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Germany: Merkel Muslim crimes increased by 79% in 2015, or 208,344 incidents

Let’s put this into perspective:

These figures involve around 1,000,000 Muslims who arrived in 2015 (German officials said more than a million had been counted in Germany’s “EASY” system for counting and distributing people before they make asylum claims). Merkel opened the door far and wide. Her invitation was telecast all across the Middle East.
Out of those new arrivals 208,344 crimes were committed. Or in other words, over 20% of newly arrived had committed a crime less than a year of their arrival. Why is the article  leaving out this important fact?

The (now) Muslim dominated UNHRC says in their June 2015 report: “At 159,900, Germany received the highest number of new asylum applications worldwide during the first six months of 2015. This compares to 173,100 asylum applications registered by the German authorities for the whole of 2014.”

During the Cologne attacks police only took down 148 complaints. After media exposure to cover-up and police failures, they began to actually take down all complaints. They escalated to over 1,000 cases. So, police only took down 6.7% of the actual number of crime reports when they were not being watched to do their work. That begs us to question: what are the real Merkel Muslim crime figures for 2015?

These figures represent only a small fraction of reality.

The largest civilian complaint in Merkel migrant areas is that police no longer responds to calls anymore except in severe cases of, ex., assault, attempted murders, murders or rape. According to complaints reported in media and by video testimonials by locals, police stopped responding to ‘minor’ incidents (such as thefts, sexual assaults, robberies, intimidation, threats) fairly much right away following the first illegal influx of Muslim migrants in 2015. The locals are left to deal with the crimes all on their own and caused a trippling surge in gun sales. There is simply not enough police to deal with the number of complaints made. The same underreporting and shortage of police is common all across Europe and is the effect of EU’s chaotic and poorly planned open border policy.

The “79%” increase is not even close to being accurate.



Crime by migrants in Germany went up by 79% last year, with offences including sex assaults and murder on the rise

  • Offences committed by migrants in Germany up by 92,000 in 2015
  • In total, 208,344 offences committed by migrants in Germany last year
  • While crimes by migrants rose 79% – number of migrants rose by 440%


Crimes committed by migrants in Germany increased by 79 per cent in 2015, according to figures released by the Federal Criminal Office.

Nearly one in five offences committed by migrants or refugees in Germany last year were violent crimes, such as assaults, robberies or ‘threatening behaviour’.

However, despite reports of sex mob attacks and public molestation cases involving asylum seekers across Germany, just one per cent of crimes committed by migrants were sex crimes.

Rising: Crimes committed by Migrants and refugees, pictured in front of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LaGeSo) in Berlin on Tuesday, increased by 79 per cent from 2014 to 2015

And while the number of crimes by immigrants increased in comparison over 2014 to 2015 by 79 per cent, the number of refugees at the same time rose by 440 percent.

Notably, genuine asylum seekers from countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were substantially more law-abiding than economic refugees from the Balkan countries.

This the third situational ‘Crime in the context of immigration’ report of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) – which is classified for police and civil servants eyes only – but was leaked to best selling newspaper Bild.

It covers crimes by immigrants from January to December last year, a time when over a million asylum seekers poured into Germany. The data comes from 13 of the 16 states which make up the Federal Republic.

The number of criminal offences committed by asylum seekers rose to 208,344 – 92 000 more than in the previous year. But the BKA states; ‘The vast majority of asylum seekers commit no crime’.

In 2015, the number of criminal offences committed by asylum seekers rose to 208,344 - 92 000 more than in the previous year

In 2015, the number of criminal offences committed by asylum seekers rose to 208,344 – 92 000 more than in the previous year

Crime rose steadily in the first six months of the year but tapered of to become almost stagnant by the end of it, even though more refugees arrived in the second half.

The nature of the offences appears to be mostly minor: 28,712 cases of riding on public transport without paying the fare, 52,167 incidents of forging paperwork in a bid to get money, 85,035 cases of theft, mosty shoplifting – nearly double those of 2014.

Assaults, robberies and what Germany classes as ‘predatory extortion’ and ‘offences against person freedom,’ including threatening behaviour, doubled over 2014 with 36,010 cases, accounting for 18 percent of the crime total.

