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Austria Notes Muslim Migrant Crime Doubles in One Year

Interior Minister: Criminal Migrant Suspects More Than Doubles In Two Years

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka of the Austrian Peoples Party speaks to journalists as he arrives to the weekly cabinet meeting, in Vienna, Austria on May 10, 2016. Austria's unpopular and squabbling centrist coalition began the search for a new leader and a new start after a surging populist far-right forced Chancellor Werner Faymann to resign. / AFP / JOE KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

by Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 20 Jan 2017

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has announced there were a total of 22,000 criminal complaints against migrants in 2016 – a significant increase since 2015.

The Interior Minister said the migrant criminal statistics had rapidly increased since 2014 causing a stir on social media. “In 2014, we had 10,400 asylum seekers who were suspected and reported, 2015 were 14,000, and 2016 were 22,000,” he said during an interview with Austrian television station ZiB 2. Mr. Sobotka then advocated a continuation of a limit on asylum applications per year, Kronen Zeitung reports

The report comes after Sobotka announced in December, having been probed by the anti-mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ), that migrant sex attacks had gone up 133 per cent in 2016.

Mr. Sobotka also spoke on the subject of employment for asylum seekers and claimed that up to 90 per cent of them had no prospects of finding work in Austria at the present time and have ended up on government benefit payments.

Jobs are an important part of the integration process, Sobotka argued, claiming that real integration can only work “if we can offer jobs to people”.

Sobotka’s party, the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), have proposed that the current migrant limit of 37,500 be reduced to 17,000 going forward. When asked what the government would do with any asylum seekers who came after the number had been reached, Sobotka said that many would be housed in reception centres near the border or near airports.

Sobotka noted that Austria had been more successful in carrying out deportations than many other European Union (EU) member states saying that the country had become the “European repatriation champions”. He said that Austria had provided the most help to migrants who were being sent back to their home countries.

Germany, in particular, has had issues with deporting illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers to regions like North Africa and Afghanistan. The German government announced a new initiative to fly Afghan migrants to their home country but the first attempt to do so was met with large protests at Frankfurt airport.

He also said that many asylum seekers would likely be returned to Greece, but did not expect further huge waves of migrants coming through the Balkan route which has largely been shut down. However, thousands still use it per year and Hungary has warned that the numbers could increase unless countries stop encouraging migration.

The EU announced that many asylum seekers currently in Germany and elsewhere could be returned to Greece starting in March of this year. Charities like Amnesty International slammed the move saying it was, “outrageously hypocritical of the European Commission to insinuate that Greece alone is to blame for dire conditions, when the overcrowding and insecure climate on the Greek islands are for the most part caused by the EU-Turkey deal”.

7 thoughts on “Austria Notes Muslim Migrant Crime Doubles in One Year

  1. More evidence that the Dirtbag Express continues to create unrest and crime throughout Europe, the Muslim ‘migrants’. I read yesterday that on Facebook Live, three Muslim men were arrested in a European country after authorities became aware of a video in which the rape was filmed live, the men placed the video online apparently because they thought it was great to do this … in the latter part of the video, another Muslim man was menacing the rape victim, attempting to make her say that is was not rape at all.

    Imagine how many of these kinds of crimes never come to light, we can only imagine the horrific memories that these women have to carry with them for the rest of their lives. Europe needs to become serious about sending back every single one of them convicted of any crime, and not allow in one single more ‘migrant’.

    As the article notes, 90% of the recent arrivals have no jobs and are likely just about unemployable. Employers are wise to avoid them because of their often insistent demands in their workplaces that they be allowed a time and space to do their ‘worship’ during the day, during work place hours. Merkel is a traitor to Europe and all that is stands for, stand strong Europe, drive them out.


    • @Richard Sweden is where Muslims raped a woman and then broadcast it live on Facebook. Zuckerberg didn’t seem to mind. Not long after, Muslims posted clips from the video with false titles that “Christian” men rape a swedish woman:


  2. Remarkable how this ongoing narrative is going, since Trump’s ‘ban on Muslims’, pro jihadist groups like ISIS are claiming this is ‘proof’ that they are at war with the West. One thing about the radical Islamists, anything to prove that they are ‘right’ and have a ‘holy right’ to wage war with the West.

    So it goes yet again, poor Muslims, such victims, as when they murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, which of course was not the fault of the murderers but rather that anyone had the audacity to mock ‘the prophet’. Seems that in their world, it is heads we win, tails you lose. And try having a ‘rational’ discussion with any of the more extreme Islamists, that possibility does not exist.


  3. So I just saying. USA PRESIDENT WAS RIGHT WHAT HE WAS SAYING ABOUT SWEDEN. Islam seeks control of everything and everyone around it…yet has zero self-control. This is the complete opposite of the values we hold dear in a civilized society, where we strive to have control over self and realise that we cannot control others, if we are to maintain a happy life.
    Islam is about rape, paedophilia, abuse and destruction. Look at Austria this week where a FAMILY of nine Iraqi men raped a white Austrian woman. Semen was found within and on top of the woman’s body from ALL NINE FAMILY MEMBERS. This is the drop in the ocean of devastation that the tidal wave of Islam leaves behind it … WHEREVER IT GOES. Peter Krämer , former World leader of Right wing resistance. Now in the org NMR. And Proud of it.HELL SEGER


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