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UK: 1 Million Failed Asylum Seekers Clog London – Only 1 in 20 Deported

UK Judge Speaks Out: ‘Country Can’t Cope’, More Than 1 Million Illegal Immigrants May Be In London Alone

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by Donna Rachel Edmunds
Brietbart, 22 Aug 2016

As few as one in twenty failed asylum seekers are being deported by authorities after having their applications turned down, an asylum judge in Britain has revealed. Consequently, there may be as many as one million illegal immigrants living in London alone.

Three million migrants are thought to be arriving in Europe each year, according to the judge, who has had to remain anonymous as speaking out without the express permission of the Home Office contravenes their rules.

“Can Europe really sustain three million people coming to its shores every year?” he asks, in an article for the Mail on Sunday.

Whilst acknowledging that some cases are deserving, the judge admits that the vast majority of cases which come before him are not.

“[T]o describe [those who need our support] as a minority of those who appear before me is a tragic understatement because the truth is that the great majority of the claimants at my tribunals are not attempting to escape persecution at all. They are economic migrants, pure and simple,” he says.

He adds: “The discrepancy between the official figures and what is actually going down the pipes shows there are a million more people in London than are legally registered, and another half a million more outside the capital”.

Speaking of the cultural shift, he says: “[S]ome of the stories told to me and my fellow judges beggar belief. Take the example of the middle-aged woman from West Africa who claimed that she was escaping from a grandmother threatening her with female genital mutilation (FGM).

“Now FGM is a horrific practice that is carried out on millions of young girls but never – according to my investigations – on very mature women. Especially not by their elderly grandmothers.

“As for Afghan asylum seekers, most of them that come here are underage children sent on by their parents. The Government automatically gives them temporary leave to stay. Then, as soon as they reach 18 and are ordered home, they claim asylum.

“Then there are those who claim the right to a family life, which is the last resort of the rascal in my opinion.

“A colleague of mine had before him the case of a Muslim from Asia who had lived here for years with a wife and children, and then went back to his country of birth to marry three other wives, as he is allowed to do under Islamic law, and had more children.

“Those later children then claimed British nationality, even though we don’t recognise polygamy in our marriage laws, and the mothers also claimed the right to come over here with the children on the basis of a right to family life. That obligation was imposed on the UK Government by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Right.

“Astounding as it might seem to you or to me, they were successful on appeal.

In fact, the vast majority of claimants appear to be successful on appeal – or adept at avoiding deportation.

“I was in no way surprised by last week’s government figures showing that thousands of false and retrospective asylum claims are clogging up the system, because I have seen this with my own eyes,” the judge continues.

“[O]nly a tiny proportion, between five and ten per cent of the people I recommend for removal, are ever taken from these shores.”

The result is an immigration system which is completely out of control.

“Our population is growing at the fastest rate for nearly a century, at around half a million people a year,” the judge says. “It has been suggested this means building the equivalent of a city the size of Liverpool every year.

“There is a practical limit to tolerance. The British public will not put up with housing all who come here.

“You can be as liberal as you like about the issue, but it has a big impact on our poorer communities where resources are scarce and there is competition for jobs and housing.

“Those champions of freedom of immigration tend to live privileged lives away from the problems of overcrowded schools and surgeries. Their children are not going to schools where they are the only ones who speak English and the others have to have lessons that hold everyone in the class back by several years.”

The answer, the judge says, essentially boils down to political will.

“As it happens, I am politically liberal. But neither Left or Right are honest about the problem.

“The Conservatives do not want to spend the necessary money sorting it out, while New Labour under Tony Blair helped create the mess by realising that migration, legal and illegal, is a source of cheap labour to boost the economy.

“In addition, most on the Left are too fearful of being considered racist if they criticise immigration levels.”

On a practical level, the judge recommends two keys policy strands to combat runaway immigration: helping the countries of origin to grow economically, reducing the pull to Britain, and taking a much tougher line on illegal immigration at home, including handing more resources to the border authorities.

“North African countries, for instance, need access to European markets; they need developed economies and a decent life for their citizens. Until that happens, those false claimants we do manage to remove will continue to return.

“But there are measures we can take in the short term, too. I would like to see us going back to the old system of questioning people about their claims as soon as they arrive.

“That was stopped after the EU ruled that it was too traumatic to question people immediately.

“I question the automatic right of people to live here permanently by marrying a British national or by having a child with a British national. Too many of these arrangements are short-lived.

“We should clamp down still further on the black market in labour that allows illegals to stay below the radar.