And sex crimes – the fuel for right-wing extremists who have launched a black propaganda campaign on the Internet to brand all asylum seekers as rapists and child molestors following the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – remain low, under one percent.

Logged last year were 1,688 cases of sexual offences, including against children, including 458 rapes or acts of ‘sexual coercion.’

Hamburg, Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia, three states governed by centre-left SPD parliaments, did not deliver refugee criminal data to the BKA.

That means the events in Cologne on December 31, when hundreds of women were sexually molested or robbed by marauding gangs of immigrant men, are not included in these statistics.

The report goes on to state that there were 240 attempted murders by immigrants – 127 in 2014 – and in two-thirds of all cases, perpetrators and victims were of the same nationality. One German was murdered, 27 immigrants were killed by other immigrants.

Syrians are officially listed as making up the bulk of asylum seekers – 48 percent – with them being suspected of 24 percent of the crime. Serbs account for two percent of refugees but are suspected of 13 percent of the total number of crimes.

The crime figures covers crimes by immigrants from January to December last year, a time when over a million asylum seekers poured into Germany

The crime figures covers crimes by immigrants from January to December last year, a time when over a million asylum seekers poured into Germany.

‘Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis are the largest group of immigrants, but are less frequently delinquent in relation to other groups of migrants,’ said Bild.

‘Proportionately more offenders were found among immigrants from the Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Serbia), Eritrea and Nigeria.’

As to terror suspects hiding among genuine refugees, the report stated that there were 266 instances individuals suspected of being ‘fighters and members of terrorist organizations abroad.’

Eighty were ruled out, 186 cases are still being probed. The report called the infilration of militants into the country ‘a growing trend.’

Friedrich Kotter, head of Kotter, Germany’s biggest security company after Securitas, said much of the problem was to do with boredom, with people having nothing to do in the asylum centres.

He said: ‘In the first few weeks it was always quiet after they arrived, but then they started to get really bored. There is also intercultural stress in the large camps.

‘They simply need something to do, challenges, for example learning a language.

‘Simply sitting there is not sustainable even in the short-term. The government needs to do more otherwise it is easy to predict where this will go.’

His fears that asylum accommodation is the root of criminality were confirmed in Bavaria where Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, 59, from the CSU (Christian Social Union) said there had been 17,246 police actions in Bavarian asylum accommodation last year. In comparison to 2014, that was an increase of 270 per cent.

Speaking to the local government he said: ‘The police are absolutely at their limits in keeping the situation under control.’ He added that the police are also increasingly the target for aggression and in particular women police officers.

He said: ‘In September last year, there were 481 asylum seeker suspects, but in December it was already 735.’

20 thoughts on “Germany: Merkel Muslim crimes increased by 79% in 2015, or 208,344 incidents

  1. An interesting article, as is often the case with such reporting, there seems a tendency to excuse the behavior of Muslims who are accused of committing crimes, that of ‘boredom’, needing something useful to do. As if that is an excuse to commit crimes. As more pour into Europe, the number of crimes is increasing dramatically.

    Just today on Telegraph UK, there is an article with pictures which are very telling about migrant behavior, with truck drivers driving to/from the UK to Calais, France, where ‘the jungle’ of Muslim migrants exists. It is stunning to see still pictures of Muslim young men opening up the back of semi trucks, some attempting to steal cargo, others wanting to hide away in hopes of getting through to the UK. Videos on YouTube dramatically reveal the same behavior, with many Muslim men standing on the shoulders of the freeways, others simply ignoring any common sense rules with the freeways and openly wandering back and forth across the freeway, attempting to enter the back of the semi trucks, throwing rocks at the trucks or damaging equipment.

    Drivers have been threatened, and holes cut into the tops and sides of the semi truck covers. I cannot imagine why authorities in France have not put an end to this, but after several months, it continues unabated. These are people from chaotic countries and cultures, with absolutely no regard for the laws, customs, rules or mores or the countries to which they have come. Why are those who violate laws not immediately deported? Why are thousands still being allowed to cross the seas between Turkey and Greece, with Greece’s economy struggling and obviously completely unable to keep up with this massive influx of illegals?


    • Hi Richard,
      Here is a short report on the criminal “refugees” in Germany, and what struck me the most was the statement on why nobody is being deported back to those Arab hellholes. As you can see in the video, embassies of those Arabian countries simply refuse to take any of those criminals back and European liberal/retarded governments don’t know what to do about it.

