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Germany hiding crimes: Only 17 out of 1,200 Muslim sex attacks appear in the Police Crime Statistics

Over 1,200 sex attacks were committed against German women by Muslim migrants, brought in by Angela Merkel, on a single location during New Year alone.

And we are told similar sex assaults happen constantly.

Yet statistics are now manipulated to show only 17 attacks. And why is that? The Eurocrats are now trying to “prove” that our reports are wrong by lying about the reality of Muslim crimes. Muslims ARE a problem to Western society and the future stability and peace of our countries.



Outrage as Cologne New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks Wiped from Crime Record


by Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 22 Oct 2016

Events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve gained international attention as mobs of migrants robbed insiscriminately and launched group sex attacks on a scale previously unseen in Europe, but they failed to make any impact on police statistics.

Of the 500 attacks which were filed in detail with the police, only 17 appear in the Police Crime Statistics (PKS) — the best known and most often cited police statistics — and those that do appear are recorded for the months of April and June.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) MP Ina Scharrenbach noticed the discrepancy between reports of the events of New Year’s Eve and the lack of any indication they occurred in official police data, and demanded to know where the other reports went.

The state’s Interior Minister, Ralf Jäger, told her that reports of crime are not recorded in the PKS until they are forwarded to the public prosecutor and explained that “this is not always the same as the month in which the crime was committed”.

In addition, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) minister said cases are only submitted to the prosecutor if they are particularly serious. “The vast majority of acts on New Year’s Eve in Cologne were criminal offenses like pickpocketing, and insults on a sexual basis,” he said.

Scharrenberg, the CDU faction’s spokesman in the parliamentary committee for the events of New Year’s Eve, said: “It takes my breath away that the offences of the night were apparently not serious enough to be detected.”

While group sex attacks have been brushed under the table in North Rhine-Westphalia, authorities in Brandenburg last month announced a new methodology was put in place to ensure that as many “right-wing crimes” as possible are recorded in police statistics.

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke said the influx of migrants to Germany seen last year had brought about a surge of such crimes. He spoke to rbb24 about how the state has made changes to its recording system so that this will be reflected in the data.

The SPD politician explained: “The police will count each attack, in which there is no evidence that the perpetrator has no right wing motivation, [as a right-wing hate crime] in the statistics.”

A police report from the German federal police (BKA) in July revealed that across Germany on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Stuttgart, and other cities over 1,200 women were sexually assaulted.

5 thoughts on “Germany hiding crimes: Only 17 out of 1,200 Muslim sex attacks appear in the Police Crime Statistics

  1. This is really appalling. At least for now, there are many videos on YouTube with Muslims ‘protesting’, claiming ‘free speech’ in Australia, the UK and various points in Europe, with placards proclaiming ‘behead those who insult the prophet’, many of the unruly mob shouting ‘death to America’, and that Europe deserves to have its own 9-11. For reasons which make no sense to sensible people, such speech is tolerated, yet speech decrying those kinds of protests, or deep concern about Islamification in Europe and those speaking out against it, are classified as ‘radical’ and ‘right wing’, clearly an effort to attempt to delegitimize them.

    If Europe does not take a stronger stand, and Muslims’ numbers continue to grow, Europe as we see it today (which is already much different in some areas) will be unrecognizable. Perhaps when European business starts to understand more deeply the effect on tourism, for example in Paris where attacks have occurred, and travelers generally avoiding some countries now, that this persistent threat will be recognized and more intelligently dealt with. In other words, money talks.

    I watched a video last night, I think made by, which has a Muslim man talking about how it is the intention of Muslims to ‘breed’ far more than Europeans, and to eventually replace them. This is not an exaggeration as some in the more liberal press would like to claim, but a serious part of many Muslims to bring their ‘caliphate’ to the West with the hope of eventually dominating the world.

    And with some of the press, there is this constant parading of stories of ‘suffering refugees’, showing of course women and children to tug at the heart strings, omitting the fact that all of the adults and later aged teens made deliberate efforts to illegally come to Europe, being smuggled in. It’s all dismaying and disgusting.


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