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Sweden: Ten times higher welfare dependency among 16.5% foreign born – an increase of 82%

According to an independent study of government data, Sweden’s 16.5% foreign born population (meaning massively overrepresented by Muslims) use 66.4% of the nation’s government financial assistance. The cost of housing these foreign born is escalating out of control and in 2014 the 83.5% Swedish born population cost around 4,44 billion kroners while the foreign born population of 16.5% cost almost 8,88 billion kroners. The actual numbers may be even higher considering residence allowances, family allowances and old-age dependency support (ÄFS) is not included

The (legally known) Muslim population of Sweden today is roughly 5% according to 2009 reports, so we can assume it’s quite larger today. According to Muslims themselves the real population is at least double the official figure. The 5% figure is a bit outdated because the majority of Sweden’s ‘foreign born’ population is Muslim, and according to these charts below we can almost assume that Sweden’s Muslim population is now exceeding 10%.

Immigration origin in Sweden pubchart

A chart from the migrationinfo website on research and statistics reveal that Sweden’s foreign born population consist of 30% asylum seekers, 38.4% relatives of foreigner migrants, 14.3% foreign workers, 8.4% foreign students, 6.7% EES (EU/EEA) migrants, and the remaining is refugees. Nordic Scandinavian migrants are not included in the statistics.

Sweden immigration and background pubchart

Where do the 16.5% foreign born population come from? You can see in this chart that the majority are of Muslim origin. The foreign born categorized under ‘Sweden’ are emigrated persons with Swedish citizenship returning to Sweden which includes native Swedes and foreigners with Swedish passports. To research more on these statistics refer to the website:

It appears Botkyrka, a suburb of Stockholm, has the highest density of foreign born residents. The degree of expenditures is so high that their own computer system is unable to provide regular monthly financial reports to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, which is required by all other municipalities in the country. Botkyrka has failed to provide its reports since 2011, or over 36 months of failure to report their expenses to the government. Meanwhile Sweden is bringing in another 100,000 “refugees” from the Muslim world while the Gulf states, responsible for the instability in the Middle East and responsible for terrorism funding, take in zero refugees of their own Islamic faith.


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Ten times higher dependency among foreign born

Posted on August 31, 2015, by I&M
Original article source can be viewed here
Charts and statistical analysis from

Sweden Ten times higher welfare dependency among foreign born

Summary shows how the economic distribution of domestic versus foreign born persons has developed between 2005 and 2014. [Note: Utrikesfodda means foreign born, and Overrepresentation means overrepresented]

Foreign born, who in 2014 accounted for 16.5 percent of the total population had an over-representation last year of ten times higher dependence on financial assistance compared to those of native born population. Foreign born required in 2014 two-thirds (66.4%) of government support, almost nine billion Swedish crowns. Maintenance support was formerly known as social assistance. We have also included in the calculations in recent years the State compensation that replaced the introductory compensation. 1

Since 2005, this premium costs for the foreign-born population has increased by four billion (Swedish Kroner), or 82%. Throughout the time span between 2005-2014 the government paid only 41 out of a total 107 billion (Swedish Kroner) in social benefits out to native born persons.

Botkyrka has not delivered

The (local) municipalities report their welfare statistics to The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, but this is something that Botkyrka municipality has not succeeded to do since 2011. Both the financial manager in management on Botkyrkas and on the National Board of Health and Welfare say that the computer system cannot work compatible to the monthly reporting that the National Board of Health and Welfare now requires. This has gone on for three years, which is why we have been using the previous data. That Botkyrka has not managed to file its monthly reports for so long is surprising. Botkyrkas figures are particularly interesting because the suburban municipality of Stockholm is one of the densest immigrant communities with a majority population of foreign origin.

1 residence allowances, family allowances and old-age dependency support (ÄFS) is not included.
Sources: the National Board of statistics database, insurance compensation of establishment and SCB’s statistics on demograficvariables.

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  1. I have been feeling physically sick! That this Muslim loving xzzx woman Merkel, that represents MY country Germany, has tge &$#& audacity to burden us with this dreck, is unforgivable! !!!! I am so ashamed of being German. I hope future generations wilk forgive them this FU,
    Sorry for my temper, but thanks for listening…….


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