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Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Crime statistics

This article below, taken from from 2012 – a blog that investigates government statistics on immigration – touches upon the overrepresentation of ‘foreign’ born criminals in Sweden’s crime statistics.

All data is compiled from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, or BRÅ, described on its website to be “an agency under the Ministry of Justice – is a centre for research and development within the judicial system.”

The total Muslim population in Sweden is estimated at 4.4% (2013 figures). Out of that 4.4%, and if we casually deduct the women and children, we can conclude that at least 2% are males.

Pew Research Center estimates the number of Muslims in Sweden at 451,000 (or 4.9% of the total population) for the year 2010. They project this to increase to 993,000 (or 9.9% of the total population) by the year 2030. Out of that 4.9%, and if we deduct the women and children, we can conclude that at least 2-3% are males.

Although there are no official statistics of Muslims in Sweden, estimates count 200,000—250,000 people of Muslim background in 2000 (i.e. anyone who fits the broad definition of someone who “belongs to a Muslim people by birth, has Muslim origin, has a name that belongs in the Muslim tradition, etc. “), roughly estimated close to 100,000 of which are second-generation. Of the first-generation Muslims, 255,000 are thought to be Sunni, 5,000 Shi’ites, no more than 1,000 Ahmadiya, Alevi and other groups and probably no more than 5,000 converts – mainly women married to Muslim men. The Muslim Council of Sweden reported 106,327 officially registered members. Swedish estimates are rather 350,000, including nominal Muslims and people from a Muslim background.

The ‘foreign born’ rape figures at 77.6% (from 2005) does not contain religious data but the reported suspects originate from countries that are represented by Islam. We have seen the Muslim domination in rape figures in Oslo (Norway) police stats from 2011, for example. Oslo Police inspector Hanne Kristin Rodhe says the perpetrators often are unemployed, have been asylum-seekers during the last five years. A rough estimate of 80% Muslim rape figure has been anonymously confirmed by Swedish police in a phone conversation with our volunteer. In early February 2017 a police whistleblower revealed that over 80% of violent crimes in the country are committed by ‘immigrants’ (the names he provided in his daily roster shows Muslim names behind the term ‘immigrants’)

Let us hope that a complete un-biased, transperant and accurate government study will one day reveal the real figures. The reason government figures are held with limited access is because the summary would be shocking and outrageous. The actual figure could be higher. The percentages presented in the article below does not include Muslims with Swedish citizenship contained within rapes in the figures categorized under “Swedish nationals”.

Staggering rape and assault rape statistics from Sweden from 1985-89 and 1997-2001. Rape committed by Swedish born rapists (blue) were 22.4%. Foreign rapists represent 77.6% of all figures divided into ‘normal’ representation (pink, red and orange) at 5,070; over representation (red) at 3,752 rape cases; unregistered migrants (orange) at 653 rape cases. Note that the blue bracket of Swedish rapists include foreign born persons with Swedish citizenship as the statistics are only counted on citizenship, and not nationality. (Chart data: The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention)  




Sweden’s growing rape incidents

[Google translate from original article from]
August 5, 2012

When I have “rape” in the title will increase visits to your blog dramatically. Rape upset, and rightly so, that’s a disgusting crime which affects both women and men in depth. If a connection is made to immigrants over the presentation of rape crimes, it becomes very explosive. What we know of course our rulers and authorities. Therefore, they do everything for us in the dark. It is rarely direct lies. It would be too risky. Effective propaganda is all about creating uncertainty. Insecure people are passive.

One way to create uncertainty is failing to investigate and find out the facts. Or, as in this case: facts and findings are available, but they are not released to the public.

The only major study that has been made regarding immigrants overrepresented in rape where the results became public, the investigation is in BRÅ-raport 1996:2 (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention), which covers the years 1985-1989.

Here I have started from the report’s estimate in Table 24 (p. 74). The pie chart on the right you can see that even then (1985-1989) were persons of Swedish background in the minority of 39 percent.

