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PEW Poll Analysis: A billion Muslims want Sharia law

Human rights activist Pamela Geller has brought to attention an interesting analysis from one of her readers:

Recently, after reading parts of the Koran, I have become a bit frustrated that no one seems to understand the magnitude of the Muslim threat. People look at at the Pew report and they seem to think that the results are mixed, and that there really “aren’t that many” radical Muslims. So I sat down today and actually ran the numbers; I’m attaching a page from that analysis which shows my results. My hope is that you may wish to publish them, or portions thereof, in one of your columns.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that with 1.6B Muslims, even if 10% of them were radical, that’s 160 million people: about half of the total US population. But in looking closer at their survey, I’d put the number closer to 25%.

My analysis focused only on the questions about Sharia law: (1) Should the law of the land be Sharia law?; and (2) should that apply to everyone, including non-Muslims? Pew asked question (1) in countries that account for about a billion Muslims, and question (2) in countries that account for about 830 million. If you accept their results in just the countries they surveyed, we learn that:

— 70%, or 700 million Muslims out of the billion represented by Q1 of their survey, want Sharia law to be the law of the land;

— 32%, or 266 million Muslims out of the 840 million represented by Q2 of their survey, want to force it upon everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that alone represents over a quarter billion “radical” Muslims, with only just over half (53%) of their total population accounted for by the survey.

But we can make reasonable (and conservative) assumptions about the rest of them, and the results are even scarier. I extrapolated Pew’s results in each region (e.g., Central Asia) across the whole region, using the smallest percentages that they found for the countries in the region they did survey. The lower-bound estimates I get for the world Muslim population are as follows:

— 63%, or just under a billion Muslims, want Sharia law;
— 38% of those Muslims, or about 370 million, want to force it on everyone.

That’s 24% of all the Muslims in the world that are, by my definition at least, radical. And that’s more than the population of the US and Canada put together.

I’m just sending a one-page .pdf file. You can have my spreadsheet if you are interested. And if you aren’t sure of the soundness of my methodology, ask someone who is a statistics expert to review it. Ask Pew, if you have a good relationship with them. In fact, let anyone who wants to review the data and methodology see it, because such is the nature of peer review. Until it’s vetted by experts, they’ll just call it right wing nonsense. Of course, there’s nothing in here that would be difficult for anyone who got at least a B+ in an introductory statistics course at a decent college or grad school.


PEW: Chapter 1: Beliefs About Sharia
PEW: Chapter 2: Religion and Politics
PEW: Chapter 3: Morality
PEW: Chapter 4: Women In Society
PEW: Chapter 5: Relations Among Muslims
PEW: Chapter 6: Interfaith Relations
PEW: Chapter 7: Religion, Science and Popular Culture
PEW: Appendix A: U.S. Muslims — Views on Religion and Society in a Global Context
PEW: Appendix B: Glossary
PEW: Appendix C: Survey Methodology
PEW: Frequently Asked Questions About the Report
PEW Complete Report: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society
PEW: Topline Questionnaire
PEW: Infographic: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society
PEW: The World’s Muslims (form to request access to raw data)

Sharia law in action:

Islamic culture, religion, and laws in action. All of these activities have been performed according to directives in Sharia law that has been taken verbatum from the Quran. The UK has over 80 active Shaira courts within Muslim enclaves that excercise Islamic barbaric legal directives parallel to the British court system. In these courts, decisions for honor killings are made and victims are shipped to their home countries to be killed.
sharia law -1

sharia law - 3
Living under Islamic Sharia Law in Kano State, Nigeria
sharia law - 8
sharia law - 10
david haines
Crucifiction according to Sharia
Sharia law - 14
sharia law - pastor-umar-mulinde-warns-america-to-fight-against-islam-muslims-sharia-law

49 thoughts on “PEW Poll Analysis: A billion Muslims want Sharia law

  1. And yet practically 30% of UN resolutions are against Israel! The whole world against Israel! Where is the outrage that Muslim murder their own, not only in Muslim countries, but in Western countries as well?

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  2. I am very worried about the islam threat. Your numbers are explicit.

    But the threat is even more awful than the numbers show. Take the Theo van Gogh case, or Charlie Hebdo case, etc. All these cases show that every one of us, not-islamic person in not-islamic countries, is already submitted to Sharia law. If you criticize the Quran or the Prophet, you incur in blasphemy of islam, which is punished by death, be you a muslim or not, in a muslim country or not.

