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Where are ISIS supporters tweeting from?

The volume of support for Sunni Muslim extremism in the United States should be of very grave concerns. It reveals that the enemy has infiltrated the country in considerable volume.
from Niall McCarthy, Mar 20, 2015

According to a study by the Brookings Institute dealing with a 20,000 sample size, Saudi Arabia is the top location claimed by Twitter users supporting ISIS in 2015. Syria follows and Iraq rounds off the top three. Read more on the Independent.


15 thoughts on “Where are ISIS supporters tweeting from?

  1. Saudi Arabia is number one ( # 1 ) and Sultan of terrorists and number two ( # 2 ) is Qatar and have the money and power
    Is shame our government ( USA ) and England support these terrorist country
    15 from 18 highjacks from Saudi Arabia, but G Bush invade Iraq even Sadam was dictator and killed his own people, but all Moslems countries killing their opposition like today puppet of USA & England Karzai and Ghani Ahmadzai are leader of Taliban and same tribe ( Pashtun ) as Taliban and for the last 15 years they killing non Pashtun people and cheated and fraud on all election in Afghanistan
    Is unbelievable when USA & world let them get away with fraud
    These small or big thing caused people to get anger toward western country


    • I can explain. The largest single donor to Hillary’s campaign is Saudi Arabia ($12 million + $25 million = $37 million total). It would be naive to think they just like Hillary. I’m sure a quick check will show that presidential candidates going back a lot of years received massive donations from Saudi — and responded in kind after winning office with military protection (at US tax payer’s expense) and the sale of arms, which is what happened when Hillary was Secretary of State and received a large donation from Saudi, UAE, and Qatar to The Clinton Foundation, Two months after the “donation,” the US sold arms to Saudi. The Foundation is a slush fund for Bill and Hillary that does just enough charitable work (less than 5%) to attempt to evade scrutiny. In short, the Saudis buy our friendship.


  2. Yet we are supposed to believe from Obama that all of the incoming Syrian refugees he wants to import into the U.S. are simply ‘windows and orphans’. Which of these ‘harmless’ people will attempt to inflict serious harm to this nation, and nations throughout Europe as well.

    This is a video about Muslim violence in Europe, frankly I couldn’t watch it all the way through. Why are those who instigate violence, attack police cars and women not immediately deported? Merkel has made a devil’s bargain for these sociopaths, thinking she will increase her labor pool. At what damage to Germany and its culture, let alone the entirety of Europe itself.


  3. Astonishing, I came back again to this article this evening. I had included a link for a YouTube video which was a compilation of several clips showing Muslim violence in Europe, when attempting to load the video the message comes up ‘this video does not exist’.


    • Youtube keeps constantly censoring videos in their pro-Islamist stance which blocks people from learning the plain truth. Our account has been cancelled over and over again.


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