These things I have counted on the 2011 conditions, see the chart at the top of the post. People of Swedish descent account for 22.4 percent. The reason that Swedes have such a high percentage is that I have taken account of the new sexual offenses law which came 2005th Without it, the Swedes percentage was less.1 Non registered percentage I have made known to remain at 10 percent. It may be a conservative estimate. Increased the percentage would of course Swedes percentage decrease.

Who exactly are committing these rapes?

The BRÅ report from 1996 reported over-representation of immigrants of different types of crime are divided on which countries / geographical areas, people came from. According to the National Council is the data set for including rape too thin (p. 61):

“As for murder, manslaughter, rape, other sexual offenses, robbery and burglary are the values of brottsparticipation too small to be able to draw conclusions from them.”

Total national rape statistics: Swedish born rapists (39%), migrants (38%), migrant children (13%) and unregistered migrants (10%). Immigrants are responsible for 62% of the entire country’s rape crimes.

Rape figures for the years 1985-1989 was on a completely different level than today. Broken down by individual countries, the material becomes even thinner. It is possible to draw some conclusions, but to draw any firm conclusions needed more data.

Nearly ten years later in 2005 will follow up report. Instead of more data so we can start to draw conclusions do we make this announcement (p. 44):

“BRÅ’s last study was done fairly detailed analysis of the foreign-born and ‘immigrants’ children’ over-representation of each crime divided on which countries / geographical areas, people came from. BRÅ has this time decided that such a detailed analysis is not meaningful.”

I can agree with. BRÅ’s “analysis” is rarely meaningful. However, a detailed account of the results desired.

It is not that BRÅ did not bother to produce values for the countries of origin. They have obviously taken up all the results. It is after they have seen the results, they judge that there is “meaningful” to account for them. In other words, do the investigators on the BRÅ just how it is with the immigrants’ countries of origin for various categories of crime. Responsible ministers, both then and now, of course have been informed. Thomas Bodström (s), Beatrice Ask (m), Mona Sahlin (s), Erik Ullenhag (fp), Barbro Holmberg (s), Tobias Billström (m) and others.

The Liberal Party’s spokesman on refugee and integration issues Mauricio Rojas wrote on DN-debate a few days before the report was released in 2005:

“The sensitive issue, the report explains the concern probably also the slow process of publication of the report presented on Wednesday. The main statistical results have been calculated and analyzed for a long time, but the report’s publication has been delayed because new investigations and treatments deemed necessary depending on the substance of controversial nature.”

One who “examined” the material was a Polish former surveyors … * cough *

Among all the “treatments” was therefore to simply delete all the results of the criminal suspects’ countries of origin in relation to specific types of crime such as rape. An apparent cover-up. More than 2000 individual amounts reported in the first report is missing from “monitoring”.

BRÅ chooses words to conceal results they obtain in their investigations. Studies of the Swedish people pay through their taxes. To get an idea, we simply use the values that emerged from the first report. It is certainly old numbers, but for the sake, they need not be misleading. Mauricio Rojas met with investigators nearly a year before the 2005 publication of the report:

“Last spring, I met two of those responsible for the report generation, among them the late January Ahlberg, who was also author of the report from 1996. It was a meeting that bore witness to a real nervousness that the publication of the new report led in some environments.
During the call, Ahlberg noted that the new report’s findings essentially confirmed the results of the previous report.”

If the new report’s findings essentially confirmed the findings of the previous report, the old figures to be pretty reliable.

Below(2), an evaluation for 2011 based on the information in BRÅ-report 1996:2 Table 2.3 (p. 107).

For the three columns that stand out: Rest of Europe, West Asia and Africa, it is to some extent that they represent large groups of immigrant population. But that’s not the whole explanation. The foreign born from Africa, for example, only 1500 more in population than the foreign born from Europe (yes, you read that right. In the age group 15-54 is the foreign-born Africans are more than the foreign-born from the Nordic countries). Although both groups are almost equal populations are held in Africa is much higher than that of the Nordic countries. It depends on Africans’ over-representation.