    The doctrine is very subtle. A fatwa may be requested to an imam by someone and emitted against you in any muslim country that sentence you to death, and you may even be unaware of this fatwa against you. A fatwa is a non-binding religious-juridical advice. But once it has been issued, any muslim may execute the fatwa anywhere in the world as his duty of devout muslim, according to opportunity. In this way, anyone speaking against islam may be legitimately executed according to islam. The sentence to death is more probable when the glamour of the blasphemy is high. With a growing number of muslims intermixed with non-muslims in non-muslim countries, the probaility of beeing sentenced to death and killed by devout muslims for speaking against the Quran or the Prophet increases drastically. In this way muslims silence any opponent anywhere, thus submitting people to their will by lethal threats. And in this way sharia law may enter, step by step everywhere with not-islamic people unaware of it, according to opportunity for muslims.

    Islam is the major threat for the world in the next years to come. It is like the Nazism, only more subtle and more dangerous.

    Listen to mullah Krekar. He is a religious authority and knows what he says.

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    • Islam is a very, very serious threat which the politicians are not willing to believe in. They live on high salaries, in non-migrant areas and in another world. They don’t see the threats.

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    • The politicians see the threat and in fact are counting on it to cause wide spread violence especially in western countries.
      They are pitting the religions of the world against each other hoping that the religions will be wiped off the face of the earth. then and only then they will release the light of their god ,Satan upon the world.
      Should anyone be skeptical about this ,all you need do is research it to find the truth,

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    • Australia Zionists let him in on purpose. There would be no war on terror otherwise without Zionist globalist one way mass immigration letting terrorists into our country every year. Monis was a criminal in Iran and Iran tried to extradite him when he fled to Australia as a “refugee”. He then raped women, white I assume and was an accomplice to murder but he was not jailed for long. The war on terror is phony like the war on drugs. The plutocrats and secret society Zionists thrive on deceit with their globalist msm spewing lies 24/7. Your post omits much. Strange that terrorists come from our countries then go to Syria, funny how Libya and Iraq were turned into terrorist breeding grounds to help funnel new fighters to Isis. Strange that Isis never attacks nato allies especially Israel. Equally strange that isreal helps Isis with hospital beds, commando rescue missions and even air strikes on Syria military when they ask Israel for help. Isis and the war on terror exists to help the nwo of secret society Zionist pedo scum to implement a one world police state planet where we are all spied on and a western world of brown people thx to one way mass immigration to help feed the cheap labor for globalists and to brown out our white populations. It’s all elitist agenda drive. Muslims are easier to manipulate now then christians. Perfect to use as a tool. Monis was setup, bet you didn’t know the Lindt cafe was owned by the rothschilds at the time. Muslims are being used as patsies by Zionists to create an open prison planet full of spying and censorship. Go to alternative media now like the rense website and wake up. The above poster is a shill trying to create hate towards the wrong ppl. It’s the one percent who are making terrorism possible. Who lets them into our countries by the tens of thousands a year? Forget about the local inhabitant’s. The war on terror has made the Rothchilds 6 trillion dollars in just 10 years, they print the money for USA who then bullies all other countries into submission. Go on youtube and search cia whistle blowers, watch some vids and realise the above poster for who they probably are. Zionists are the real enemy, Muslims are useful idiots.


  3. Only eliminating the murderous Islam by exposing the stupid crap and the silly nonsense inscriptions in the Koran … will bring peace to the world. The kookooran is a pathetic imitation of the Bible … insane stupidity of the unaware. Islam is a lie. no matter how many times they shout lies, the lies never become true!

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  4. The Koran is a pathetic imitation of the Bible … insane stupidity of the unaware.
    Islam religion of people unaware
    Islam religion of the illiterate.
    Islam religion of the ignorant.
    Islam religion of the uneducated.
    Islam religion of fools.
    Islam religion of idiots.
    Islam a religion of violence.
    Islam religion of bullying.
    Islam religion of loving death.
    Islam religion of Satan lovers.
    Islam religion of God-haters.
    Islam religion of butchers people.
    Islam religion of bloodthirsty.
    Islam religion of Dole Bludgers.
    Islam religion of fuck animals.
    Islam religion of pedophiles.
    Islam religion of rapists.
    Islam religion of liars born.
    Islam religion of non-human persons.
    Islam religion of trample women.
    Islam religion of the sons of bitches.
    Islam religion of ingrates.
    Islam religion of poachers.
    Islam religion of looters.
    Islam religion of people who do not know to read and write.
    Islam religion of psychopaths.
    Islam religion of murder.
    Islam religion of killing.
    Islam religion of knife in the back.
    Islam religion of cancering humanity.
    Islam is a religion will end up disappearing from the world.

