls with their family are being subjected to such inhumane treatment. It’s beyond ones ability to comprehend. but the more horrific crime is on the part of those whose responsibility it was to protect these little girls and they not only failed, they are guilty of more than failure, THEY DELIBERATELY AND KNOWINGLY did nothing. God have mercy on them! Oh, I forgot they don’t believe in God, well boy are they in for a shock.

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    • Mikey-God left you enemies that you might learn war, Judges 3v2.
      England has disobeyed God’s laws, statutes and judgements, when you do you get the curses of of Deuteronmy 28 starting at verse 15.
      1 through 14 are the blessings for obeying God’s laws, statutes & judgements.
      This is no longer taught in your watered down love, love, love, invite the enemy into your camp churches.
      Read through them, is this not the condition of Europe now?
      If you do not obey God you will be ripped from his land.
      If you never pick up a Bible again read the above chapters Englishman.
      Your forefathers knew this.
      So did our American forefathers.


      • It is religious nutters who started this problem, with: “God is great” OR “My version of deity is better than yours. So, I’m going to kill you.”
        I used to blame all religions for causing trouble but in reality it’s a small number of fanatical islamic nut jobs. That said, people who continually spout scriptures and seek real world meaning from myths and prophecies are just as dangerous. Ticking time bombs, each and every one.


      • Georgie-One says convert or die.
        The other doesn’t give a damn what you believe.
        Any nutter should be able to see the difference.
        Go stare at the stars in the night sky.
        How do you explain that All Wise One?


      • In the interests of cooperation I’m going to reconcile the differences we have. Firstly by acknowledging the influence Christianity has had on Western society. Especially when compared to the barbaric islamic alternative.

        The existance or not of the christian deity is irrelevant to me. Particularly when assessing the effect on culture of the reformed man made Roman christian ideology. It is an integral part of our shared past. Contributing much to the freedoms and charitable nature of the western world. So much so, that it is impossible to understand European history without acknowledging the contribution of christianity. For better and worse.

        Islam is our mutual enemy, of that there can be no argument. In that spirit I wish you well. This old soldier may not agree with your deity hypothesis but I do recognise your right and vow to defend it. That said, please try to restrain your urge to preach scripture. It is tiresome and likely to trigger a negative sarcastic response.


    • Well said. Good luck convincing religionists that it’s their own willingness to trust faith over critical thinking, that lies at the heart of islamic terrorism.
      Thought for today. – The wilfully blind see less than those born without eyes.


    • So you want God to play babysitter?
      God isn’t doing this- people are!
      I guess you want God to stop wars and drugs and every bad thing too? How about MANKIND put a stop to it??
      Obviously you don’t believe in God anyway- why would you expect he who you don’t think exists stop it?


  3. This is analogous to importing known arsonists into a country, knowing full well that the ‘immigrants’ who are known to worship fire and as often as possible, to set fire … to inflame society, will almost certainly act out in their host countries.

    Muslim men speak it out loud for all to hear, that a woman not covered head to toe ‘deserves’ to be raped, to be abused. Western women in their minds are ‘whores’ simply because they wish to wear a bikini on a beach, to wear form fitting clothing, or simply be a Western woman. This latest series of abuses begs the question, as I alluded to, why import fire starters into the UK, meaning men who have been taught that to set fires (rape and abuse women and even girl children) are allowed in, even encouraged to come into the UK and Europe.

    Rather than allowing even more in, don’t let any more Muslims in, period. Why allow in a population whose attitudes toward women are antithetical to Western secular values, secular values cultivated in our cultures and societies for centuries. Why set up constant surveillance of Muslim men who sell or rent women like cattle, who drain welfare resources, and some of whom plot wickedly their next terrorist plan, surveillance and prosecution of which is insanely expensive and drains society of resources which could be used for many other actual useful purposes.

    We don’t need any more of the Dirtbag Brigade in Europe or the Americas, Export them, don’t Import them.

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  4. Probably too late to turn this around peacefully and it is equally probable that the native Englishman doesn’t have the stomach for a good all out civil war against the heathen Islamists amongst them. There is no easy solution to this situation.

    It probably flags the beginning of the end of Western civilisation in the UK, that is unless Muslims are sent back to where there disgusting and primitive values are considered normal practice. Fat chance of that, so just get used to it or stand up and fight to protect there women just like good men should do.

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    • I would deal with these child rapists as Vlad the Impaler dealt with them.
      The lucky ones would go home, there would be no safe place for a muslim or muslim sympathizer in the UK..
      England will eventually get there after several million English children are brutalized by these beasts.
      Muslims believe their evil god wills it.


    • Fiskers makes a great little hatchet.
      Mine shaves dry.
      Fits right up a man’s sleeve on a coat.
      Very light, very sharp and lightning fast.
      You can actually velcro it to a sleeve or watch band.
      It has a lanyard loop, use it.
      Deploy with an up stroke the haji will never know what hit him.
      He will rape English children no more.
      The law has failed the English children.
      How did you guys ever build an Empire?
      You slayed your enemies.
      Sooner or later you must clean house.
      It will be easier if you do not wait to be enslaved and castrated.


      • The English are puss.ies. “His mum named him Tommy. Folks just called him Yellow.” Remember those football yob-fans who caused France and Spain to close their stadiums when England played them, because of the English fighting? The English are nothing but I pity English women. They’ll be raped while their “boys” cower, watching. Send me a copy of the video.


    • The English are puss.ies. “His mum named him Tommy. Folks just called him Yellow.” Remember those football yob-fans who caused France and Spain to close their stadiums when England played them, because of the English fighting? The English are nothing but I pity English women. They’ll be raped while their “boys” cower, watching. Send me a copy of the video.


  5. Islam seeks control of everything and everyone around it…yet has zero self-control. This is the complete opposite of the values we hold dear in a civilized society, where we strive to have control over self and realise that we cannot control others, if we are to maintain a happy life.
    Islam is about rape, paedophilia, abuse and destruction. Look at Austria this week where a FAMILY of nine Iraqi men raped a white Austrian woman. Semen was found within and on top of the woman’s body from ALL NINE FAMILY MEMBERS. This is the drop in the ocean of devastation that the tidal wave of Islam leaves behind it … WHEREVER IT GOES. Peter krämer Former world leader for Right wing Resistance. Now in Nordic Resistance


  6. I would deal with these child rapists as Vlad the Impaler dealt with them.
    The lucky ones would go home, there would be no safe place for a muslim or muslim sympathizer in the UK..
    England will eventually get there after several million English children are brutalized by these beasts.
    Muslims believe their evil God wills it.


  7. The English are puss.ies. “His mum named him Tommy. Folks just called him Yellow.” Remember those football yob-fans who caused France and Spain to close their stadiums when England played them, because of the English fighting? The English are nothing but I pity English women. They’ll be raped while their “boys” cower, watching. Send me a copy of the video.


  8. Meanwhile the Brits, Germans, French and the other libtards of Western Europe have the balls to castigate the Poles, Hungarians and Romanians for wanting to keep these sub-human animals out of their countries and away from their young children. It’s one thing to allow this rapine to take place and quite another to then turn their backs on their own children in the cause of multiculturalism and political correctness. The Knights of Camelot, mythical or not, wouldn’t have put up with for one single second.


  9. To quote (if he had read this rancid fantasy) Churchill…..Fuck you, you stupid ill nforrmed and racist sub-human.

    The Empire


  10. When you sew to the wind….
    Did you think, when you were starving Iraq’s and Germany’s children to death with your blockades that your children are safe? Think again.
    You reap to the whirlwind.


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