For Western Asia, it is mainly Iraq who pulls up the stack. The Iraqis are a major group in Sweden, and they happen to have the second highest over-representation of rape. Only North Africa has a higher value.

Could it possibly have been the result of this style as investigators on National Council came up with 2005? Results confirmed the initial report and made it possible to begin to draw conclusions. The conclusions, if they had been published, might have made people react. Reactions that might have made immigration a matter of choice in parliamentary elections a year later.

This we may never know, but one thing we know for certain: Survey results are available, but they are not released to the public.


An account of how I did the estimates can be found here.

1. Eftersom I took into account changes in sexual offenses Act 2005 came more rapes in Swedes stack. A large part of the “Swedish” rape is therefore of less severe kind. Such as before the change in legislation was headlined as sexual coercion.

2. All the charts I post in this topic is about estimates. Even those from BRÅ. No one has or will ever be fully cognizant of how crime is distributed. Simply because all crimes are not solved. The number of crimes in the bars is very accurate because I have chosen to convert percentages to the number of crimes, to make things a bit more substantial.

========= ========= ========= =========

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Data Sources and links (in Swedish language)

BRÅ-Report 1996:2 “of immigrants and immigrants’ children’s Crime”
BRÅ-report 2005:17 “Criminality among persons born in Sweden and abroad.”
BRÅ-Report 2000:6 “Young people who rob people”
Foreign or Swedish background (fine structure), the entire kingdom, after the age of ten classes and gender. In 2002-2011
Population Demographics 1999 Part 3
Post-war immigration and emigration
Statistics on reported crime

Mauricio Rojas: Heritage behind immigrants crime

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235 thoughts on “Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Crime statistics

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    • The commentary above the article is not the main article. Why don’t you try harder and spend more of your personal time to go through the government statistics in the report to provide your feedback rather than some vague opinion? There’s plenty of it referred to in the report.

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      • The rape rate spiked with the arrival of their new imported “job skills” before any changes in laws. So that argument doesn’t hold. Many countries have the same law. Hasn’t spiked their rape rate.


    • Stuart Gairns, on another blog you stated that in order to be sure we were dealing with a muslim perpetrator we had to ascertain the fact that anal rape had taken place as it is the favorite modus operandi in the muslim community. You also stated that serious statistics should mention whether the rape was anal, genital or oral or any possible combination . What other suggestion would you have to help improve those statistics?


      • What is your point Camille – rape is rape whether it is anal, oral, vaginal, and this can be done by nine Muslim men = three vaginally, three orally, three anally as in the case of a young mother of two working at an Asylum centre. The poor woman can no longer walk is confined to a wheel chair and has probably lost her mind or at the very least suffers from extreme Post traumatic stress disorder. Does this answer your strange query?

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    • It’s biased if you use statistic from 80s and 90s to explain today’s events and situations. What’s more biased is the statistical statement ‘we can roughly guesstimate that around 2% are male’. Typically a left-wing political correctness bullshit on the internet.


      • How is it biased? The 80s-90’s was before the immigration of muslims. The next one is with the Muslim immigrants…. whats not to understand? That as soon as the muslims came the rape stats went up because they did. Also, as far as the guesstimate of 2% is male what is wrong with that? Assuming that half of the number are male is a fair estimate.


      • Were on earth do you get your information from? We are not discussing the period of the Swedish Eugenics programe 1933 – 1976 officially dismantle 2012. Economist April 2013. You appear to be Irish, suggest you read up Irish history viz a viz Barbary Coast and the first President of US tactics on how to deal with Islam. You are simply showing your ignorance.


