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Germany: Muslim ‘Migrants’ Swell Crime by 65%

Muslim Migrants Increase Crime in Germany by 65%

There was also a fight between 300 to 400 Algerians and Syrians.

October 8, 2015
Daniel Greenfield, Frontpagemag

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the huge number of Muslim migrants flooding Europe and Germany represent an “opportunity”. Here’s what that opportunity looks like now.

A mass brawl occurred between refugees from Afghanistan and Albania. Some 60 refugees went after one another in the camp in the Wilhelmsburg district on Tuesday evening. Some were armed with iron bars, also witnesses had testified that a refugee had a firearm, a police spokesman said.

In Lower Saxony in Braunschweig there was also an altercation between 300 to 400 refugees between Algerians and Syrians from a dispute over stolen goods.

In the brawl in Hamburg five refugees were injured, one got a wound in his arm and had to be hospitalized. Whether they were stabbed, was initially unclear. The police had deployed a large contingent on site to separate the warring Afghans and Albanians, said the spokesman. 30 police cars were in use.

After police managed to stop the fight, a tent was set on fire. Two people were poisoned by smoke. It was unclear whether there was a link between the arson and the fight. According to the police spokesman, the  odor of drugs was detected.

According to statistics from the Federal Criminal Police vedomstva Germany the number of offenses committed by asylum seekers has increased dramatically. Given the large number of immigrants, it is not surprising. In 2013 it was registered 32 495 crimes, and in 2014 – already 53 890. A particularly sharp increase in thefts (from 9421 to 16066) attacks with bodily injury (from 5172 to 8994)

Here’s what the opportunity looks like. It’s an opportunity for No Go Zones. For suicide bombings. For organized crime, constant riots and entire neighborhoods and then cities ruled by Muslim gangs that swiftly evolve into militias just like they do in the Middle East.

7 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim ‘Migrants’ Swell Crime by 65%

  1. The solution must begin with creating a neutral zone within Syria and Iraq. The EU ought to take the lead, in part because refugees imagine Europe to be the panacea for their unbearable misery. Creating space for refugees doubles the violence they seek to escape…the culture clash of a new human milieu renews the wounds of refugees, even as that milieu offers a sense of hope amid despair. Refugees must flee because of the destruction of their human habitat. It is much less costly for the UN to enter into the fray, pacify zones, one by one, so that the people may recover their lands, with their cultures, their friends, mosques, their entire ways of living–in short, everything that is dear to their hearts. Until that situation rights itself, the human and fiscal costs are soaring at unacceptable extremes. They upset the host countries’ growth, they place burdens on receiving neighborhoods that produce hostilities, even as the latter wish, with reservations, to assist in a thoroughly Christian spirit.

    Ultimately, it is the international community that can bring a stop to the human violence, but it must begin in Syria and Iraq and their neighbors, not in faraway lands. Let the EU and the UN wake up to the real location of the problem that is prompting a human chain of problems, its links but the result of global inertia that allows the continuous festering of unnecessary human misery, fanned by extremists who care not about the means to their ends, and the same with the “rebel groups,” cited as numbering 40, who have become inured to the destruction around them, both human and material.

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    • Though your compassionate approach is laudable, it is important to realize that not all people undergoing hardships react with violence. The Koran has many passages which encourage violence toward those perceived as ‘the other’, which essentially means anyone not a Muslim or a follower of Islam.

      I read another article recently from a credible source stating that last year, 77% of all terrorist activities came from Muslim people. It is also noteworthy that most of the Middle East is in turmoil, or in those countries like Saudi Arabia with more ‘stability’, it is ruled by Sharia law and exceedingly harsh in its application of punishment. Witness the upcoming beheading in SA of a young man whose only crime was ‘protesting’, his dead body then is to be crucified. In developed Western countries, this would be perceived as psychopathic behavior.


  2. I agree with Robert Schwartz – except I don’t trust the UN with the management of anything. The elites in the EU are not up to the task either. I’m afraid the United States under the present administration is powerless due to the political correctness and lack of an objective media to accurately report the facts. Meanwhile, the Muslim invasion continues with no end in sight. The real irony, our political leaders believe in multi-culturalism and they are destroying their own countries.


  3. I cant wait to hear about the demise of that Merkel woman. What ever she gets she deserves it. Like Napoleon she needs to be sent to a cold and windy place like the Falkland islands along with her beloved Muslims.


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