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81% of Germans say Merkel has made a mess of the migrant situation

81% of Germans say Merkel has made a mess of the migrant situation as her popularity hits five-year low 

  • Chancellor has dropped 12 points to just 46% in approval poll in one month
  • 88% are in favour of reducing benefits for ‘integration-reluctant’ refugees
  • 63% say there should be limit to how many asylum seekers are allowed in
  • Germany saw 1.1 million migrants arrive last year and 91,000 last month

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s popularity ratings have plunged to five-year low in the wake of the refugee crisis engulfing her country.

In the latest poll by broadcaster ARD, a massive 81 per cent of Germans do not think she has a handle on the asylum seekers problem.

It came as the government said more than 91,000 asylum seekers arrived last month, underlining the pressure the country faces to diminish the influx of migrants.

On a personal level Mrs Merkel lost 12 points from a poll conducted last month and now has an approval rating of just 46 percent.

Feeling the strain: Angela Merkel's popularity ratings have plunged to five-year low, with a massive 81 per cent of Germans saying she has not handled the migrant crisis engulfing the country well

She has slipped from number one to number three of the most popular politicians behind foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Furthermore, Germans are strongly in favour of new restrictions on migrants: 88 per cent of respondents are in favour of reducing social benefits for ‘integration-reluctant’ refugees – those who refuse to attend language or assimilation courses.

And the classification of the Maghreb states of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as safe countries of origin was welcomed by a large majority – 78%.

Sixty-three per cent thought that a limit to how many refugees should be allowed in was a good idea.

Mrs Merkel has seen her political capital squandered in the past few weeks as a series of ugly incidents involving migrants have served to unite people against her.

The Cologne sex attacks of New Year’s Eve, when hundreds of women were targeted by mobs of immigrant men who molested and robbed them, was a watershed moment for her ‘open-door’ refugee policy.

Then came evidence that police forces nationwide were suppressing immigrant crime or simply not pursuing migrant offenders.

Disgrace: Mrs Merkel has seen her political capital squandered in the past few weeks as a series of ugly incidents involving migrants have served to unite people against her, including this video showing three Afghan migrants attacking two pensioners on a Munich subway train
Disgrace: Mrs Merkel has seen her political capital squandered in the past few weeks as a series of ugly incidents involving migrants have served to unite people against her, including this video showing three Afghan migrants attacking two pensioners on a Munich subway train.

A video which surfaced at the weekend of three Afghan men assaulting a pensioner on a Munich subway train while passengers look helplessly on fuelled even more resentment against her.

‘The people no longer stand behind the government’s refugee policies,’ said the best-selling daily paper BILD.

‘The Chancellor – until a few months ago the driving force of her CDU party – has fallen massively in favour with the voters.’

In the same ARD poll, the Alternative for Germany party – which outraged many last week with a call for police to open fire on asylum seekers illegally crossing Germany’s borders – now stands at a 12 per cent approval rating.

That is the highest it has ever been in the broadcaster’s monthly take on the national mood.

There are vital regional elections in German states next month in which Mrs Merkel is expected to be seriously punished at the hustings by voters.

The Interior Ministry said today that 91,671 people were registered as asylum seekers in January.

That’s lower than the 127,320 who arrived in December. Officials have said that winter weather was the driving force behind the decline.

In all, Germany saw nearly 1.1 million people arrive last year and officials are keen to ensure that the figures are lower this year.

Chancellor Angela Merkel insists that diplomacy is the key to a solution, and has resisted pressure for unilateral measures such as a cap on refugee numbers.

However, the government has moved to toughen asylum policies.

12 thoughts on “81% of Germans say Merkel has made a mess of the migrant situation

  1. “A video which surfaced at the weekend of three Afghan men assaulting a pensioner on a Munich subway train while passengers look helplessly on fuelled even more resentment against her.” – What has turned the German population into helpless cowards ? What would they fight or intervene for ?

    “In the same ARD poll, the Alternative for Germany party – which outraged many last week with a call for police to open fire on asylum seekers illegally crossing Germany’s borders – now stands at a 12 per cent approval rating” – The Alternative party (aka AfD) has the right attitude.


  2. It is madness for Europe to continue to allow in so many Muslim ‘migrants’. There are many interviews with Muslims on YouTube, who reject food given by throwing it on the ground, packs of young Muslim men in Cologne, Germany targeting women sexually as well as the usual thievery. There are other videos showing some migrants overturning trash cans, beating on aid and police cars – as well as breaking windows and overturning those vehicles. And in Italy, native Italian people who are homeless are forced to live in tents while Muslims have a newly renovated building to move into.

    It is no wonder that Merkel’s ratings are dropping like a stone since her unabashed invitation to ‘come one come all’ to the Muslim world.

    How many of these economics opportunists, in the guise of ‘migrants’, care a whit about what happens to the culture, laws and values of the host European countries? Let alone the enormous financial pressures and costs in providing food, shelter, clothing, education and health care costs for decades to come. One YT video features a school in Germany where Muslim students are the majority, some Muslim youths mocking German people and laughing about their bullying the German students there. And in the interview, it was clear that the teachers and administrators of that school were afraid of the Muslim youth.

