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Chatham poll: 55% of Europeans want a total ban on Muslim migration – only 20% disagree

Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries, poll reveals

47 per cent of Britons want to stop immigration from Muslim majority countries.

by Samuel Osborne
Tuesday 7 February 2017 14:31 GMT
The Independent Online

Opposition to Muslim immigration was especially intense among older people.

A majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries, a poll has revealed.

An average of 55 per cent of people across the 10 European countries surveyed wanted to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

The Chatham House study, conducted before US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, found majorities in all but two of the ten states opposed immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

Only 20 per cent disagreed, while 25 per cent said they did not know.


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A ban was supported by 71 per cent of people in Poland, 65 per cent in Austria, 53 per cent in Germany and 51 per cent in Italy.

In the UK, 47 per cent supported a ban.

In no country did more than 32 per cent disagree with a ban.


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Of those surveyed, opposition to Muslim immigration was especially intense among older people, while those under 30 were less opposed.

There was also a contrast between those with secondary level qualifications, of which 59 per cent opposed Muslim immigration, and degree holders, of which less than half supported halting immigration.

The poll backs up other research about attitudes towards Muslims in Europe.

A Pew survey of 10 European countries in 2016 found majorities in five countries had an unfavourable view of Muslims living in their country.

Of those, 72 per cent of Hungarians had a negative view of Muslims, followed by 69 per cent of Italians, 66 per cent of Poles, 65 per cent of Greeks and 50 per cent of Spaniards.

In the UK, only 28 per cent said they had an unfavourable view of Muslims, while in Germany and France 29 per cent said the same.

7 thoughts on “Chatham poll: 55% of Europeans want a total ban on Muslim migration – only 20% disagree

  1. At least for a short while, the UK is still part of the failed European experiment. If anyone thought that the grooming problem was finished. Think again. This is why more and more people want muslim immigration stopped and then reversed with mass deportations.

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  2. It is no wonder this is occurring, in one of those strange times in history, Angela Merkel’s ‘come one come all’ policy opened the floodgates to Muslim ‘refugees’, initially pictures revealed about 70% of incoming Muslims into Europe were men, of military age. Personally, I always found it more than a little strange that many of these incoming men looked very fit, well fed and well dressed, so the idea that they were coming from areas of poverty and warfare, though undoubtedly true to some extent, did not match the reality of those pictures. Merkel’s open door policy toward immigration did not affect just Germany, but all of Europe.

    It is notable that when they were being photographed, quite a number of these incomers put up their hands to shield their faces, wore face masks, and of those men photographed, they did not exactly exude a friendly face, but often faces marked with hostile, aggressive looks. Also notable is the great majority of them were not happy with the countries where they initially entered Europe, but insisted on Germany or Britain or a Scandinavian country, or nothing.

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  3. It is time for the elected leaders of Europe to listen to the people! HALT all Muslim immigration, and deport all Muslims who are already there. Their primary purpose is to subdue and subjugate Europe and forcibly change it into an Islamic state. We must recognize that Islam is a political-religious system intent on claiming the entire world, and it will stop at nothing in it’s terror-oriented goal. We in the West must be prepared for war if other measures do not succeed.

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  4. Muslims should be deported from Europe. Complete travel ban should be put into place against all Muslim country. Europe does not need terrorism. Europe is too democratic with potential tertorists and allowed them to enter their territories to kill innocent people.

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