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  5. Undisputed truth is, you are doing good job to spread Islam. If your comments and articles make a number of new Muslims to decrease. It would be okay , but truth is by your comments a number new Muslims is increasing. 13 people convent to Islam every day in every single country in Europe and in USA provinces too. This is according to different researches.So your comments and articles always produce positive result to Islam. Because when you talk a lie about Islam as this ADMIN does in this article, it leads non Muslims to study Islam and thn find out that what they are told about by these admins and columnists, is not true. Example if you read Islam there is no naked punishment, no acid attack punishment, there is no fire punishment, no crucifixion, no cow punishment, no killings by pushed from a storey etc.


    • Keep dreaming. 80% of new converts leave within 3 years, Meanwhile, the conversion away from Islam is ten times higher than into Islam. You just don’t read much about it because religious conversions are not topics of great interest to the media.

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    • Are you mad? The undisputed truth is that Imams can order the death of anyone that leaves Islam. It was a Muslim that said 100 years ago that Islam would be a dead ideology if it weren’t for the threat of death in leaving it. Go spew your taqiyya and kitman elsewhere. Oh, and people are studying Islam to better debate it with Muslims because of how evil it is, not to convert! Know your enemy.

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  8. Do you have a link for the above PDF? I’m trying to find it on the pewpoll website but can’t find it anywhere. I’d like to have it to give to others and verify that it’s on the official pewpoll website.


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  9. What is it that our leaders don’t see about islam ?they are the ones throwing our countries open to them ,their beliefs and customs are not ours ,they openly state their intentions they will colonize and convert us all to islam ,one of their imams said ,’we don;t have to go to war we will overtake from within ‘ and that is exactly what they are doing ,England will never have a Christian mayor again as they have the numbers, in London they have out bred them ,in time it will be a shambles as all the historical buildings will go .tourism will be no more ,animals will go ,especially the dogs what a miserable world it will be ,all blackness,no love ,music ,or beauty ,Angela Murkel has destroyed Europe ,Obama America,and our country Australia both parties fawning and kowtowing to islam ,the once nice little towns they have colonized no more ,no muslim should hold public office as our constition states if you can’t put Australia first and muslims cannot as their first and only allegiance is to islam and the laws of sharia ,those that take the oath are commiting taqiyya ,if it is to further the cause of islam you can lie ,islam does not assimilate into it;s host’s culture it slowly and insidioulsly devours it ,and ‘we ‘ become islamized.

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    • There is little truth in this. Just because a young man decided to write an article which seems frightening, doesn’t make it true just because you feel like it. If you crunch the numbers (which the authour obviously hasn’t), you see that there is impossible to be one billion radical muslims who wants sharia. And besides, the author has made a guess on the percentage of radical muslims. This is not science or a factual article at all. It is called fear based on what a society hears on the news. Sure, you might not like muslims, but you can’t fake the numbers to get people on your side. That is called evil, I believe.


  10. This is not sharia my friends. God wanted it to be beautifull, these are the actions of man. Just like you have done with the old Testament and later with the word of Jezus. God is talking to US through all of the books. His word ist best preserved in the Qur’an. He speaks to us and we speak to Him. Muslims only fear God. With this comes strength to take over the whole world. And you guys fear this ‘extremism’ eventhough it comes through deep knowledge of the One we call God. This is missing in every Religion except Islam, and that why you fear it. But you should try it.


    • The Koran pushes this sharia garbage because Lucifer, Satan himself, was the evil angel who spoke to Mohammed. He knew at first that his visitor was a devil, but he foolishly listened to the voice of his wife. Islam makes God furious, because it is a lie. Allah is not God, but the most evil presence in the entire world. Look at the photos and know this is the fruit of the wicked mind of Lucifer.

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  11. I think this is greatly exaggerated. There used to be moderate Islam, but it is slowly being eroded by the Wahhabi school of though, the most violent and intolerant ideology, which has been exported by Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabis used to be a small fringe group from the Nejd area of the Arabian peninsula. The British funded and armed them during WW1 (because they were so violent) to make trouble for the Ottoman Empire (and cut their supply lines). The Saud family concluded a an alliance with them to help them conquer a kingdom in the Arabian peninsula, by submitting all the independent tribes, and called it by their name, Saudi Arabia. The deal was, in exchange for military help, to make Wahhabism the official version of Islam in the kingdom. Oil and the alliance with the US made them rich and powerful and they started funding mosques all over the planet and exporting their most extreme and troublesome clerics (better get them out of the country). The position of the Saudi Royal family with regards to their powerful clerics is somewhat mixed. The US used this violent form of Islam in Afghanistan against the Soviets. The CIA organized and funded, together with Saudi Arabia, these religious zealots and Al Quaeda was born. Saudi Arabia, the US and further back in history, England, created this Frankenstein monster that has turned against its own creators. It is not Islam, it is Wahhabism that has infected the minds of all these people.

