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Sweden: Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes, overrepresented by +430%

This report is translated from Swedish into English using Google and may contain minor errors.

The translation is taken from a post on Affes blog. The owner of the blog (who appears to work in Swedish television) regularly keep the Swedish public updated on government statistics and researches missing stats and data to assess the factual situation in the country on migration problems, of which the public is kept in the dark by the ruling socialist government.

*The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet or Brå) functions as the Swedish Government’s body of expertise within the judical system.



Immigrant in the criminal active age

Affes Statistics blog, August 12, 2016

Two large studies have been done on immigrant crime. The most recent took place in 2005. It is high time for a third, but those in power are very reluctant to a new survey. What can be the reason?

In 1996, a report which revealed a problem in the Swedish multicultural project. The report came from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) and showed that immigrants (foreign-born) were overrepresented in the crime statistics. The report examined the years 1985-1989 and concluded that immigrant overrepresentation was 2.1. This means that among the immigrants were 110 percent more criminal suspects per capita than it was among the Swedes (born in Sweden with both parents born in Sweden).

Sweden Migrants responsible for 95% of all crimes - bra analysis
[Book: Migrants and Migrant Children’s Crimes – A Statistical Analysis, author Jan Ahlberg]

About 5000 people of 100 000 were criminal suspects among the Swedes the equivalent figure of 100,000 immigrants, 10,500 criminal suspects.

Now, of course, the immigrants are nowhere near as many as the Swedes, so the representation is not noticed as much. But the longer the multicultural project continues, the more noticeable it will of course be.

2005, a follow-up report of 1996. It examined the years 1997-2001. Department Head Jan Ahlberg at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) stated that:

the new findings of the report essentially confirmed the findings of the earlier report (1)

The report also showed a different matter. The problem had worsened. Instead of 110 percent, it was now 150 percent more criminal suspects per capita among immigrants than Swedes. The development went in the wrong direction. About 5000 people of 100 000 were criminal suspects among the Swedes, the corresponding figure for immigrants now 12,500 criminal suspects.

Over-representation of 150 percent was the average for the immigrant population. Immigrant groups from certain regions had a lower over-representation, and from other regions were over-representation higher.

Sweden migrant crimes chart 1997-2001 - andel_registrerade_i_procent
[Chart title: Proportion of registered crimes in percentage in different groups in the population during the years 1997-2001. Clarification: Left column says born in a country in; middle column says, registered for crimes, and last column says overrepresented. The last line says ‘both parents are born in Sweden, 5%’.  The red color represents Africa, North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara), Western Asia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel. Jordan Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen) and Eastern Asia (China, Republic of China (Taiwan), Japan and South Korea)]

The table shows the percentage of registered crimes in each group during the five-year period 1997-2001. It does not show the actual proportion of criminals in the different groups because far from all crimes lead to a suspect. Over-representation of 150 percent applies to all crimes. With serious crimes, the overrepresentation is even higher(2).

Why had the problem of overrepresentation worsened between the two statements? The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention writes (my highlighted text):

That the high risk [overrepresentation] for the foreign-born has increased is not because some immigrant groups today are increasingly registered for more offences than 12 years ago. The increase is explained instead mainly by the number of people in Sweden who belong to the groups of refugees, already in previous studies to have a particularly high level of risk [overrepresentation], has increased.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention says migrant population composition changed between the two reports, and that is the main reason that the proportion of crime suspects among immigrants had increased. How that population change appeared after can be of interest.

To make the change transparent, I have divided the countries into three groups based on criminal activity. See the table above which shows the areas concerned.

Low crime activity (blue)
High crime activity (yellow)
Very high crime activity (red)

To further narrow down the problem, we look here only the most problematic group, males in crimes active age 15-44 years.


1987 is one of the years examined in the National Council’s initial report. How distributed the male immigrant population of crimes active age for criminal activity.

Sweden migrant crime chart - brottsaktiva_1987
[Chart: 1987 Migrant males in crime active age, 15-44. Divided according to data from Brå report 2005:17. Low crime activity (blue), High crime activity (yellow), Very high crime activity (red)]

Population statistics from this time are incomplete in many respects, but detailed enough to give a comprehensive picture. The figures are approximate. (3)

The blue bar with low criminal activity is dominant. It is larger than the other two together. A large proportion (about 71,500) are Nordic immigrants.


The year 2000 was one of the years examined in the second report.

Sweden migrant crime chart 2000 - brottsaktiva_20001
[Chart: 2000 Migrant males in crime active age, 15-44. Divided according to data from Brå report 2005:17. Low crime activity (blue), High crime activity (yellow), Very high crime activity (red)]

The blue bar has decreased significantly. The yellow bar has almost doubled. And the red bar has more than tripled. This population change was in the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) explanation, the cause for the increase in overrepresentation.