“And, of course, we need to give the Borders Agency adequate resources and real political backing so that when my fellow judges and I decide that a claim is false – and, remember, this undermines those in genuine need – our rulings are met with action.

“We are lucky that Britain is an island with its own natural barrier, but at the moment immigration judges like me are presiding over an impossible situation.”





10 thoughts on “UK: 1 Million Failed Asylum Seekers Clog London – Only 1 in 20 Deported

  1. PAUL WESTON – on ”How to Destroy a Country”

    My personal best bit is at 12:40 in the YouTube video.

    The writing is on the wall – however ……….

    ”There are None so Blind as Those who Will Not See”
    John Heywood 1497 – 1580
    ”There are None so Deaf as Those who Will Not Hear”
    Matthew Henry 1662 – 1714

    The Time is NOW!!!
    [R.I.P. Lee Rigby]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The people of Islamic persuasion are, for the most part, takers. I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos, where incoming ‘refugees’ complain about their living conditions and not having access to ‘halal’ food, as if Europe is their hotel and they expect to get room service, besides.

    Tony Blair was an absolute fool, bringing in boatloads of these people, many of whom will be a drain on Britain and the rest of the UK for generations. Most of them have no concern whatever about what happens to their host countries, they whine and cry loudly about being victims, and many are essentially in training to please their religious brethren by doing what they can to bring down the West through terrorism.

    Here is an interesting article from the Telegraph about France becoming much more leery and not accepting of Muslim ‘immigrants’. This quote from the article :

    ‘But his ardour is reserved for culture wars and a “drastic reduction” in the numbers of foreigners. He vows to place Islam under state control in France, with imams reporting to the interior ministry. “We are at war against an enemy that knows no limits,” he said.’


    • In a democracy these things only happen in stages until public opinion reaches tipping point. People have described it as critical mass. We are nearing critical mass of anti islamic feelings. A direct equivalent can be seen in the rise of Scottish nationalism.
      I would not like to see an IIC return to the UK but it may be necessary. Operation Demetrius in Ulster was no fun but completely necessary and very effective. Those who considered it a failure were not party to the planned outcome of increased violence to influence public opinion against the republican terrorists. Both here and in the USA financiers.
      Do you understand to what I am alluding, without actually saying it.


  3. ERICKA – Thank you very much for the reply – glad that you enjoyed the informative Paul Weston video … but … (have to smile)
    RICHARD (me) was the poster … PAUL was in the video
    GEORGE PARKER – Nothing wrong with your sentiments … but …
    In a ‘magic wand’ scenario – even if all of the illegal immigrants were to disappear, that would solve (perhaps?) the tip of the iceberg. There would still be an awful lot of legal immigrants in the UK – France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden & etc, etc that have strong affiliations and sympathies with ISIS. What should we do with them? [Sorry, mate – I am just being a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ over this] Your views are my views, too!
    If a Muslim is 3rd, 4th or 5th generation that is born in London, Paris, Copenhagen or Stockholm then where should we [under the rule of Law] deport THEM to???
    THERE IS NO ANSWER – (in my opinion). Well, there is … but …
    Perhaps out-and-out Civil War is the answer? Not just in the UK – France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden & etc, etc … BUT THE WHOLE of EUROPE?
    I strongly propose that EVERY Mosque in Europe undergoes a search – that is orchestrated simultaneously – (this could [surely] be done under Fire Regulations) – and if any – let’s call it ”contraband” – is found then that place should be shut and demolished with immediate effect.
    Contraband = Drugs, Weapons & etc, etc.
    Cancel all Police leave – use the army, use the air force – use the navy – use the bloody boy scouts and the girl guides if necessary ….. yes, yes, I know that I am ranting – but (just my ‘gut feeling’) there will be places where Muslims are stockpiling weapons.

    Drastic solution is out-and-out Civil War – but can anyone argue the point and come up with a better solution on how we can sort this, this ‘quagmire’ out?

    I live in SE Asia and when I heard that Sadiq Khan had been elected London Mayor I was livid!!! Next step? Sadiq Khan as PM? [Mein Godt im Himmel] But just give it time, it is coming real soon to a country near you, because, as we live in a ”democratic society” THE MAJORITY RULES. Then … like it or lump it … Sharia Law.

    As kids we used to raid apple orchards for apples. Great fun being chased by the farmer. Not great fun if he caught one of us and gave us a thick ear. As a schoolboy in the UK this was ‘sport’. Future UK generations – yet to be born – will have their hand cut off.


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