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UK: Muslims fill 44% of high security prisons, out of a 5% Muslim population

Revealed: How one in five inmates in maximum security prisons is Muslim 1,229 out of the 5,885 prisoners in high-security jails follow the Islamic faith The figure equates to 20% compared with 5% Muslim population in Britain At Whitemoor prison, Cambridgeshire, 44% of the 447 inmates are Muslim Some experts warns jails are ‘ripe’ to … Continue reading

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Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe: EU’s flawed Muslim migration policy

It’s abolutely criminal that the government and authorities continues to hide the fact that these dramatic figures are a direct result from a growing Muslim and migration presence in Europe. To not reveal this fact to the public and allow the people a choice to decide their own future and whether to support mass migration … Continue reading

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Analyst: Europe’s Muslim male ‘refugee’ problem – and why it’s dangerous

Europe’s man problem Migrants to Europe skew heavily male — and that’s dangerous. By Valerie Hudson, 1/6/16, 12:54 PM CET The recent surge of migration into Europe has been unprecedented in scope, with an estimated 1 million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa this past year alone, making for a massive humanitarian crisis, … Continue reading

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UK: 45% of Muslims support hate preachers, 11% support jihad against the West – BBC Poll

This ComRes poll for the BBC found that -11% of Muslims in Britain feel sympathetic towards people who want to fight against western interests -45% disagreed that Muslim clerics who preached that violence against the west can be justified were out of touch with mainstream Muslim opinion. -24% disagreed that acts of violence against thise … Continue reading