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Muslim migrants in Germany go on “vacation” to their war-torn homelands

Well, there you go. How much more proof is needed to show that whenever there is a war somewhere, it doesn’t mean the entire country is unsafe. 95% of asylum and refugee cases are based on fraud proving that the entire policy needs to be scrapped.



Refugees in Germany go on ‘vacation’ to war-torn homelands – report


RT, Published time: 12 Sep, 2016 23:20

© Kai Pfaffenbach
© Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

Asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq and other war-torn states who are registered as refugees and receive social benefits in Germany do not hesitate to opt for a “vacation” in their war-ravaged countries, a German media report has discovered.

The information was unveiled by the outlet Die Welt am Sonntag, citing its own investigation. The inquiry included testimonies from registered asylum seekers in Germany who are entitled to so-called HARTZ-IV social benefits. Some of them confirmed to the newspaper that they “traveled for a short period of time back to countries like Syria, Afghanistan or Lebanon.”

Migrants are reflected in a puddle as they queue in front of the compound of the Berlin Office of Health and Social Affairs (LAGESO.

Migrants are reflected in a puddle as they queue in front of the compound of the Berlin Office of Health and Social Affairs (LAGESO) © Fabrizio Bensch

© Fabrizio Bensch ISIS sleepers ‘may have arrived as refugees’ in Germany, ready for action – top intel official

The paper reports that the situation has been witnessed in Berlin, but it is alleged that similar things are occurring in other Federal States of Germany.

“There are such cases,” an unnamed spokesperson for the German Federal Employment Office (BA) confirmed to the publication. The representative, however, stressed that no official numbers are available.

“We do not conduct any analysis or statistics on this subject and therefore we do not have any information,” the source added. The body is now trying to figure out the number of refugees opting for such a “vacation” in their homeland.

According to the current rules applying to asylum seekers claiming social benefits in Germany, they are eligible to leave the country for a total of 21 days per year. Migrants however are not obliged to report to authorities where they are traveling, but merely when and for how long.

“There is no legal ground to demand that information from him,” BA said, as quoted by Die Welt am Sonntag. Should authorities still get aware of a refugee heading back to states like Syria or Iraq, they are “not allowed to pass that information to other authorities due to the data privacy.”

Afghan refugees © Faisal Mahmood

Afghan refugees © Faisal Mahmood Germany mulls deporting half its Afghan refugees, Karzai says it’s a good idea – Bild

However, it was reported that back in June the German Migration and Refugees Office (BAMF) called on State Employment agencies to report such cases. The agency made it clear that a “medical case” in the family of a migrant can be viewed as an exemption.

“In the case, however, when the journey is being conducted for leisure purposes, this may be an indication that the refugee fears no persecution,” BAMF added as quoted by the German outlet. That would in return lead to stripping of asylum status.

Armin Schuster, who is a German MP in the parliamentary committee for the interior said, “if true, that leaves one speechless.” The official also demanded that any such journey should be approved by BAMF.

Germany’s welcoming refugee policy, pushed forward by Chancellor Angela Merkel, has long been criticized by both her political rivals and allies. In July the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) revealed that the body has information about 410 leads on possible terrorists among asylum seekers in Germany. Germany has been hit by several violent attacks this summer, with three of them committed by refugees. In two cases the assailants pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

6 thoughts on “Muslim migrants in Germany go on “vacation” to their war-torn homelands

  1. Deeply troubling, it does seem very odd behavior for people who are ‘traveling’ back to Islamic countries on ‘vacation’, which clearly shows that they do have money, yet relying on the generosity of the German state. It’s reprehensible, and how many of them ‘on vacation’ are going back to areas where ISIS is active or other groups which actively hate on the West, gaining more information on exactly how to attack their host countries in Europe.

    Another article here discusses how a Bavarian minister is openly attacking Angel Merkel and her open door policy toward ‘refugees’, the recent capture of some of those same ‘refugees’ who came into Germany last year, many had no background check whatsoever. How Merkel is in a direct way responsible for some of the current jihadist attacks.

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    • It’s not about them having money, but about the fact that there is obviously little for them to fear going back to the so called war zones they claim they “fled” from.

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      • @ Admin, that’s an excellent point about ‘refugees’ going back to countries that they fled from, apparently feeling ‘safe’ enough to return, even if briefly. A clear contradiction there.

        My point was likely too broad, what I intended to convey is the disgust I feel in reading about systemic abuses of social welfare by Muslims in host countries, some getting benefits from the state and then openly condemning their host countries through hate speech of the West, showing a complete disrespect for the host countries that have opened doors to them and their generosity. Along the same lines, it seems likely that at least some Muslims are using money they have received from their European nations to return to their home countries, at the expense of taxpayers in those countries.


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