  5. a) the muslim invasion force in Sweden is a lot larger than just 4.4%. Our regime doesn’t allow for this data to be collected, but expect 1-1½ million muslims in Sweden

    b) a vast majority of these “people” are male, most likely close to 70% (especially if only looking at the ones that have arrived the last 2 years)

    c) no matter how long a family of mice live in a stable, they’ll never become horses. However, for some reason, the same doesn’t seem to apply to the PC view on sand people and their even less evolved cousins (

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    • Jesus christ you literally believe all Muslims are a different species to none Muslims?? How are you going to solve any problems when you don’t understand who they are?

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      • You J Muslim MEN are different and list the reasons why. Rape is allowed against non muslim women Drug peddling is easier than working and pays better Slicing off heads and cutting throats satisfies some disgusting blood lust women are only so much cattle. And yes I dislike Muslim men intensely they have no manners, stink, are dirty, the religion is false (crap) Oh I forgot muslim men are into little boys Afghanistan case in point (dancing boys) they like copulating with sheep goats donkeys camel in fact anything that has an orifice the right height to their peni. I all my years since I have been an adult women from ’79 on wards I have met possibly two civilized muslim men who have lived away from Islam and are secular. I can tell you this Salman I believe he is currently King of Saudi (his age in the 70’s) hung around bars in London picking up women. On approaching me I told him to “piss off, you’re primitive don’t give a damn if you’re a Prince, if you don’t go I will call a Cop.” Another aspect of Salman – fooling around with several stupid white blonde women – one of which was a girl by the name Carol Kelly. She would brag about her Arab Prince Lover – how naive did she think she would become Queen of Saudi!! She worked on the make up counter in Harrods. So what does this tell you J? In those days cops were on the beat around the nite club areas of Central London. The British Royal family gave these savages far too much freedom because they were loaded and even had free entry to ‘Annabel’s – Charlie boy loves waving his arab sabre around and pretending to be Rudolf Valentino in the ‘Sheikh of Araby’


  6. Correct Swedish media has been hiding the truth for so long the Swedish electorate believe all is fine. I have a number of Swedish correspondents who believe I am just hysterical, sadly Swedes are so laid back they wouldn’t know if a bomb had hit their back yards. Party party party is all they do, and Sweden will now be preparing for a very public virtually Pagan Christmas at least for Midwinter’s Eve. The Christian services follow at dawn on Christmas day. I guarantee there will be trouble in public places where the ‘Old Straw Goat’ is stood in a square and a huge tree all lit up.


      • Go read the Kora’hn/Quaran, BTW Kora’hn is a word you will find in the Torah, the meaning is unflattering. Quaran is an amalgam of Torah Talmud Old & New Testament Hindu and finally all Muhammeds wonderful sunna’s and hadiths on how to kill rape slaughter behead take over entire nations. You believe Italian French Hindu Mid east Christian rape on the scale that is now prevalent in Sweden? Prove me wrong sunshiine!


      • These thugs probably never read the quran in their lives!
        You are slaundering the islamic faith and the entire Muslim nation! We are very displeased when you go round making statement of this nature.

        Please you read the quran your self and then come to conclusion. God[Allah] will be very displeased with you if you go round making statements like this.

        please listen and listen to this chapter of the quran.

        Thank you



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  11. hello sir, im a bit confused.

    you say that 77% of rape is commited by 2% muslim males, but your first graphic shows that 77% is commited by “foreign” people, not only muslim? mind helping me out here? sorry if i was too lazy and missed something by flying over the second half of the article 😀


    • You dispute that with a population percentage of 4.4%, estimating half of that population to be male is not a reasonable estimate? I think that is a reasonable assumption in most populations in the world.

      If anything, as is always the case when it comes to statistics, the big gap in data from 1989 to 1996 is problematic. What was going on those years? Did the data not fit the narrative of the author? Was it not available?

      Looks to me like the percentage of rapes committed by non-Swedes ’85-89 was ~60%, 17% higher when talking that high a figure seems nearly inconsequential. It could be significant if there was a direct correlation that could be made.

      This article being Swedish leaves questions in regards to what the text in Swedish says, and what the author “translates” it as. Another large problem when talking about migrants…there are plenty of articles and videos purporting to be translations of what the people are saying, which makes it very easy to mislead those that can’t read or speak the language in question.


