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Italy: 90% of teens would convert to Islam if Islamic State conquered their country – Survey

“90 percent said they would convert to Islam if the IS came – generation without ideals,” translated from “90 Prozent würden zum Islam konvertieren, wenn der IS käme – Generation ohne Ideale,”, April 1, 2016:


(Rome) 90 percent would convert to Islam without hesitation to save their own lives, the Islamic State (IS) should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) came from a survey of 13-year-olds at an Italian secondary school. Only two of 25 students opposed conversion. Both students are from devout Catholic families.

No matter in which Italian city or what school: The issue of Islam and violence is discussed everywhere. The phenomenon concerns the whole of Europe. The Catholic Internet newspaper Il Sussidiario reported from…an Italian middle school. The 25 students are all 13 years of age. They also discussed Islam. From the teacher they wanted to receive information about the Islamic State (IS). Who are they? What is their program? How are they operating?

“What do you would if the IS came to your home?”

The teacher gave them information. She told her students also that many fighters of the IS come from Europe. Young Muslims who are the second or third generation immigrants. They are well integrated, come from families with a certain level of prosperity, and several possess a university degree or have begun studies. One of the most infamous executioners of IS was previously a well-known DJ in Europe.

The teacher told her students that the IS destroyed all Christian symbols and threatened everyone who was not willing to convert to Islam with death. She also did not conceal that many Christians were killed, exiled or enslaved because of their faith by IS.

At the end she asked the students a question:

“What do you would if the IS came to your home?”

“The answer was almost unanimous and is shocking,” said the daily newspaper Il Giornale. Without hesitation, 23 students declared that they would convert to Islam. “23 students were of this opinion, only two resisted. They came from practicing Catholic families.”…

90 Prozent würden zum Islam konvertieren, wenn der IS käme – Generation ohne Ideale

14 thoughts on “Italy: 90% of teens would convert to Islam if Islamic State conquered their country – Survey

  1. Just simply astonishing, and attests to the success of using violence and oppression to traumatise people into submission: the story of islam.


  2. This perfectly understandable. During WW 2, Italy aspired to the slogan “Italian war rifles for sale. Never fired. Only dropped once.”


  3. one of the reasons to have adults is to offer guidance to foolish children who will make astonishingly stupid decisions if left to their own devices. in Europe, the adults have gone on permanent vacation, leaving the children to fend for themselves. while the adults are preening in their goodness, and their love of the enemies of mankind, the enemies are sizing up their children for use as sex slaves and other unspeakable uses. the adults are useless. why is no one repelling the invaders? why is the government welcoming hostile invaders to take over the continent and seduce their foolish children? when are the adults going to stop acting like children, and send the enemy invaders home?


  4. Let’s just hang on there a goldarn minute, shall we?
    I don’t think that we should get our ‘nickers-in-a-knot’ about this particular item.

    “Italy: 90% of teens would convert to Islam if Islamic State conquered their country”

    But then we read:
    “90% would convert to Islam without hesitation … … … To-Save-Their-Own-Lives!

    If I was threatened with DEATH if I didn’t – (defect) / convert – to Islam …..
    ….. then I would be singing “Allahu Akbar” along with all the rest of them!!!

    The alternative could be what happened to a hapless Jordanian pilot that was captured by ISIS. There is a 22 minute über graphic video on the Internet that shows his barbaric murder. The video shows the Jordanian POW clad in an orange jumpsuit, his clothes doused in flammable chemicals, locked in a metal cage, and is burned alive.


    I only know of this video because of my research.
    I could copy and paste the link – But-I-Will-Not!!!
    I like to be able to sleep at nights!
    R.I.P. Mr. Jordanian pilot.

    So given what I have just posted – ask yourself the question:
    What would YOU do? I would convert to absolutely anything at all.

    So please – let’s not be too harsh on the 90% of Italian teens, eh?

    I am open to any comments – even troll comments – this is emotive!

    Sleep well tonight x


    • If faced with that sort of situation I would convert and the next day, week, month, depending on circumstances I would strap a bomb to my chest, load my pockets with ball+berings and head to the nearest mosque to give them some taste of their own medicine!

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  5. I am wondering how the 13 year olds would have responded if asked first if they were willing to ‘join’ ISIS, without first being told that death would follow if they did not. Having said that, it’s nauseating that they would succumb to this idea so quickly, what with the recent ISIS inspired attacks in both Paris and Brussels.

    My sense is that with other attacks for Europe and North America, which are surely being planned and sadly some may be successful, the tide of sentiment against Muslim ‘migrants’ generally will sour even more. Merkel is understand attack herself from people in her own country of Germany and other nations of the EU for this ludicrous open ended invitation to ‘come one come all’, though now she is saying they won’t be given permanent asylum unless they learn German and find work. That does not sound that much of an impediment for prospective terrorists to do, and Frontex, the European intelligence agency, said that thousands of jihadists have infiltrated Europe already. That isn’t hearsay or conjecture, and considering the numbers surpassing 1 million ‘migrants’ or so called ‘refugees’ last year, it seems a reasonable number.

    I wonder what this same very small sample of young people spoken of in this article would say when they are 21 years old, with more knowledge of what goes away with ISIS or even with Sharia law. Death to gay people, cordoning off and abuse of girls and women, female genital mutilation, death to those who dare talk of leaving their ‘religion’, cutting off of hands for petty theft. Forgot cruising the internet, talking openly with friends let alone ‘sexting’ or women so called provocative clothing. The effective end of free speech and the right to protest.

    On the positive side, it appears that Austria has elected a far right wing President, much of Europe sees the rising of nativists. Now that is ‘understandable’.


  6. let we Christians help ourselves by creating an association of Christian nations that will be fighting against Islamic state and that will be supporting Christians to go Jerusalem and that all these nations will be coming together to fight for the right of Christians and any country that they fight they should recolonise it and destroy all mosque that is there and give them a Christian president and dominate them that’s is the only way that we can protect ourselves and our up coming generation

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  7. Hi All – Back in the late 1960’s I worked with the US troops in Germany.
    I can recall being told something that (at the time) literally blew my mind.
    The US had the technology to read a cars license plate, here on earth – via an orbiting satellite – from way up in ‘outer space’ … incredible, I thought at the time!
    Given that this was almost 50 years ago, NASA has most likely made remarkable great strides in the evolution of technology that renders what I have just typed as being “old hat” – old fashioned – and out of date.

    If this is the case … then why? – why? – why? – WHY? wasn’t this convoy vaporized???



    • I had the same thought Richard, when one of the Syrian cities which had priceless antiquities and architecture was on ISIS plans, I read that our government knew exactly what was happening when it was happening, but took no action to stop the convoy that was headed that way. There were warnings from weeks before from concerned people in Syria that this could happen.

      It seems only after the fact, once ISIS becomes entrenched in a city or territory that big concerns are raised, how about some genuine preemptive attacks. Once they are in, it is much harder to eradicate as these cowards intermingle with all the people there. These douchebags openly advertise what their plans are, often beforehand, they take delight in flaunting their sickening ‘victories’.


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