      Liberalism/leftism will be the death of Europe.

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      • That’s easy to resolve if even a single EU leader had some balls. The Arab nations don’t care whether countries of origin accept or reject deported migrants. They fly them home and just dump them on the airport tarmac. The same should be done with Muslims who are deported.

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      • Hi Kres and Admin, when I watch this video Kres provided, I just feel disgust. The Muslim men pouring in are opportunists, some are clearly criminals, yet even when they commit crimes or assaults, the ongoing mantra is that we need to give them time to adjust, they come from different countries and cultures. Many are like prowling con artists, looking for any way to game the system and get as much ‘money, money’ out of the system as they possibly can.

        It’s important too, to realize that not all progressives support this huge influx of migrants. It’s surprising to read in even liberal media, after an article extolling the benefits of migrants, how many commenters to such articles think that multiculturalism is a fraud, even Ms. Merkel of Germany referred to it that way in 2010. Many Muslims have no intention of Ever assimilating or adapting to their host countries.

        Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that bringing these people in causes far more problems, and enormous sums of money, than any possible ‘benefit’ the ‘refugess’ may provide. Germany needs young workers? Go to other countries in the EU which have high unemployment among their young people, and give those jobs to them!

        I agree with Admin about the solution, to deport the troublemakers and ship them back from whence they came. They weren’t invited. And along with this, they need to be stopped from making their way toward Europe. Perhaps just telling them there will be no money for them, no relatives getting in afterward, could make a significant dent.

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      • What happened to the SStrong Germans? Are there no SStrength left in the once proud good moral Dutch? So weak and pathetic. They should have invited humans of strong German heritage back to Deutschland, instead they welcome evil criminal mud humans hell bent on Germany’s death and destruction . No peace for 88’s for the old good people of Deutschland, not with traitors among you.


  2. Clearly the greater the number of islamic immigrants, the more likely they become to commit crime. I would like to know how many of those crimes would have been culturally acceptable back where they came from. Sexual assault for example or demanding loot from non muslim victims.


  3. Perhaps everyone would be a lot better off – and a whole lot safer – if they moved into Sweden, where there is hardly any Muslim crime at all. (well, no reported crime that is).

    As Peter Ågren, police chief in central Stockholm, put it:
    “Sometimes we do not dare to say how things really are because we believe it will play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.’ As we now know, police officers in Stockholm are instructed not to reveal the ethnicity or nationality of any suspects lest they be accused of racism”.


  4. Methinks that things are a heck of a lot more dire than what they actually appear to be right now – or will definitely become even more dire (depending on your point of view?) The deeper that you dig on this subject and the more worrying is the evidence that you unearth. It would seem that Turkey should be a massive cause for great concern and alarm.
    Consider the following:


    2.5 million Syrian refugees have already arrived, and almost as many again are expected. How can Turkey cope?
    It’s almost inconceivable how many Syrians Turkey has taken in as refugees — around 2.5 million of them so far. That’s almost three times the number who have sought refuge in Europe. And while the Turks are hospitable, Turkey has more than any country should bear. Yet still more refugees arrive. This is a serious cause for concern, not just in Turkey but in Brussels too, because if Turkey can’t cope, their migrant problem will quickly become our migrant problem.

    It’s easy to see why Turkey’s ability (or willingness) to accommodate the 2.5 million Syrians is of such intense interest in Brussels: if the Turks decide they have had enough – (and enough of their refugees decide to move) – we could see a fresh wave of mass immigration — maybe even larger than last year’s crisis?

    What should a panicking EU do?

    So far the answer has been to bribe Turkey to make the refugees stay where they are. Some €3 Billion of EU funds has been pledged to Turkey, with more to come. Brussels has also dangled the enticing prospect of visa-free travel to the Schengen zone for its Turkish citizens. (This will, of course, mean even more Muslims into Europe).
    A leaked transcript of EU-Turkey talks from November gave a feel for the kind of ‘horse-trading’ that is going on. The Turkish foreign minister is quoted as denouncing the EU Billions (bribe) as “an Insult!”
    Recep -Tayyip Erdoğan , the Turkish president, reminded Jean-Claude Juncker, (the former prime minister of Luxembourg), that his country was the size of a Turkish town. “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria at any time!” – Erdogan was quoted as saying. “We can put all of the refugees on buses!”