      • you completely missunderstood what i meant:

        he says that 77% of rapes are commited by muslims, yet his chart shows that 77% of rapes are commited by foreign people, and not only muslims.

        so my question is: in those 77% of rapes commited by foreign people, how much of it is commited by foreign muslims? all of it? half? who are other foreign groups commiting these 77% rapes? am i to understand that all of the 77% rapes are commited by muslims?


    • Yes MILAN, you’re perfectly right. It says “utländsk bakgrund” in swedish. That means foreign background. All foreign backgrounds. I know, because I’m the author of the original swedish blog post.

      If people with foreign background is behind 77,6 percent of the rapes in Sweden, (we dont know, it’s just an estimate based on earlier reports) that is bad enough. It’s definitely bad enough. False claims and exaggerations like this site are spreading is not helping. It just gives the leftist maniacs ammunition.


      • thanks for clarifying

        according to wikipedia, about 15% of population are foreign people. of these 15%, about 30% are muslim. which is like 5% of the population, around half of 5% are men, so 2.5%.

        so: 77% of all rapes are foreign people. a third of foreign people are muslim. therefore: 2.5% of total population, (muslim men), in sweeden, are responsible for atleast 25% of total rape, which is a big overrepresentation. and if we take into account the higher sex crime rates in those countries, we can even guess the actual percentage is not 25%, but more like 35-45%?

        even at 25%, you dont want immigration of people who commit rape in rates 10 times higher than your domestic population. immigrants should have far lower rates than domestic population. if this is not the case, it is a clear sign that the government is doing a retarded job at selecting immigrants.

        “It just gives the leftist maniacs ammunition.”

        yep. those guys are insanely happy if they can show a single example of someone lying about muslims.


      • I think you will be eating your own words in the near future, as you have in the past.

        When we informed you around 2014-15 that Muslims dominate crimes, unemployment, and welfare exploitation in every non-Muslim country they occupy when their population reaches around 5% you strongly gave a blanket denial so common with petty socialist societies. Now your own calculations are starting to prove you wrong even when you use old figures.

        One day this too will prove you wrong when you have access to the actual religious background of these people. ‘Foreign born’ will prove that these are people with Islamic background where Western labeling of crimes are not considered crimes at all. And how do we know this? Extensive work experience. The figures are only minor details of a known fact.

        According to your own statistics, native Swedes make up only 5% of criminals between 1997-2001. 2001 is a long time ago.

        Muslims are strongly attached to their culture. They don’t ‘change’ based on the country they live in. Therefore, the stats remain fairly similar across different non-muslim countries.

        The idea that the left is somehow given more ammunition than normal by “wrong” claims is the same as the statements that US created ISIS while reality is that ISIS has existed under different names for 1400 years. No economic condition or political development creates terrorism. Terrorism is created out of Islam, as an emotional response to religious fervour.

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      • @admin

        if the name of the article is:

        “Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Crime statistics”,

        i expect to see data showing that 2% muslims are commiting 77% rapes, and not that 15% foreign people, 33% of which are muslim, are commiting 77% rapes.

        thats what i wanted to know. the answer seems to be that those 2% muslims are resposible for atleast 33% of the total foreign rape , and very likely higher than that, perhaps 45%?

        “The idea that the left is somehow given more ammunition than normal by “wrong” claims is the same as the statements that US created ISIS while reality is that ISIS has existed under different names for 1400 years. No economic condition or political development creates terrorism. Terrorism is created out of Islam, as an emotional response to religious fervour.”

        no. that is not a good comparison. there is empirical proof that isis stuff has been going on for 1400 years, there is no empirical proof that 2% of muslims commit 77% of total rape in sweden.

        i think you should change the title :/ its a lie that 2% muslims are doing 77% rape, but its truth that 2% muslims are doing atleast 35% and perhaps even 50% of that 77%, meaning that 2% muslims are doing 26%-50% of the total rape.


