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Holland: 50-70% of former Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ live permanently on welfare

Asylum seekers, to a large extent, live off welfare payments.

Seven out of ten Somalians, who were in the past asylum seekers, still receive social welfare, and half of those who have Syrian, Iraqi or Eritrean nationality live off welfare.

Among those who are not asylum seekers, the percentage of Turkish and Moroccan Dutchman who live off welfare is very large.

On the other hand, Polish immigrants hardly apply for social welfare. All in all, 481,000 received welfare payments in 2014.



[Google translation. The translation may not be fully authentic]

Asylum and welfare assistance go hand in hand

Hans Kuitert,

The Hague – Asylum seekers, for the most part, live off welfare payments. The share of Turkish and Moroccan people is large amongst the 481.000 asylum seekers who received benefits at the end of 2014. But the crown of strain on the welfare system are of Somali background.

These figures are according to studies from the Central Statistical Office measuring welfare benefits in relation to nationality.

Almost seven out of ten Somali adults collect benefits. Of the former asylum seekers with a Syrian, Iraqi or Eritrean nationality more than half collect government assistance. The Poles score the best. They are in work without relying on social handouts.

The bulk of the benefits go to citizens of eighteen years of age and older, also of compatriots with dual nationality. This goes to 400,000 people.

Language disability

The CBS has shown that of the 12.8 million adult Dutch 3 percent live on a national assistance benefit. Of the adults who do not have the Dutch nationality, 721.000 or 11 percent is depending on welfare assistance.

The figures show that Somalis, Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, Iranians and Eritreans, who have received a residence permit, most frequently collects welfare assistance. The CBS state: “their absence from the labour market is relatively large, having as cause that the language skills are not enough and the educational level is low. The reason for their absence is also related to war or persecution in their own country. ” [Huh? But they live in the Netherlands! What does wars in their country have to do with their parasitic exploitation of welfare?]


Telegraaf: Asiel en bijstand hand in hand

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