    This sounded very much like blackmail threat for increased funds from the EU.
    [Another EU sponsored Gravy Train – this one destined for Turkey]

    Turkey is not an easy political partner. Erdogan is a mercurial leader (volatile by nature) who is aware of the power he now wields over the EU, and if he feels that the EU is not holding up its end of the bargain, he won’t hesitate to cause trouble. Turkey already feels resentment that the EU has not yet paid the money it pledged.
    In the first six weeks of this year, 70,400 refugees and migrants have crossed from Turkey into Greece — almost ten times as many as in the same period last year. The pace will most probably intensify as the weather warms up, just in time for the referendum on Britain’s EU membership.

    Here’s a quote from Nigel Farage:
    “I think frankly when it comes to chaos – you ain’t seen nothing yet!”
    Prophetic Words – or What?

    Who fancies a “Game of Predictions”? The rules are simple – (for ages 5 – 99) I’ll start the ball rolling with MY prediction that:

    Turkey’s application to join the European Economic Community (EEC) the predecessor of the European Union (EU), was made back in 1987. Every application since has (in-my-opinion) been successfully thwarted … until now, that is.
    EU membership will be the ultimate tempting carrot that Brussels can dangle in front of Erdoğan’s nose in an attempt to “keep Turkey quiet” and control this influx of refugees. Well, ‘this influx’ – notwithstanding the next influx, and the next … (ad nauseam).

    Just what we DON’T need. Even MORE Muslims (given free passage into Europe).
    Where will they all live? Where will WE all live? (and what about the future of our kids?) Will they have a future – and if so – what will that future look like? I shudder to think.

    The decision to take Turkey ‘into-the-fold’ of the EU with full benefits entitlements (like freedom of movement & etc) will be made for us in Brussels by non-elected and un-sackable EU Mandarins … like so many other decisions.
    We aren’t talking about silly decisions like “straight-bananas” – (who amongst us remembers that pearl?)
    NO, we are talking about THE DESTRUCTION of EUROPE.

    Now Turkey has gained the higher ground and can (and will) dominate membership proceedings. Remember the quote from Erdoğan reminding (threatening) Jean-Claude Juncker that: “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria at any time. We can put all the refugees on buses.”

    I can hear David Cameron – (after twenty-nine years of dogmatic refusal to Turkey’s admission to the EU) saying: “We all of us look forward to welcoming Turkey as the 29th member state of the European Union family of nations. We treasure your diversity and values and your membership can only enhance and add to our many achievements thus far” – [cue standing ovation]

    – or –


  5. _____ on a lighter note:

    A devout Arab Muslim entered a black cab in London. He curtly asked the cabbie to turn off the radio because as decreed by his religious teaching, he must not listen to music because in the time of the prophet there was no music, especially that of Western music which is the music of the infidel.

    The cab driver politely switched off the radio. He stopped the cab and opened the door.

    Alarmed – the Arab Muslim asked the cab driver:
    “What are you doing?”

    The cabbie answered the Muslim thus:
    “In the time of your prophet there were no taxis either –
    – so piss off and wait for a camel”


  6. @ Richard Mather, thanks for that joke after reading your other post, both needed in these days. What gets me is that nearly everyone speaks about this migrant problem as unsolvable, but there will come a point, hopefully much sooner than later, that European countries will have had enough. Austria recently said they have reached their saturation point.

    Sad to say, very sad, but more terrorist activity which is likely to come in Europe, will harden countries of the EU against this unwanted onslaught. France for one is taking a much harder line. I for one, if I lived in a city where the blaring five times a day of the ‘call to prayer’ – which to me sounds like someone strangling a cat – would prompt someone to find the loudspeaker and find a way to make sure those discordant sounds no longer came from it.

    The Telegraph UK has articles nearly every day about major problems arising in Europe since the invasion of locusts aka Muslims, and when Muslims say their intent is to take over the world with their sociopathic ‘religion’, it is wise to listen – they really mean it. They are parasites and opportunists …

    Just a question for those who love Islam .. if your ‘religion’ is so fabulous, why is most of the Middle East in constant chaos, with bombed out cities and daily atrocities … much of it due to Muslim vs Muslim violence. The ‘stable’ Islamic countries are all ruled with an iron fist. Beheadings and other psychotic measures are the rule of law, no thanks, keep your sickness to yourselves.


