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Number of Salafist in Germany surges by 25% in four months

Radical Salafi Islamists

by Breitbart London, 21 Nov 2015

The number of fundamentalist Salafi Islamists in Germany — those who aim to practice their religion according to 7th century norms — is rising at an unprecedented rate.

A survey commissioned by Germany security services estimated that there were around 7,900 active Salfis in Germany this June, Focus Online reports.

In January, there was thought to be 6300: meaning there was a 25 per cent leap in just four months.

For the past three years the number has been rising more steadily, at around just under 6 per cent every four months.

Before January the number rose by 2,500 — form 3,800 to 6,300 — over a three-year period, according to Germany’s intelligence chief Hans-George Maassen.

Salafism is a form a radical Islam very closely related to the Wahhabism practiced in Saudi Arabia.

However, Salafis are completely unaffiliated to the house a Saud. They aim to practice their religion precisely as the first Muslims did in the 7th century, which they view as a “perfect time” – a time when Muslims controlled and ethnically cleansed much of the Middle East under the leadership of the war lord Muhammad.

Radical Salafi Islamists aim to establish an Islamic Theocracy and subordinate non-Muslims and often reject “man made laws”. Both the Islamic State and Al Qaeda practice a form of Salafism, and the great majority of the world’s terrorists come from this school of thought.

In October, Germany’s intelligence chief warned that the country’s existing Salafis were aggressively trying to recruit as many of the hundreds of thousands of new Muslim arrivals walking to Germany from from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq and Afghanistan as possible.

“We have in recent weeks increasingly seen attempts by Salafists to register as workers in refugee camps,” he told Focus.

In October, the State Office for Protection of the Constitution warned that number of radicalised Salafis could double by the end of the year if the radicalisation drive in asylum centres was not controlled.

Bild Newspaper reports that Salafis have been out recruiting on the streets of Munich every Saturday in recent months, even the day after the deadly attacks in Paris.

Authorities have purportedly been powerless to stop them, as they are careful not to openly support terror groups or directly incite violence.



6 thoughts on “Number of Salafist in Germany surges by 25% in four months

  1. I find it more than a little ironic that on the same day that a French Muslim is being praised for speaking out against the horrific violence recently in Paris, that these numbers are coming to light. Certainly it is a positive sign that many Muslims world wide are condemning the violence of ‘civilians’.

    At the same time, in the Washington Post yesterday, is an article about a town in Wisconsin, settled by Polish Catholics, where Muslims are now the majority population. Their mosque blares the ‘call to prayer’ five times a day, starting at 6 am. The city council is now majority Muslim.

    One Muslim ‘cleric’ said in essence, the time of those who built their lives here, their traditions, that was their time, now is it our time. If not overtly then covertly many Muslims come into Western countries and will seek to impose their religion and their values. This article highlights this issue in Germany, which due to Ms. Merkel has opened the floodgates to immigrants, many poorly checked if at all. And what is to prevent any Muslim from proclaiming his own peaceable nature, when harboring thoughts of attacks on non believers. Our very cultures, traditions and democracy itself will be on the line in the years to come.


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