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The secret to Japan’s miniscule crime statistics

The secret to Japan’s low crime statistics and strong national bond can be explained in only two words: no migrants.

Japan is not open or accepting to immigrants and the country has a very low immigrant population. Japan has started to loosen up on its migration policies, which naturally will cause an increase in crime and other social and security problems to the country.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Justice, the number of foreign residents (excluding illegal immigrants and short-term foreign visitors staying less than 90 days in Japan) was more than 2.23 million at the end of 2015. With an estimated population of 127.11 million in 2015 the resident foreign population in Japan amounts to approximately 1.75% of the total population.

And although Japan’s immigration statistics are very small, they already feel the brunt of crimes originating with those who have made their way into the country. And as usual, Muslims dominate the crime statistics amongst migrants.

(Note: When we refer to crime per statistics, we naturally compare with countries where actual crimes are properly recorded which is not the case in third world countries where crimes are merely low because there is poor handling and recording of crimes).

Muslims stage “peaceful” protest in Tokyo, calling for the beheading of Muslim who posed as a Christian producer of film about prophet Mohammed in 2014.

Crime in Japan

Crime in Japan is among the lowest compared to other industrialized countries.

In 1990 the police identified over 2.2 million Penal Code violations. Two types of violations — larceny (65.1 percent of total violation) and negligent homicide or injury as a result of accidents (26.2%) — accounted for over 90 percent of criminal offenses. In 1989 Japan experienced 1.3 robberies and 1.1 murders per 100,000 population. Japanese authorities also solve 75.9% of robbery cases and 95.9% of homicide cases.

In recent years, the number of crimes in Japan has decreased. In 2002, the number of crimes recorded was 2,853,739. This number halved by 2012 with 1,382,154 crimes being recorded. In 2013, the overall crime rate in Japan fell for the 11th straight year and the number of murders and attempted murders also fell to a postwar low.

Legal deterrents

Ownership of handguns is forbidden to the public, hunting rifles and ceremonial swords are registered with the police, and the manufacture and sale of firearms are regulated. The production and sale of live and blank ammunition are also controlled, as are the transportation and importation of all weapons. Crimes are seldom committed with firearms, yet knives remain a problem that the government is looking into, especially after the Akihabara massacre.


Of particular concern to the police are crimes associated with modernization. Increased wealth and technological sophistication has brought new white collar crimes, such as computer and credit card fraud, larceny involving coin dispensers, and insurance fraud. Incidence of drug abuse is minuscule, compared with other industrialized nations and limited mainly to stimulants. Japanese law enforcement authorities endeavor to control this problem by extensive coordination with international investigative organizations and stringent punishment of Japanese and foreign offenders. Traffic accidents and fatalities consume substantial law enforcement resources. There is also evidence of foreign criminals travelling from overseas to take advantage of Japan’s lax security. In his autobiography Undesirables, British criminal Colin Blaney stated that English thieves have targeted the nation due to the low crime rate and because Japanese people are unprepared for crime. Pakistani, Russian, Sri Lankan and Burmese car theft gangs have also been known to target the nation.

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The decapitated body of captive Japanese journalist Kenji Goto shown in 2015, after a video shows an English-language lecture is given by masked ISIS member “Jihadi John” to the people of Japan. Kenji Goto was executed for being an infidel, an enemy of Allah and Islam.

“We are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism and we denounce it in the strongest terms,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in Tokyo, according to broadcaster NHK. “To the terrorists, we will never, never forgive them for this act.”







9 thoughts on “The secret to Japan’s miniscule crime statistics

  1. Clearly, we must prohibit Muslim immigration. They come with the intent of disrupting Western societies and cultures, and have NO intention to assimilate and become productive citizens. From the statistics provided, most Muslims have a criminal intent. They are incompatible with life in the West! They are given free medical care which they have not earned, and welfare income which they do not deserve. Those presently here should be deported to their native lands.

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  2. Their dishonesty is beyond belief, I just received a post showing a muslim attempting to defraud a driver through an insurance claim. As their prophet taught them – steal, deceive, murder, rape and the rest. Unless Europe and the rest of the civilized world deals with this problem seriously it will not possible to rid our societies of these parasites.

