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India: State-by-state terror statistics in the past 20 years

The extreme socialist left and Muslims have a lot in common according to this data below: terrorism. No wonder likes attract. We’ve included both Islamist and non-Islamist terrorism data. According to Muslim historian Firistha, Muslims killed over 400 million Indian people during invasions and occupation of the Indian continent. Firishta wrote the Tarikh-i Firishta and … Continue reading

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UK counter-terror project: One in ten identified as extremist are under 12-years of age

Child aged THREE identified as extremism risk by counter-terror project which now refers children every day 121 under-18s were referred to the Channel project in April-June 2014 Suggests the annual figure will be 66% higher than in 2012-13   Scheme was set up in the wake of 7/7 attacks to identify youngsters at risk By … Continue reading

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Denmark ‘astonished’ at 1,000% Muslim Somali majority crime numbers

In a response to the Danish people’s Party, Martin Henriksen, given by justice minister Karen Haekkerup Monday, it appears that Somali nationals are significantly over-represented in Denmark’s crime statistic database (Photo: Capture from Karen Haekkerup’s response). Original Letter: — The Justice Minister’s response and statistics here (PDF) . Shocking numbers: How criminal are Somalis in … Continue reading

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12,000 applications for asylum were lodged in Switzerland in the first six months of 2015

Photo: AFP/FABRICE COFFRINI Switzerland sees big jump in asylum seekers Published: 20 Jul 2015 14:17 Almost 12,000 applications for asylum were lodged in Switzerland in the first six months of 2015 with Eritreans accounting for more than half. The latest statistics from the State Secretariat for Migration SEM show 11,873 applications between January and the … Continue reading

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Muslim immigration to USA doubles in decade after 9/11

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM) 7/19/2015 (2 days ago) Catholic Online No recent mass slayer was inspired from the confederate flag and generals, some argue While the state of Tennessee made moves to disinter the grave of confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Kuwaiti electrical engineering student Mohammad Youssduf Adbulazeer brazenly shot and killed four U.S. … Continue reading

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One in every 20 Muslim women in London borough have been a victim of female genital mutilation

Women in EVERY part of England and Wales are victims of female genital mutilation with highest rates in London, Manchester, Slough, Bristol and Leicester An estimated 137,000 women and girls are affected by FGM across country Highest rate was found in Southwark, London, where one in 20 are victims   One in ten of their mothers … Continue reading