      • Affe Karlsson it is common knowledge to enlightened Swedes or foreigners married to Swedes – I am one of them. Since 1992 I spent a huge amount of time in Sweden. The first mosque appeared on the E4 or is it the E6 north to Uppsala – 1994. I am reliably informed journalists are paid by the government ergo you print what you are told – i.e. do not not refer to Muslims call them ‘foreigners’. How high is the incidence of Italian/Irish/French/German and other Scandinavian men committing violent rape against women? Just recently since your article was written the Police have spoken out was largely due to the fact that Trump unwittingly referred to Sweden in a speech! Trump follows FB & Twitter so he has an ear to the people around the English speaking world. May I politely point out you – very likely you live in a leafy well healed neighborhood like Kungsholman. Though quite recently about six weeks ago a woman was raped by a Somali Muslim, another in Sudermalm and two other well healed districts. The rapists are going up market go talk to police headquarters in Kungsholman you will get a truthful answer? Ingrid Carlqvist has gone independent and is an investigative Journalist and now writes for many international publicantions.


    • Defend their women with what? They have already given up their right to carry firearms. But there is no need to have a firearm for defense! 😦

      I don’t mean to turn it into a debate about gun control, however the simple fact of the matter is, the average single male in any society is not going to stop a gang rape of someone, and it seems like that is becoming a more common occurrence.


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  14. First of all, Doesn’t France and England have more muslims? Like 10 times as many?
    Second, since Sweden changed the what constitutes as rape in 2005, rape hasn’t increased and in face decreased certain years? Also putting a fact like 77% of crime has increased and you got this information from a phone call isn’t really a statistic. How can you use that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marcus Sheehan, Sweden like the UK have been covering up sexual crimes carried out by Muslims. In 1983 a young Sheffield woman’s body was found in a car park. The girl had been raped tortured and drugged. Her mother set up a Charity for others whose daughters had suffered the same fate. The woman was Irene (long way back so forgotten surname) the same situation was happening in Birmingham. You go to both cities today and as a white man you will be in the minority. I suppose you are unaware that Muslim immigrants in the majority along with minority immigrants were handed on arriving in Britain £400 and before the formation of the EU this was substantial. So I put it to you giving this muslim scum money, homes & status on arrival has encouraged thousands of them into the UK and Europe. The whole damn thing is out of control, simply because not a single politician including those in Ireland are unaware of the real Agenda of the Muslim communities invading our shores – guess none of them have read history.


    • Admin works from facts not phone calls. Islam is on the rise world wide and if you were better educated you would know your history as well as myself and admin. What are you a snowflake generation or Millenium? Snowflakes d.o.b 1996 Millenium 1986 go figure!! Me I am old enough to be mother to both these generations and my kids are lot better informed.

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  19. Does say anywhere in the official statistics that it’s Muslims committing the rapes?
    1. The figures are from 1985-1989 Extremely old
    2. It doesn’t say muslims in the statistics but foreigners

    This only propaganda and not based on any facts


    • Oh we have another Swede in denial here. Muslim Issue works from facts and figures not fake News. Don’t know where you live but if in Sweden I guess you are in an elite leafy suburb where you rarely see a Muslim. Go on shut your ears to reality.


    • You mean the chart of the countries of origin of the criminals that is posted in the article, taken from BRÅ-report 1996:2 Table 2.3 (p. 107), tells you nothing?
      Maybe you are not even aware the population demographics of these countries.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ‘Henrik’ just as an example, it is common knowledge how over run Belgium is with Muslims as is the Netherlands. However, having said this I know a particular family fortunate enough to live in the Diplomatic district! I happen to know of persons living in a rented Manor House on an estate in Sweden and for the last two years keep informing me I am not all there. Again areas like Knightsbridge UK and estates in the UK of course there is no Muslim problem. We all know elitists decry us aware of reality but then they can afford too. You try living next to Muslims in some of the smartest neighborhoods of Birmingham UK now over run by Muslims. Too many elite cocktail parties and dinners! Read up on Islam and get an education before you criticize Muslim Issue.


