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Denmark: 78% of criminals in capital are of “non-Western origin” and 84% of foreigners are unemployed

Four Out Of Five Criminals In European Capital Are Foreigners


by Oliver JJ Lane
26 Apr 2016, Breitbart

Danish police are being stretched by a migrant crime wave in capital Copenhagen as foreign outlaws “flock” to the city in ever greater numbers.

Latest crime figures for 2015 obtained by Danish newspaper MetroXpress reveal that of 2,633 criminals who went before a judge, 2,049 were foreigners, some four fifths. This proportion — 78 per cent — is up from 65 per cent eight years ago.

Although crime is low in Denmark compared to many other European countries, it has struggled with problems imported from abroad through Europe’s open borders Schengen agreement.

The very nature of migrant crime is more taxing for Danish police officers, as a spokesman for the Copenhagen force, the most crime-ridden part of the country, said:

“We are spending more and more time on it and we have set aside resources to take on foreigners. It’s everything from property crime to robbery, and more organised [crime].

“Every time a foreigner commits a crime, there is additional casework. A foreign shoplifter takes a lot more resources from us than a Dane”.

The report states the biggest foreign groups in the crime statistics are now Nigerians and Romanians, such people can except to receive the cold shoulder from the city authorities from now on.

Frank Jensen, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen said of the migrant crime wave: “Foreigners who come to Copenhagen and are accused of crimes are not welcome in our city. It is a worrying development that I will follow in close cooperation with the Copenhagen Police”.

A representative of the anti-mass migration Danish People’s Party (DF) said the figures were “insane” and that they would be calling for stricter border controls.

These latest figures will add credence to the growing view that multiculturalism, and integration of foreigners into Danish society is failing, with migrants consistently being over-represented in negative government statistics despite the best efforts of the state to give them a leg up.

Breitbart London reported in March on the massive over representation of migrants in Denmark’s unemployment claimant count. Latest figures from the ministry of employment showed of dependent families in the country — where both adults in a relationship are unemployed — 84 per cent were “non-Western origin” migrants.

In Denmark, so-called non Westerners make up eight per cent of residents. Experts called the phenomenon of migrants on benefits a “large and especially expensive problem” for the state.


7 thoughts on “Denmark: 78% of criminals in capital are of “non-Western origin” and 84% of foreigners are unemployed

  1. Glad I got to see Europe over the last decade. Now, huge sections of London and Paris are no-go areas. Greece is doomed. The Nordic countries, with their proud heritages, are collapsing.


  2. ‘In Denmark, so-called non Westerners make up eight per cent of residents. Experts called the phenomenon of migrants on benefits a “large and especially expensive problem” for the state.’

    This was so evident several years ago when cars were set burning in Paris, from ‘discontent’ from the Muslim sector. Other poor people from other nations in the past have immigrated, for example to the U.S., but did not blame their situation on their host countries and sought to better themselves. But the Mohammedan creed of acting the role of victim, with media portraying ‘poor women and children’ rather than the hordes of very healthy looking, well dressed Muslim men. If they are coming from desperate situations, why are virtually all of them looking in the pink of good health, clearly well fed?

    Their vehement hatred of Western societies, our laws, mores, traditions and cultures are repugnant to them. Everywhere where Islam reins, chaos also seems to reign. Now in Iraq, it is one Muslim faction violently acting out against another … it’s dizzying, I cannot keep straight – nor do I want to – keep track of whether it is Shiite, Sunni, what faction is fighting another faction. They seem drama queens, always looking to dominate the evening’s news.

    I disagree with the contention that Europe is powerless to do anything about this and that it is on the verge of collapse. Look at the rise of political parties which are anti-immigrant, even the most generous countries are becoming sick of these parasites and ultra violent people. They come from violence and chaos, it is a lost cause to imagine that with kind treatment, they will change and kindly repay their host countries.

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  3. I just watched a YouTube video, one Muslim man telling another about how many Muslims are on welfare in Europe, how some game the system by getting a divorce, then getting back together and renting the house given on the black market, other Islamic insanity. Stay with the very strange video and the man who points out all of the injustices and corruptions goes on the say that ‘I am with you, brother, attack America’.

    So apparently the one man who condemns the corruption of Islam is able to agree with the other Muslim man on one key point, attacking America and infidels. The ‘religion of peace’!


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