    This a powder keg ready to go off. I think Muslims will come to find many European men and women will not accept further violence and misogyny or crime from these hoodlums. There will be a rising up against this influx. And what of ISIS boast that they intend to have their terrorists infiltrate throughout Europe?

    It is time to wake up, Europe. These are not good citizens you are allowing to flood into your countries.


  3. When will the westerners start realizing what is the problem here? The problem is not with the number of these people, the problem is not if 70% of them are military aged men, the problem is not in the fact if they are from Algeria, or if they are from Syria – the main problem is if they are muslims! That’s it.
    If there were only 10,000 coming in each year, of whom 90% were women and children, and of whom 90% came from Algeria or Morocco, but they were all still devout muslims who sought to bring islam into Europe, you would still have A HUGE problem.
    Islam itself is absolutely incompatible with any other religious or non-religious institution on this planet and until we start recognizing and boldly proclaiming that the problem lies in islam, and only in islam, we will never be able to fight this huge threat.
    Sadly, stupid westerners think that islam is just the same as any other religion 😦


  4. @ Kres, I agree with some of what you say, and certainly Islam, the religion of the majority of incoming ‘refugees’, is at the crux of it. But to say it has nothing to do with the large numbers of Muslims surging into the EU is ludicrous. The more Muslims coming in, the greater the costs, socially and financially, to their host countries. And certainly it should be self evident that with greater numbers comes potentially much higher numbers of terrorists coming in as well.

    Those who respond here for the most part are on the same side in terms of wanting to protect Europe and European values, though our perspectives may vary somewhat.

    I think many from the West are becoming much more aware of the grave issues coming from incoming ‘refugees’, even on so called liberal news sites, when the huge influx of Muslim people is discussed, there are many who think the open ended welcome of migrants is a very poor idea, not thought out, and fraught with future negative repercussions for Europe and to a lesser degree – so far – in the Americas.


    • Hi Richard,
      Let me explain a little bit more clearly what I meant in my previous post. This is quite long, so sorry about that, but I have to clarify.
      Since this huge invasion started, all that I see our western people focusing on is on the numbers of those invaders, and not on the cause of the invasion. Yes, the numbers of military aged men invading this continent are staggering, but in a way, a year or two of these huge numbers might be welcome in my opinion. Let me explain why.
      Europe has been experiencing this invasion ever since the 70’s, when the first waves of Turks started coming into Germany, first waves of Moroccans and Algerians into France and first waves of Pakistanis and Bangladeshi into UK. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s they were constantly coming in, BUT NEVER in such a massive numbers as now. They were coming in in much smaller numbers, like 10,000 a year into each of those countries, but those small numbers haven’t stopped Pakistanis in UK from raping probably hundredths of thousands of British children, that hasn’t stopped Turks acting like they own big parts of some German cities (especially Berlin), and that hasn’t stopped Algerians and Moroccans from transforming parts of big French cities into gang-infested, drugs-infested, lawless zones where the state of France has almost no authority anymore.
      Those were small numbers of muslims coming in each year and still big parts of Europe are completely over-run by them and various European nations are afraid to act against those people, for fear of being called racist.
      Mind you that people of other religions were in the same time coming into Europe as well, and yet nobody has ever heard of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or anybody else doing what the muslims are constantly doing – killing, stealing, raping and destroying.
      While they (the muslims) were coming in small numbers, we (the westerners) were like that frog slowly being heated in a pot, completely unaware that we are committing a suicide. Now on the other hand, as they are not coming in 10,000 per year anymore, but 1-2 million per year, the water in the pot has started to boil and we are becoming aware of what is happening. That is why I actually, in some bizarre way, welcome this huge invasion.
      Look at Sweden, probably some of the least racist people on this planet, 5 years ago hardly anybody was speaking up against muslims coming in, in fact the vast majority of Swedes welcomed them, and that has in turn transformed Sweden into “free raping zone” for muslims. But now that Sweden has experienced 2 years of unprecedented massive invasion, suddenly the Swedes are not only just voting for the only anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats, but they are actually starting to violently resist the invaders. Just 5 years ago that was absolutely unimaginable!
      So in way, if we haven’t had this huge invasion now, Europe would in my opinion become another islamic hellhole much faster then what we are probably going to experience now. The frog has become aware that the water is boiling!

      And now to the main problem of this invasion – islam. I would be more then happy if we in Europe received a million Catholics from Latin America, a million black Christians from sub-saharan Africa, a million of Hindus from India, a million of Buddhists from Asia and a million of atheists from anywhere on this planet. Those people are not the problem, because they are not driven by a problematic ideology. 99% of them would in a generation or two become no different then any native European. Muslims on the other hand, tend to become more violent towards native Europeans as each generation passes. They absolutely refuse to integrate and they constantly demand to be treated in a special manner, be it in courts, in the media, in the schools, in the workplace,…… anywhere. Until we start calling this problem by its real name – islam – we will not be able to resist it. Yes, we will be called racists by all the ignorant liberals/leftists and by our lying media, but calling islam for what it is – a death cult – will eventually just open a way to have some kind of a honest discussions about the pure teachings of islam in our media, and will eventually open the eyes of the people to just how big of a threat this death cult really is. When people in the west start hearing that the earliest and most accurate islamic sources record that Muhammad was a warlord, a mass murderer, a rapist, a slave-owner, a thief, a torturer, an adulterer and a pedophile, and that muslims are commanded to follow and to emulate this sick person Muhammad in every way, then westerners will realize that there is only one problem with this invasion, and that is that the invaders are muslims.