  20. Thank you for putting this information out. It’s so important to reach people that are opposed to a (previously normal) strict immigration policy! What happened to people? They’ve lost their common sense! And their moral compass. Really, do American citizens want people storming our streets, raping our families like they are doing all over Europe! It is happening here in the United States, too. I encourage people to read the Wall Street Journal, watch YouTube videos, and try to refrain from having contempt prior to investigation.


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  22. Wherever they get that number from, it’s not from this report since it generally doesn’t break down the population in other groups than those born in Sweden with parents born in Sweden, those born in Sweden with one or both parents born outside Sweden (these two groups are sometimes tracked separately), and those born outside Sweden. Religion is not tracked at all.

    I should also note that this report is on crime in general and not specifically on rape.

    Here’s a relevant quote. The translation is mine and quite hastily done and with limited knowledge of the legal terms in English, so take it for what it’s worth.

    “En typ av brott som är föremål för stor uppmärksamhet i den allmänna debatten i dag är sexualbrotten. Det finns skäl att här lyfta fram att andelen av de utrikes födda, som är misstänkta för ett sexualbrott under perioden, är mindre än en halv procent och andelen som misstänks för våldtäkt och försök till våldtäkt är mindre än 0,3 procent.”

    “One type of crime that has received a lot of attention in public discussions are sexual crimes. It is relevant to point out that the portion of people born outside Sweden who have been suspected of a sexual crime during the period is less than half a percent, and the portion suspected of rape or attempted rape is less than 0.3 percent.”

    One comparison from the table on p. 66 is that among men born 1945-1981 who are born in Sweden with both parents born in Sweden, 2.1 per 1000 were suspected of rape one or more times during 1997-2001, while the same number for those born abroad was 5.7. However, since there are many more times as many people in the first category, and the second category also contains many Europeans who are unlikely to be Muslims, the number 77.6% is clearly false even when looking at the data.

    As for where this piece if (dis-)information comes from, the most likely source is one of the anti-immigration groups who want to portray immigrants and refugees in general and Muslims in particular as criminal monsters who shouldn’t be let in.

    The fact is that according to this report over 95% of those born abroad have not been suspected of any kind of theft or “crime against person”, which includes all violent crimes. (If you include all crimes the number is about 87%. My guess is that a large portion of the increase is explained by suspicion of crimes against immigration laws but that’s just my guess.)


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  26. You’re inferring that rape is committed by men only.
    Do the stats actually record the gender of the perpetrator and victim, or is that an assumption on your part?
    Surveys in the USA, indicated that 20% of rape victims were men, and that if equal definitions of rape applied to men and women, as many as 39% of rape stats would be men, which is also inline with 39% of men being victims of domestic abuse, and only 6% of the perpetrators against men, were other men, 94% of the perpetrators against men, were women.


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  28. I think these bald statistics are too crude to shape policy. There are many characteristics that would express themselves in crimes including rape.
    Most rapes are committed by males. Most of them by young males. Most of them by marginalised minorities. Most of them by individuals with drug and alcohol issues. Before you start targeting ethnicities remember these crimes flourish wherever there is hostility between ethnicity, religion and class. Forget the religion. Most rapists are male, young, dumb and full of cum!


    • Stuart M: I take it you have never been to the NO GO Areas of Sweden? As you are not a woman you have no idea how vile rape is! Being raped by third world men who may well be carrying venereal diseases is no joke! Psychopathic rapists are apprx. 2% of the male population. Intoxicated students of both sexes suffer guilt for misbehaving. Sweden has been shipping in Male Moslems by the hundreds, muslims claiming to be kids. The mean age of male muslim adult hood is 10 years for females 9 years. The naivety of Swedes doesn’t question – further more often times immigrants (Muslims) run the immigration centres. Christians of which there are very few, are in fear of the male muslim population. You are simply talking out of your backside. Muslim Issue carries out extensive research. Your name is new on the list of comments so I suspect you are not very familiar with Muslim Issue presentations. Go do some serious research yourself.


