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India: State-by-state terror statistics in the past 20 years

The extreme socialist left and Muslims have a lot in common according to this data below: terrorism.

No wonder likes attract.

We’ve included both Islamist and non-Islamist terrorism data. According to Muslim historian Firistha, Muslims killed over 400 million Indian people during invasions and occupation of the Indian continent. Firishta wrote the Tarikh-i Firishta and the Gulshan-i Ibrahim. If Muslims indeed slaughtered over 400 million people in India, the Muslim genocide around the world would exceed 890 million victims since the birth of Mohammed.

India Data Sheets

Updated till July 27, 2015 – South Asia Terrorism Portal

India Fatalities 1994-2015
Cumulative Fatalities by Conflict Theatres: 2005-2015
Fatalities in Terrorist Violence in India’s Northeast 2005-2015
Fatalities in Left-wing Extremism : 2005-2015, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010,  20092008, 2007, 2006, 2005 
Fatalities in Terrorist related Violence in Punjab 1981-2015
Fatalities in Terrorist Violence in Jammu and Kashmir 1988-2015
Map: India Conflict Map
Terrorist attacks outside Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Northeast since 2000
Internecine clashes between Naga militant outfits beyond Nagaland
Terrorist Attack in Delhi since 1997
Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai since 1993
Terrorist Attacks and Threats on Indians in Afghanistan since 2003
Terrorist Attacks on Railways in India since 1996
ISI-related modules Neutralised outside J&K and Northeast since 2004
Terrorism related incidents in Andhra Pradesh since 2007
Terrorism related incidents in Karnataka since 2007
Terrorism related incidents in Kerala since 2008
Terrorism related incidents in Arunachal Pradesh since 2007
Terrorism-related incidents in Delhi since 1997
Terrorism related Incidents in Gujarat since 2007
Terrorism related incidents in Madhya Pradesh since 2007
Terrorism-related Incidents in Maharashtra since 2006
Terrorism related incidents in Rajasthan since 2007
Terrorism related incidents in Tamil Nadu since 2007
Terrorism related incidents in Telangana since 2015
Terrorism related incidents in West Bengal since 2007
Terrorism related incidents in Uttar Pradesh since 2001
Mumbai Blasts Judgement
Arrests in Burdwan Blast
Maoist Documents
India’s Offer of Cease-fire
India: Police Organisation in Different States
Police – Population Ratio
State and Theatre Assessments– 2015, 2014


India conflict map

(Click to view larger map)


3 thoughts on “India: State-by-state terror statistics in the past 20 years

  1. The Qu’an, as word of God, is a joke. It is the blather of a ‘prophet’ who freely admits he suffered possession by devils, was the victim of black magic, and attempted suicide. Does that sound like a prophet of the good and gracious eternal God?? I think not. Mohammad was a mentally ill sycophant and the diatribe of the Qu’an is no more the word of God than the next ‘messiah’ mentally ill freak. READ THE TEXTS, find the incongruity and the shameful passages… is this really supposed to be the infallible Word of God, even by the simplest logical scrutiny the Qu’an is proved as fallacy and hypocrisy, after all, what kind of prophet creates ‘revelations’ purely for his own earthy indulgence, every Muslim having to have no more than 4 wives… apart from Mohammad, because all of a sudden God told him it was okay for JUST HIM to have more than his own law dictated. Mohammad is scum. The sooner Muslims do away with Mohammad and find peace with Allah without the intervention of this diseased miscreant the better. That’s the trouble. No Muslims really know their texts, a bit like ,most Christians, but the difference is that Christ inculcated a certain vein of grace, whereas Mohammad inculcates existentially through the ages rape, subjugation, genocide of Jews amnd Christians, robbery and rape-paedophila, this is why we have the problems we have, because the existential crisis extending from theological hypocrisy and falsehood.

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