  5. KRES and Richard Layman:
    V. good posts + responses in my opinion.
    I couldn’t find any faults – even if I wanted to.
    However, would you please consider taking the following on board?
    When the BBC reports on ‘this situation’ they use the terms ‘so called’ Islamic State and ‘so called’ IS. They would much rather use the term of ‘Daesh’ – which we are told this Terror Group is loath to be called.

    So, Daesh it is then!

    The BBC’s reasoning behind this strategy not to call them by the name that they are calling themselves is because to do otherwise would give the impression of acceptance and give their chosen name credibility and afford them the oxygen of favourable publicity. Unthinkable!


    Being against ISLAMIFICATION doesn’t make anyone a RACIST.
    I know where I stand – and I am not a racist.

    We have to come up with another alternative terminology – other than racist – for standing together against Islamification.

    P.S. – Has anyone NOT heard of Pat Condell?


  6. @ Kres and Richard Mather. First Richard, when I want to listen to a rational man often talking about Muslims in an accurate and very funny way, I will listen to Pat Condell. It is hard to escape the fact that people like Pat have been threatened with death by Daesh. Frankly, if I could choose a name for many of these incoming ‘migrants’ I would use an even less politically correct term, like the Dirtbag Brigade.

    I happened to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark again last night, a movie made well before this huge influx of Muslim ‘immigrants’ and was struck by how much they behave like pack animals, very often in large groups, which is one reason they were able to get away with what they did in Cologne, Germany, on New Years. They coordinate and act in packs rather than simply as individuals.

    I agree with you Kres about Islam being at the heart of the problem, as you wisely note, it is not Christians, nor Buddhists, nor Hindus who come into Europe to wreak havoc and destruction. Even those Muslims who claim to be ‘peaceful’ still support Daesh in alarmingly high numbers. Or those who support the killing on apostates in their own religion, the ‘honor killings’ of women who dare tread against their misogynistic brethren.

    Here is an article out today on the Telegraph UK, quoting a German head of security who warns that ISIS aka Daesh is infiltrating the so called refugees, one man and others arrested for a thwarted terror plot in Germany.


  7. A worrying thought for the future …
    When these radicalised Muslims (impressionable numpties / murderous Daesh scum) are caught out – tried and jailed, they are out-of-harms-way, (for the time being). But once their sentence has been served (God forbid without ‘time off’ – [Mr. Home Secretary] – for ‘good behaviour’) they will be released back into the community. My thoughts on this are:
    If they were (let’s call it) “angry” before they were jailed; then how the heck are these murderous Daesh scum gonna feel on their release after being banged up for 10 or 15 years?

    If these murderous Daesh scum are quite willing to explode (same day) coordinated bombs on double decker buses and trains in the centre of London – killing 52 innocent civilians and injuring over 700 – (07 July 2005).
    If these murderous Daesh scum are willing to attack, murder and behead an off duty British soldier on a London street in broad daylight – (22 May 2013) then what are these murderous Daesh scum gonna be planning for after they are given their liberty? At my age I will not be around to see what happens when the effluent really does hit the air conditioning.

    How many others I wonder (like me) wasn’t only just saddened and appalled by the sheer brutality and barbarism at the savage murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby – but thought, “My God! This is it! The Fat Lady is Singing!” [Carpe Diem]

    Would it not be a much better idea to give this lot an “Indeterminate Sentence” instead of a binding 10 or 15 years? That way their behaviour can periodically be reviewed by the powers that be, and if their attitude is found wanting, and they are deemed not to be trusted to be released, then back into the chokey they go for more porridge! And as far as the European Court of Human Rights are concerned, when they try and stick their hooters in, we should all of us stand firm and give them that universally known two fingered Churchillian gesture!
    I would advocate the European Court of Human Rights!!!


  8. Too late to even try the woman for treason, anarchy already reigns in Germany Scandinavia. All too little too late – today’s politicians believe in Utopia! All I can see that will resolve Islam vs. the rest of us is WWIII and this time we had better annihilate Islam and get weaving for an alternative source of fuel rather than middle eastern OIL. Frankly I don’t even see the point of doing business with IRAN until Russia has brought IRAN to heel – which in my opinion is Putin’s hidden agenda? Of course no one will agree with me that’s just fine. I foresaw all this mess arising in Europe in 2011 and as early as 1993 on my first visit to Sweden where just outside central Stockholm I saw a mosque – I was astounded!


  9. The German People are waking up. Hopefully people of the other European countries will follow suit.
    Merkel has not been protecting the German people, political leaders of other European countries are to blame for the same thing


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