      • Whilst not disagreeing with your points i wonder what your thoughts are on the latest publicised stats from Sweden that say one percent of crime in Sweden is committed by immigrants and that overall sexual assault and crime in general has diminished over the last few years. I am wondering why there are such differences in statistics.


      • You are even more gullible than I thought? Are you not aware the Swedish government pays Journalists – in plain language censors the news! Hear of the Swedish Eugenics program 1933-1976? Do you think the Swedish government is going to produce real statistics? Go for a trip to Sweden and be sure to go to one of the 55 No go areas around Stockholm. But like most tourists you will probably only visit Stockholm Old town, which is where the palace and other well known land marks are. You’ll probably dance at ‘Berns Nite Klub’ or ‘Operaschellerarn’, visit Rethusset House of Nobles but avoid Central station. When disembarking at Arlanda Airport you will take the Arlanda Express and pitch up in Central station. Watch out for hoodies flogging drugs and attacking women and children. I’ve lived in Sweden I am estranged from my Swedish husband because I am too terrified to go live in Sweden. I value my life and my body.


      • Thanks very much for you perspective and response Erika.I’m not critical of you. I’m not gullible either; that is why I don’t automatically accept information given whether from the Swedish government or from this site.

        For the record I think the big Third World, mostly Muslim migrant intake, is a huge disaster. Even if there was no threat from violence or terrorism i would be opposed to it because of the threat from demographics and contrary cultural values of the migrants.
        I would be interested in the evidence for deliberate ‘baking’of statistics and information by the Swedish government.

        Here in Australia we see the Sudanese (not necessarily Muslim) Apex gangs responsible for a crime wave in Melbourne. And our security forces and police are kept very busy averting terrorist attacks by extremist Muslims.


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  33. Mohamed Govalia – you can issue fatwah’s against me via your Imam for all I care, for your information I have the Korahn – have you? There is only one book in the Korhan – one, might refer to as peaceful. Since this book is a virtual copy of both Old and New Testament it is not surprising both Christians & Jews of Mecca/Medina did not accept it as the word of G-d/Ha’Shem/Yaweh/etc etc. There is a passage in one of the Gospels where Jesus is tempted by Satan. Satan appears as Gabriel, he says to Jesus from the top of a mountain top “I will give you all of this, riches, women, palaces and above all great power – if thou whilst bow down and worship me” Sound familiar Mohamad? Your prophet was the false prophet referred many times in both Bible & Torah, try reading the book of Revelations in the Christian Bible – again you will find your prophet there. So your threats are like water off a ducks back if anyone is thrown into the abyss of fire it will be those who have committed atrocities against their fellow man in the name of Allah Mohammad for the last 1400 years. Go ahead and deny it – like Judas Iscariot you deny the truth.


  34. Great info and thank you for all news.
    Islam is supremacist hate cult worse than nazis
    I believe if you want to win expose Prophet to everyone. Islam is Prophet

    Please check out gallery of memes I have made and collected to post online. Over 1000+ pics. Let me know what you think.

    A lot of people are lazy and will not spend time to watch videos or read long articles so I think memes are good for quickly educating people about Islam


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  39. Robberies: Countries Compared
    1 Chile 1,275.6
    2 Argentina 905.3
    3 Dominican Republic 556.4
    4 Costa Rica 527.3
    5 Mexico 504.7 2006
    6 South Africa 494.5

    Divorce rate (most recent) by country

    Rank Countries Amount

    #1 United States: 4.95 per 1,000 people
    #2 Puerto Rico: 4.47
    #3 Russia: 3.36
    #4 United Kingdom: 3.08
    #5 Denmark: 2.81
    #6 New Zealand: 2.63
    #7 Australia: 2.52
    # 8 Canada: 2.46
    #9 Finland: 1.85
    #10 Barbados: 1.21


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