  7. Richard Layman – You posted:
    “If I lived in a city where the blaring five times a day of the ‘call to prayer’ – which to me sounds like someone strangling a cat – would prompt someone to find the loudspeaker and find a way to make sure those discordant sounds no longer came from it”.

    To my mind what you describe are the ultimate “Neighbours from HELL”
    We have UK Laws that allows a prosecution against noisy anti-social offenders.

    Any disturbance of YOUR peace should be nipped-in-the-bud.
    Any noisy anti-social ‘call to prayer’ has to be governed by rules that are laid down by your local authority. If you and/or your neighbours find a Muslim ‘call to prayer’ to be destroying your tranquillity and is a detriment to the quality of your lives; get organised – get together – and collectively ‘tweak’ the ear of your local council. Everyone go to their local GP and get prescriptions for nerve pills from the chemist.
    Photocopy the prescription as evidence – should it be needed. Keep the empty boxes, too!

    There is a UK Law that governs the usage of an ice cream chime to prevent the van driver from causing any anti-social behaviour – so it can only be common sense that a Muslim ‘call to prayer’ should have to tow the line, too!

    [Ask the Dep’t (below) what the ruling is re’ noisy and anti-social places of worship]
    DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Romney House, 43 Marsham Street, London, SW1 3PY

    Quote this to the local council:

    Here is a snippet from this document:
    Section 71 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 empowers the Secretary of State to prepare and approve and issue such codes of practice as in his opinion are suitable for the purpose of giving guidance on appropriate methods for minimising noise.
    Section 72 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 provides that regard shall be had to any relevant provision of a code of practice approved under section 71 of the Act in construing references to “best practicable means” in Part III (Noise) of the Act.

    Summary of the code of practice on noise from ice cream van chimes etc. 1982
    It is offence to sound your chimes before 12:00 noon and after 7:00 pm. It is also an offence to sound your chimes in such a way as to give reasonable cause for annoyance. A code of practice approved by the Government gives guidance on methods of minimising annoyance by your chimes. The main points of the code of practice are:
    Do not sound chimes:
    1. For longer than 4 seconds at a time;
    2. More often than once every 3 minutes;
    3. When the vehicle is stationary ;
    4. Except on the approach to a selling point;
    5. When in sight of another vehicle which is trading;
    6. When within 50 metres of schools (during school hours), hospitals, and places of worship (on Sundays and other recognised days of worship);
    7. More often than once every hours in the same length of street;
    8. Louder than at 80 dB(A) at 7.5 metres *
    9. As loudly in quiet areas or narrow streets as elsewhere.


    London: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

    Contrast this …..

    ….. with this

    If the Secretary of State deems it necessary to – “prepare and approve and issue such codes of practice as in his opinion are suitable for the purpose of giving guidance on appropriate methods for minimising noise” – then realistically a noisy and anti-social Muslim ‘call to prayer’ should be worthy of deep scrutiny.


  8. @ Richard Mather Thank you for your fine suggestions, I had to laugh when I watched for all of five seconds (all I could bear) of the imam (or whoever this character is) putting his hands over his own ears as he bellows out this ‘call to prayer’. Talk about obnoxious.

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  9. I can’t believe you allow your leader(s) to call for the death of white people , or Christians, Western Civilization, Europeans, and if you protest your called a racist especially if you just don’t accept your raping, really? You have no idea about how Jewish multiculturalism is going to put all of you under Communist or Sharia law (Arabic: شريعة is the body of Islamic law) do you?

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    • Listening to your own “Jews are responsible for everything” braindead propaganda, is not at all different then listening to Islamic “Jews are responsible for everything” braindead propaganda. You and those Muslims follow the same master, the “father of lies”.
      And btw. stop liking your own comments. This makes you look even more retarded.


      • Tell your lies elsewhere for you and them are of your father the Devil. Argue with History nut job, they are still following their protocols of ZioNazi’s.Bolshevik Jews engineered the Russian Revolution (1917) and managed to kill 66 million Russian Christians = Under Stalin.

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