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UK: Medial poll show that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS

This is more or less another confirmation of our report from 2014 and 2015.

1. 80% of London Muslims (1.03 mil) Support the Islamic State
2. BBC Poll: 49% of UK Muslims endorse hate preachers; 11% support Jihad; 27% support Charlie Hebdo execution

Muslim leader: ‘ISIS-supporting Brits may be disenfranchised by Tory cuts’

A Mirror poll showing that 1.5 million Brits see themselves as supporters of ISIS has sparked swift responses from Muslim leaders

Protest march in Liverpool city centre against terrorist group ISIS

Public opinion: There’s been a rise in protest marches like this one in Liverpool against terrorist group IS

Muslim leaders have responded to the Mirror’s disturbing poll showing that 1.5 million Brits identified as supporters of the brutal so-called Islamic State.

One prominent leader has even said Muslims here may be disenfranchised with new Tory policies which are turning them to have sympathies for IS and their belief system.

Pollsters ICM found that opposition to IS has hardened during twelve months of barbaric atrocities, with 80% of British people now having a “very unfavourable” view of them compared with 45% last July.

But, staggeringly, the poll of 2,016 British adults taken over the weekend also found that support for the terror group was up by 2%, to 9%.

chart-isis-support amongst muslims in UK
Votes are in: A Daily Mirror poll revealed public opinion on ISIS.

It found that 3% have a “very favourable view”, up 1% from a year ago – suggesting that around half of Britain’s three million Muslims could be ISIS sympathisers. Another 6% admitted having a “somewhat favourable” view, up from five per cent last year.

Omer El-Hamdoon, president of the Muslim Association of Britain, said: “Any numbers which favour ISIS are worrying.

“The reasons will no doubt be varied. One reason may be due to the perception that ISIS represents an opponent to the West and those who are dissatisfied or disenfranchised with the new Tory policies – of further cuts and civil rights strangulation – are using this anonymous platform to express their frustration.”

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said: “I am glad to see that opposition to ISIS has grown over the last year.

MP Khalid Mahmood
Political part: Labour MP Khalid Mahmood is pleased that opposition to ISIS has grown over the last year.

“But it is a great concern that there is a small percentage of people who are attracted to them. It’s why I think that all of us, but particularly within the Muslim community, need to look within our ranks to see how this is happening.

“There are people out there glorifying ISIS and I don’t believe in the ‘lone wolf’ theory that all this radicalisation is only taking place online. I believe there are people within the community who need to be looked at.”

Haras Rafiq, of the counter-extremism thinktank the Quilliam Foundatiom, said: “It is deeply worrying that after a year of carnage and cruelty, there is still this support for Islamic State.

“But I’m not surprised. For decades now, Islamists have been been indoctrinating young Muslims with extremist ideas without being challenged.

Anti-Isis demonstrators in Liverpool
Community drive: Leaders have called on Muslim communities to make Islamism unfashionable with young people

“The Islamists say that the only way you can be a true Muslim is to believe in the Islamic Caliphate. There are undoubtedly a significant number of people in the UK who believe in the concept of the Islamic State.

“The sheer numbers of people going out there to Syria and Iraq indicate that this support is there. Many more might not be ready to move there just yet but the longer that IS retain the land they have seized, the more we will see people being persuaded to join.”

He called on the Muslim communities to work with the rest of society “to make Islamism as unfashionable among our young people as fascism and communism”.

5 thoughts on “UK: Medial poll show that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS

  1. the moslems are learning about jihad by the word/pen and just deceiving everyone. They are afraid they might get the boot – or they might face a backlash against islam – so they lie. they call it persecution but don’t change their koran in Arabic, they don’t change their sharia laws and they don’t change their daily salat that denigrates and bashes non-moslems while calling for “Allah’s path/cause/way” that are sharia laws that very clearly state that jihad is to ‘…war against non-moslems…’ and the most holiest form of jihad is violent jihad.

    Sorry but all you guys are getting is taqiyya dribbling and kithman bull poop.


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