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  3. Obviously, if a country has no Muslims–and especially no migrant Muslims from dar al Islam–they’re going to tend to have very little to no Muslim terror or crime.

    Several articles seem to imply that Japan has almost no Muslims and this is not true. Muslims have lived sporadically in Japan since the Ming Dynasty, although it wasn’t until Victorian times that some foreign Muslims–mostly Turks and Persians–settled there in their communities and largely for diplomatic and trade purposes.

    Wikipedia suggests that out of perhaps only 200,000 Muslims in Japan, 30,000 are native Japanese. These Japanese Muslims are almost certainly not inbred and will have much higher intelligence than those refugees and others who live in Japan. In the various videos on YouTube, it is quite obvious that all of the Muslims were not Japanese, did not look nor dress Japanese. Moreoever, their behaviour was quite clearly unacceptable to the natives. The people fighting with them were other non-Japanese, also.

    The Japanese people interviewed were mostly bewildered at their behaviour and dress, but were mostly unacquainted with Muslims and their society is largely free of Muslim protests and violence.

    Their reactions were similar to what Americans’ and Britons’ were 50 years ago before our ranks swelled with foreign-born Muslims, recent converts and at a time when plane hijackings were the usual form of terror that affected us.

    What happened to Sweden might be what happens in Britain or North America; we are far too tolerant for our own good and our leaders are–still–mostly blinded by the dogma of Multiculturalism, the Radical New Left and Denial. It now appears that Donald Trump’s deficiency of character and slip-ups have probably precluded him from the Presidency of the United States, which means 4 years of Hillary Clinton and basically a continuation of Obama’s Liberal Lovefest: throw open to the doors to everyone, deny everything that happens if it doesn’t agree with your ideology and–whatever else–bend over backwards to accommodate barbarians in your homeland. And hope that maybe it’s all just going to magically get better.

    Japan is still untouched and prosperous, but most of the people she is ‘letting in’ are much lower IQ and not really wanting to integrate. Muslims are just the most obvious and dangerous of the lot.

    Western Nations must learn that they should only welcome the best and brightest immigrants, make sure that the least productive and intelligent do not outbreed their higher IQ and higher producing citizenry and that ‘tolerance’ cannot be the goal of democracy. Only civil equality matters.

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  4. I watched the first video displayed here, and was struck by the fact that there seems an implicit expectation that people are more accepting of migrants, though perhaps those who do advocate for it in Japan are just being honest about how they feel about it themselves. But there is this false idea stated by some in the video that bringing in more migrants would somehow automatically lead to more economic prosperity and that is clearly not always the case, especially when we look at German, France and other countries where Islamic people have been brought in, and the huge social costs as well as high costs of attempting to monitor continually so many of these people.

    There are cases in the UK where one Muslim man has several ‘wives’ though naturally this is not disclosed to agencies which provide shelter, food, clothing and health care, resulting in huge costs for taxpayers in the UK. Germany’s Merkel originally forecast that the huge influx of ‘migrants’ into Germany would cost ‘only’ $6 billion, now that has been revised to about $50 billion when extended over several years.

    I was struck that the interviewees too making the assumption that most Muslims are not like radical Islamists, that the radicals are just the ‘extreme’, yet Pew surveys reveal a surprisingly high percentage of Muslims who hope that eventually Sharia law will prevail in Europe, that ‘attacks’ on their prophet or religion is grounds for the most extreme retaliation, as in the killing of cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, in France. Though many Muslims may not commit these atrocities themselves, they give a nod to understanding why it happens and that on some level, many Muslims feel the retaliation is justified. Even a significant percentage agrees with the tactics of ISIS. So the idea that Islam and Muslims are generally benign is absurd, there is a real blindness out there by many who view most Muslims as essentially harmless when it is clear from the many Islamic attacks world wide in the past year that that is hardly the case.


  5. Islam is a backward, barbaric ideology which molds its followers to become dishonest, criminals, cheaters, liars, and murderers. Islam was not and will not be a religion of peace. It is a murderous cult targeting the submission of all others who don’t believe in this monstrous plague called islam. I specifically read the Kur’an, a ‘holy” book of despair, terror, fear, and savageries… the words fear, kill, burn, punish, abound on thousands, whereas the word “love” is almost non-existent. This cult should be annihilated from the face of the Earth…


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