How did our responsible politicians react to this information? Nine months after the report came out, we got a new Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Sweden migrant crime chart 2015 - brottsaktiva_2015
[Chart: 2015 Migrant males in crime active age, 15-44. Divided according to data from Brå report 2005:17. Low crime activity (blue), High crime activity (yellow), Very high crime activity (red)]

Note that this applies to migrants registered in the Swedish Population Register  31 December 2015. The processing time for asylum seekers is long. It is doubtful if any of those who came during the record year of 2015 is included in the bars. And a large part of those who came in 2015 were just men in the criminal working age, 15-44 years.

Of course, you can not say anything with certainty about today’s crime among immigrants just by looking at the population change. We do not know if a third report essentially would confirm the findings from previous reports so that the second report confirmed the first.


[Sweden’s socialist liberal Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson (s) does not want the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) to collect or provide more detailed data on migrant crimes in Sweden.]

And neither will we come to know. Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson (s) on 16 February 2016:

“In light of previous studies, I do not see that a further report on recorded crime and individuals’ origins would add knowledge with the potential to improve the Swedish society, and I therefore, do not intend to provide Brå any such assignments.”

It can be compared to what the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) wrote in the preface to the second report in 2005:

If the registered crimes turn out to be remarkably high in some groups of foreign-born the problems will not disappear unless you highlight them and speak openly about them. An accurate picture of the extent of the problems and development would instead be the best basis for analysing relationships and improve all residents’ ability to work well in Sweden, regardless of ethnicity.


Finally, a look at the year 1975 (4) when a unanimous Parliament decided that Sweden will become a multicultural society.

Sweden migrant crime chart 1975 - brottsaktiva_1975
[Chart: 1975 Migrant males in crime active age, 15-44. Divided according to data from Brå report 2005:17. Low crime activity (blue), High crime activity (yellow), Very high crime activity (red)]


Data sources:

Folk- och bostadsräkningen 1975 (Population and housing census 1975)
Befolkning Folkmängd 1987 efter kön, ålder, civilstånd (Population 1987 Population by sex, age, marital status)
Statistikdatabasen SCB (Statistical Database Statistics)
Brå-rapport 2005:17
Brå-rapport 1996:2 (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention report 1996: 2)

1. On page 64 of the second Brå report (population 1987…) is also a comparison between the two reports. There you can see how similar results with respect to the areas of origin. Only south-east Asia differ noticeably between the reports.

2. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention does not want in report 2005: 17 to present any serious crimes in detail, but simply to report the average. But they give a clue:

“In general it can be said that the groups that are particularly overrepresented when it comes to be suspected of crimes in relation to their share of the population overall, also it is in terms of the individual types of crime.”

For example, for rape the average 150 percent in the table should be replaced with 400 percent, which gives us an idea of how it might look in each group.

3. Population statistics on the foreign-born from this time are incomplete, only the major countries of origin are reported. The unrecognised countries included in the categories “Other Asia”, “Rest of Europe”, etc. and represents 8.6 percent of the immigrant population (15 100 people). These unsafe, I have divided: 6164 in the blue bar, 6164 in the yellow bar and 2771 in the red bar. Although the distribution is completely wrong would not change the overall picture in any significant manner. Another shortcoming is that it is not possible to obtain the age range of 15-44 years. 16-44 However, there is reported. The number of 15-year-olds, I appreciated based on their average percentage (1.8%) in the age group 15-44 years in 2000-2015

4. The statistics from 1975, just like 1987 is incomplete, but not equally. The proportion of people in the “other” categories represent 1.3 percent (2134 people). Distributed: 483 in the blue bar, 1168 in the yellow bar, 483 in the red bar.


[Photos below are added by Muslimstatistics]

Sweden Muslim migrant attacks and beats young woman while trying to rob her
Muslim migrant kicks, punches and spits in the face of a Swedish woman and her small child in an unprovoked attack as they entered a subway station while the man was exiting the station, in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2016.

Swedish-woman-Anna Sjögren attacked by Muslims for wearing star of David
Anna Sjögren was attacked in August 2014 by a group of Muslims while walking in the city of Uppsala, “A Muslim girl saw that I was wearing the Jewish Star of David on my neck and she started swearing at me and spat in my face.”
Sjögren said that someone standing next to the girl then threw a sharp object at her face. “There were at least ten witnesses to the attack. All ten of them were wearing hijabs or scarfs in the colors of the PLO. Some surrounding witnesses claim that I ‘tripped’ and fell and that no one hurt me. It’s just unbelievable.”