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  12. I’ve been surfing on-line more than 3 hours these days, yet I
    by no means found any attention-grabbing article like yours.

    It’s beautiful price enough for me. Personally, if all
    webmasters and bloggers made just right content material as
    you probably did, the internet might be
    much more helpful than ever before.


  13. The hand on the sword looks Caucasion. Look at it.
    CIA perhaps. Nothing would surprise me. Well, wait a minute. It would surprise me if the corrupt administration were finally arrested for treason.


  14. The us is no longer a non Muslim country. They are no longer allowed to say marry Christmas in school. They can’t celebrate Halloween. They can’t talk about Christ or the bible. Yet every school has a special room that 2x a day the students get to skip class and pray to Mohamed. Now if I didn’t know better I would say that Isis already had control of our country. We are just to blind to see it. Thanks every one for putting a Muslim in office.

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      • If there’s so many other religions, then which one is the “right” religion. All of them can’t be right, or all of them are wrong. Which one is it?


  15. How can those 24 % radical muslims (you believe exist) be over one billion people. You do realize that there are only 7 billion people in the world? And where on earth did you find the percentage “24%” from?


  16. That’s a Billion people we should remove from the face of the Earth. Bring the population down to 6 billion..

    Not Sure what the Zionist Jews are up to. At some point there scheme against Christianity, flooding Muslims Rats into Europe, USA, other places, will have to come to some conclusion.

    Their NWO.


    • There could be nothing more detrimental to “zionist jews” than to flood Europe with Muslims. So that theory of you is not only irrational but comical. Next you will tell us zionist jews created Nazism and Hitler!

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  17. Do they , the muslims not get it form their masters ? Those who want the 7 noahide laws ….
    The muslims are doing what they do in full compliance with the 7 noahide laws

    Listen to how the King of Kings corrected the FALSE man-made interpretation of stoning a practice in the OT

    Joh_8:7  So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    As for me i would put FULL stock in the King of Kings testimony .

    All are sinners , so no man at anytime had right to murder , breaking a Divine commandment .

    So all men should be stoned according to man’s interpretation of scriptures

    Loving thy neighbor does not allow for stoning them .
    Just because i hate the evil of sodomy , idolatry , etc , does not mean to stone them .
    Shun them , witness to them , but to murder them divine testimony says to be merciful , compassionate . Let the Creator take His vengeance how He sees fit .

    For if you cannot be merciful , then how to you expect to get mercy ? though none of us deserves mercy


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  19. Sharia law clearly states Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.
    All muslims are more than familiar with sharia law and therefore all statistics regarding the isis prefrence and wether they believe it to be right are greatly underestimated.

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  21. As an ex-Muslim. 1.6 billion Muslim i would say 20% to 30% are based on force conversion. We cant denounce or leave islam becz of sharia law.


  22. These people are animals this is england these are the only laws that will ever be in england either use it or loose the right to use it and if they dont do as they are supposed to live and respect or loose the place you call home it will no longer support you fincaly emmotionaly or physical so either wise up or move out theres one law englands law simples


  23. Can I defend myself against these barbarians, I represent a more peaceful religion of Christianity, and I encourage peace amongst all peoples and races, ethnicity, religious beliefs. The process of peace and the price of peace is enormous, sometimes war is the answer. I’m looking forward to a sharia law free for my grandchildren. USA


  24. It’s no longer the fight between the left and the right it’s no longer the fight between Democrats and Republican it’s the fight of Good vs Evil


  25. You are not getting Ishmael ways the promised son in our Christian nation Isac. Hagar was a whore basically sleeping with a married man. Sara gave birth to the promised son from God which is Isac. We are a Christian nation sharia law is ppl taking laws into thier own hands .God says he is the one to give and take last breath. But for some rEason muslims believe mohamed was the prophet. Mohamed was a killer a rapist and high on and murdered ppl cause they didn’t believe his ways. And you ppl in our country wanna bring all that crap of your religion I think not f…. you get out of my country
    This will cause a war and you will lose. Ppl wake up


  26. this is why they don’t belong in our country or any other country they are even bad for their own countries of origin they are a sick and evil cult that needs to be disolved


  27. We need a leader to gather the American people and demand them all out of our country
    I no for a fact ..Americans will leave there homes and take to the streets to demand they leave our country


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