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Poll: 68 percent of Saudis preferred Jihad ally Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves to the audience as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump puts away his notes after the third presidential debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. (AP)


Staff Writer, Al Arabiya English
Tuesday, 8 November 2016

An opinion poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Washington and that included nine Arab countries revealed that 68 percent of the Saudis prefer that Hillary Clinton wins the presidential elections while 46 percent thought Donald Trump was bad.

The nine countries included Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine (the West Bank and the Gaza Strip), Saudi Arabia and Tunisia and an average of 400 people from each country participated in the questionnaire.

Asked which of the candidates will positively influence the US policy towards the Arab region, 65 percent of the Saudis said Clinton’s victory will positively impact the Arab region.

The Arab public opinion prefers Clinton’s win by 66 percent while 11 percent prefer Trump’s victory. The highest percentage in support of Clinton winning the presidency was in Morocco and Tunisia while the least percentage in favor of Clinton’s victory was in Palestine and Iraq. Meanwhile, the highest percentage in favor of Trump winning was in Iraq and Egypt.

Asked about the issues which the upcoming American president must focus on, those interviewed by the poll said the first priority was not intervening in Arab countries’ affairs. Other priorities included combating ISIS, resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, resolving the Syrian crisis and resolving the crisis in Yemen.

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7 thoughts on “Poll: 68 percent of Saudis preferred Jihad ally Hillary Clinton

  1. Though personally I don’t think Clinton condones jihad, certainly her connections with Arab donors is very troubling, but then America’s close relationship with Middle Eastern ‘allies’ like Saudi Arabia goes well back in time, the Bush family is famous for their close financial ties with the Saudis. It’s all about the pursuit of huge amounts of money through making it by the importing, selling of oil and its by products.

    Something I think really cost Hillary was her refusal to even acknowledge the trepidation that many Americans have with importing even more ‘asylum seeking’ Muslims. The idea that they can be properly ‘vetted’ is laughable, as many have no substantiating paperwork to show their legitimacy. It’s likely that most Muslims coming from poorer countries have nothing to show who they are because of their nation state systems, which are archaic or even completely missing. Besides, what Islamic database is going to show a person as a potential terrorist risk when the database is from their originating countries in the Middle East? They are about protecting their own people and not much worried about what happens in the West when some of their members run amok and cause grievous damage.

    It’s strange that after the Orlando killings and those in San Bernadino, almost immediately came stories in the U.S. press of Muslims feeling ‘persecuted’ and ‘fearful’ in the U.S., as well as in the E.U., as if the actions of their terrorist brethren has no relation whatsoever to how people in their host countries perceive them … as a real threat. Though I am no fan of Trump, he’s right to say that who can anyone sort out the good Muslims (those who don’t intend or support terrorism) from Muslims who do actively participate in advocating or doing terrorist acts. And according to Pew surveys, those sympathetic to retaliating against ‘infidels’, those who criticize or demean their prophet or religion, are alarmingly high. Even if ‘only’ one in ten Muslims feel sympathy toward terrorists, that means a very high number of Muslims roaming around.

    Certainly the Koran as the source of what the ‘prophet’ said and believed is the key inspiration, the leader of ISIS is said to be a well learned man when it comes to his full understanding of the Koran and exactly what it says and means.


  2. I live in Saudi and have done for nearly a decade. I came across this website while searching for some Muslim statistics. Certainly what I saw here massively surprised me.

    So I read down through the articles. And I saw this one – “Saudi’s would have preferred Clinton”.. Hmm. That’s interesting I thought, because virtually to a man (and woman) the Saudi’s I know said the complete opposite. And why is that.. Because they believe Clinton would have continued Obama’s pivot away from the ME and they see her as pivotal in the Iranian nuclear deal – not a well loved thing here!

    So my conclusion. This website, these supposed statistics and articles, much like this one – are probably mostly total horsesh*t.


    • The Saudi’s ‘you know’ – which is about a handful? – somehow represents the majority, you think? Sounds like you’re full of your own horsesh*t.


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