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35 million Muslim migrants may set sights on Europe

Congress mobilizing votes to stop all resettlement in U.S. Published: 9 hours ago Leo Hohman, WND Migrants in Tovarnik, Croatia, line up Friday morning for coaches to registration centers A Hungarian government official made an astounding prediction Friday that up to 35 million migrants could flood into Europe as part of a historic population shift, … Continue reading

Muslims in Media Statistics

20% of Syrians want life under ISIS, according to survey

It’s unreal how Western media and politics have made president Assad into the terrorist. Assad is the victim of Sunni Salafi invasion from neighboring countries under Saudi initiatives, to replace his secular rule with a Sunni caliphate. He is fighting against terrorism and is hardly a terrorist. The creation of a salafi caliphate has been … Continue reading

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USA: Muslim “refugees” – 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare

From the website of US senator for Alabama Jeff Sessions. They forgot to mention that these figures tend to remain more or less permanent with Muslim migrants. A very small minority  integrate themselves into the job market or make efforts to educate themselves and get out of the welfare system, as many European figures show. … Continue reading

Europe / Germany / Muslims in Media Statistics

Germany to Spend $6.6 Billion on 800,000 Muslim “Refugees” and Migrants

$6.6 billion is just the bill to deal with their arrival. The next bill to sustain them is $690 billion over their lifetime. Each refugee costs around $863,000 over the duration of their lifetime. If Germany plans to bring cuts on their own population to pay for all this, surely they would be committing a … Continue reading

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Sweden: Ten times higher welfare dependency among 16.5% foreign born – an increase of 82%

According to an independent study of government data, Sweden’s 16.5% foreign born population (meaning massively overrepresented by Muslims) use 66.4% of the nation’s government financial assistance. The cost of housing these foreign born is escalating out of control and in 2014 the 83.5% Swedish born population cost around 4,44 billion kroners while the foreign born … Continue reading