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UK: Muslim men are having ’20 children each’ because of polygamy

Muslim men having ’20 children each’ because of polygamy, peer claims

Baroness Cox, a cross-bench peer, says that Sharia Law is leading to ‘shocking’ discrimination against Muslim women.

By Steven Swinford, Deputy Political Editor
10:00PM BST 23 Oct 2015

sharia_for britain

Muslim men in some communities are having up to 20 children each because of polygomy and the rise of “religiously sanctioned gender discrimination” under Sharia Law, peers have warned.

Baroness Cox, a cross-bench peer, highlighted a series of “shocking” examples of the impact of Sharia law on Muslim women in Britain as she called for them to be given greater protection under equality legislation.

She disclosed one case in which a 63-year-old man tried to divorce his 23-year-old wife and arrange her marriage to a Pakistani man who needed a visa.

He asked a gynaecologist to “repair the hymen” of his wife so she could remarry, and stood to make £10,000 “for effecting the arrangement”.

“Such shocking cases surely cannot be allowed to continue,” she said. “The rights of Muslim women and the rule of law in our land must be upheld.”

In other examples, Baroness Cox revealed that Muslim men divorce their wives by simply saying or writing “I divorce you” three times.

She added: “My Muslim friends tell me that in some communities with high polygamy and divorce rates, men may have up to 20 children each.

Clearly, youngsters growing up in dysfunctional families may be vulnerable to extremism and demography may affect democracy.”

She put forward proposals to close a loophole in the Equality Act which she said enables Sharia courts to practice sexual discrimination.

Baroness Deech, another cross-bench peer, supported the bill and said: “We must not tolerate the sweeping of violence against women or children under the carpet by any religion in the name of faith.”

UK survey - are you worried about Sharia law - Muslim men having '20 children each' because of polygamy, peer claims - Telegraph 2015-10-24 12-55-02
[91% out of 3644 voters to a survey by the Telegraph said they are worried about the impact of Sharia law on Britain]

Labour’s Baroness Donaghy, a former chair of the arbitration service Acas, also backing the Bill, said it was not that long ago that women were unequal before the law.

“We cannot afford to go backwards and tolerate a situation where any woman is living in fear and isolation.

“More needs to be done. This is not confined to Sharia law or Muslim religion. These parallel laws which discriminate against women have existed and may still exist in other religions.”

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of MigrationWatch, said Britain was entirely different to Muslim countries, adding: “Those who come must accept that.”

The independent crossbench peer said: “We must be prepared to insist that there can be only one law.

“We must get away from what I call the Rotherham complex where the authorities were so afraid of offending a minority community that they turned a blind eye to the appalling abuse of young mainly British girls.”

Lord Faulks, the justice minister, highlighted a government review of the operation of Sharia Councils but said that new laws were not needed as there are already protections in common law and existing legislation.


David Cameron’s plan to tackle extremism

  • Tackle violent and non-violent extremism
  • Tackling segregation in communities
  • Madrassas to be shut down if they are found to be teaching intolerance to children
  • No more passive tolerance of female genital mutilation and forced marriages of children
  • Major review to determine whether extremists have infiltrated British institutions

4 thoughts on “UK: Muslim men are having ’20 children each’ because of polygamy

    • Why can’t UK round all ‘protesting and troublemaking’ muslims and deport them back to pakistan/afghanistan immediately ? UK’s foreign policy is such extreme shame, they still keep allowing these worthless muslims from Asia and Middle-East to enter the country. Now, it’s Germany doing the same – EXTREME FAILURE of LEADERSHIP. If I was the PM of UK, I would round them are Air-Drop them from flying plane in the Afghan Airspace near Taliban area without landing. Call it – Good Riddance !!!


  1. The UK experience cited is exactly the issue that argues against human and financial sacrifices in bringing or permitting large-scale emigration from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Like most of the world’s population, these refugees belong at home, where their cultures thrive. In the case of Muslims, there is a major clash of cultures, highlighted by religion and civil laws, both set solidly with the cultures of these refugees. This presents immediate clashes with Christian countries where large-scale movements take place. Again, I ask that the UN and EU, together with Russia and the United States, formulate plans to protect the refugees in neutral zones within or very near their own homelands. Our own humanness dictates such exercise. The refugees are suffering enough. No amount of travel by foot can be justified by those who stand by, observe, offer housing and general relief while refugees are being torn both from their physical, as well as from their cultural, moorings.


  2. Muslims behave differently when they are 1% of the population vs Muslim behavior at 100% of population in any given country. One should NOT fall for good muslim attitude since that will quickly change as population rises and shifting demographics. Qatar is FINE EXAMPLE of a muslim country with BRUTAL mistreatment of Nepalis and non-muslims in the Middle East. Even inferior muslims from pakistan and bangladesh are treated like shit. Christians are treated like shit in Middle-East. Muslims and Islamic believes are a growing cancer to any society. Muslims are also the LAST social group to abolish ‘Arab Slave Trade’. See the movie ‘I AM SLAVE (2009)’, it is happening everyday in Africa.


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