Rudolf Moilanen, 18, was waiting for the night bus after an evening with friends and fell asleep at the busstop to wake up to an assault by three Muslims in September 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. Rudolf was robbed, kicked and beaten by Ahmed Mohammed Ali, a citizen of Somalia, who along with his Muslim friends ended the attack by pouring lighter fluid on Rudolf and set him on fire while one of the Muslim pinned Rudolf down to watch him burn.

sweden Muslim_rape_victim
Swedish girls Jenny Lemon, 19, and Linda, 18, (on picture) were on their way to a party on New Year’s Eve in Gothenburg in 2004 when they got accosted by a gang of Muslim migrants. The Muslims separated the two girls and Linda was robbed and beaten with a bat until she felt she would not survived, and played dead to stop the assaults. Linda fled and managed to stop a car for assistance.
Jassin Mahamud Abdi Karim [nowadays Lamin Abdi Karim Ali] kicked Jenny in the abdomen several times. Abdulgadir Mohamed Khalif and Mursal Abdullahi battered Jenny. Jenny got hit in the head so hard that she lost consciousness and woke up raped and beaten in a grove. She had then suffered several strokes. According to the court judgment, Omar Mohammed Omar kept guard while Jassin ruthlessnessly and without mercy raped Jenny.

Sweden asylum shelter volunteer worker Alexandra Mezher is stabbed to death by Muslim
Alexandra Mezher, 22, was working alone with ten Muslim youths aged between 14 and 17 when she was attacked at an asylum shelter for unaccompanied young migrants in Mölndal, Sweden. Miss Mezher’s blood-soaked trousers show how much blood the young woman lost in the Muslim attack before she died on 25 January 2015.




11 thoughts on “Sweden: Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes, overrepresented by +430%

  1. I think a key reason that these figures about rapidly rising crime from immigrants are not widely seen is the fear of embarrassment by host countries to large numbers of ‘refugees’ as in Sweden due to the failure of their multicultural experiment. Islam has a very long history of male domination of females, who are considered to be property, for men to do with as they wish. Of course in Western civilized countries, crimes and savagery against women may have decreased among some Muslims who have adapted somewhat to Western laws. I was struck today by a video blog made in Germany, where German citizens were asked about Angela Merkel.

    It was really noticeable how friendly and open the native Germans were to questions, for the most part, and those who has something to say positive about Merkel said so ‘ironically’. It was also noticeable that when they approached Muslim men, the interviewer’s questions were pushed aside, none of the Muslim men would respond and the looks they had toward the interviewer were hostile, one young man with a glare of contempt and disgust would be a person I would not be surprised to see initiate a terrorist attack. It’s clear many of them absolutely detest Western values, traditions, laws and mores.

    Many incoming Muslims have lived lives filled with constant chaos and violence, with women who they feel are dressed ‘immodestly’ are seen, by their warped perspective, as deserving to be raped .. it’s the women’s’ fault for ‘exciting’ them with their bodies, as if they are supposedly incapable of any self control.

    And crime and violence toward the West are rationalized away from proclamations from their ‘holy book’. They are accustomed to nations which often are continual hotbeds of savagery and violence; to expect any different from them is simply not rational.

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  2. This is how it is in Sweden. We can see all over Europe how women get raped and killed. This once who comes here are savages and don´t belong here.Multiculturalism does not work. We are not like them, and they are not like us. The Arab countries and African People have an image of women as objects that they can treat as they want. When it comes to the white woman as they become completely wild and their true face turns out. We are forced to take in the refugees, it is our Prime Minister and his sheep that bears this responsibility. Stefan Löfven and Angela Merkel would do anything to be in the spotlight. It is untenable that this can continue. A hearing must be held if an revolution going against these traitors. I do not know what agenda they have, They run the Zionist way and do as they’re told. Traitors who are destroying the whole of Europe and its people. They most racist are the ones who come here as refugees. It shows them clearly through actions. Enough is enough. No thanks to all immigrants, They are not us, they are not humans. Period. Peter Krämer. World leader Right Wing Resistance

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    • I don’t understand “They run the Zionist way and do as they’re told” In defense of Jews, we in Israel would never ever impose such policies as dictated by Merkel, Lofven & his cronies on the electorate. Apart from this small remark I wholly agree with you and find it sad Sweden has lost her peace, tranquility and her kindness has been abused.


    • I can think of three options for you Swedes. 1. Elect a more conservative government to tell to refugees to fuck off. 2. Leave your country and move somewhere else (Not Germany or France or any counties similar due to obvious reasons, but still a western country). 3. Deal with the fact that your multiculturalism attempts have completely and utterly failed and deal with the fact that your governments are political correct, left-wing, liberals who turn a blind eye to the migrants all the while calling actual Swedes racists.

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