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Pew Poll Analysis: A Billion Muslims Want Sharia Law

Human rights activist Pamela Geller has brought to attention an interesting analysis from one of her readers:

Recently, after reading parts of the Koran, I have become a bit frustrated that no one seems to understand the magnitude of the Muslim threat. People look at at the Pew report and they seem to think that the results are mixed, and that there really “aren’t that many” radical Muslims. So I sat down today and actually ran the numbers; I’m attaching a page from that analysis which shows my results. My hope is that you may wish to publish them, or portions thereof, in one of your columns.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that with 1.6B Muslims, even if 10% of them were radical, that’s 160 million people: about half of the total US population. But in looking closer at their survey, I’d put the number closer to 25%.

My analysis focused only on the questions about Sharia law: (1) Should the law of the land be Sharia law?; and (2) should that apply to everyone, including non-Muslims? Pew asked question (1) in countries that account for about a billion Muslims, and question (2) in countries that account for about 830 million. If you accept their results in just the countries they surveyed, we learn that:

— 70%, or 700 million Muslims out of the billion represented by Q1 of their survey, want Sharia law to be the law of the land;

— 32%, or 266 million Muslims out of the 840 million represented by Q2 of their survey, want to force it upon everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that alone represents over a quarter billion “radical” Muslims, with only just over half (53%) of their total population accounted for by the survey.

But we can make reasonable (and conservative) assumptions about the rest of them, and the results are even scarier. I extrapolated Pew’s results in each region (e.g., Central Asia) across the whole region, using the smallest percentages that they found for the countries in the region they did survey. The lower-bound estimates I get for the world Muslim population are as follows:

— 63%, or just under a billion Muslims, want Sharia law;
— 38% of those Muslims, or about 370 million, want to force it on everyone.

That’s 24% of all the Muslims in the world that are, by my definition at least, radical. And that’s more than the population of the US and Canada put together.

I’m just sending a one-page .pdf file. You can have my spreadsheet if you are interested. And if you aren’t sure of the soundness of my methodology, ask someone who is a statistics expert to review it. Ask Pew, if you have a good relationship with them. In fact, let anyone who wants to review the data and methodology see it, because such is the nature of peer review. Until it’s vetted by experts, they’ll just call it right wing nonsense. Of course, there’s nothing in here that would be difficult for anyone who got at least a B+ in an introductory statistics course at a decent college or grad school.


PEW: Chapter 1: Beliefs About Sharia
PEW: Chapter 2: Religion and Politics
PEW: Chapter 3: Morality
PEW: Chapter 4: Women In Society
PEW: Chapter 5: Relations Among Muslims
PEW: Chapter 6: Interfaith Relations
PEW: Chapter 7: Religion, Science and Popular Culture
PEW: Appendix A: U.S. Muslims — Views on Religion and Society in a Global Context
PEW: Appendix B: Glossary
PEW: Appendix C: Survey Methodology
PEW: Frequently Asked Questions About the Report
PEW Complete Report: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society
PEW: Topline Questionnaire
PEW: Infographic: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society
PEW: The World’s Muslims (form to request access to raw data)


Sharia law in action:

Islamic culture, religion, and laws in action. All of these activities have been performed according to directives in Sharia law that has been taken verbatum from the Quran. The UK has over 80 active Shaira courts within Muslim enclaves that excercise Islamic barbaric legal directives parallel to the British court system. In these courts, decisions for honor killings are made and victims are shipped to their home countries to be killed.
sharia law -1
sharia law - 2
sharia law - 3
Living under Islamic Sharia Law in Kano State, Nigeria
sharia law - 8
sharia law - 10
david haines
Crucifiction according to Sharia


34 thoughts on “Pew Poll Analysis: A Billion Muslims Want Sharia Law

  1. Stop the influx of immigrants into our countries and round up the scum, send them back to the desert that they and their forefathers came from:

    Thats if they know their real rapist fathers


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  3. Sometimes the brutal graphics are needed in order to grasp these acts of hatred. I selected ‘like’ but really don’t like this. I wish we had a thank you for this,’ option….

    If there were a new chapter of Job being written right now, I wonder what conversation the devil would be having with God. Perhaps you should pen a parable…

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  4. There are many who think the religion? of islam is misunderstood and we misinterpret and have misconceptions concerning this wonderful religion of -peace -have they read any of the qurán and know the laws of sharia ? sharia is God’s law -moslems do not follow man made laws and that is why they can -never assimilate into any country they come to colonise -they belong to a barbaric sadistic belief that has no place in our civilised Western society -all immigration from islamic countries should stop as it is by infiltrating from within they have said they will convert us all to islam aided and abbetted by the dhimmi;s – politically correct and those courting them for the moslem vote.

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  7. There is no such thing as a radical Islam or moslems. If there were extremists then the lie that their ideology is peaceful would have extremely peaceful members. Moslems are FUNDAMENTALISTS and should be called as such by the media, bloggers, everyone. Moslems are doing the mandates they are suppose to do as directed in their book written by a person who today would be clinically diagnosed a psychopath. Unfortunately he has cloned more psychopaths for the last 1400 years.

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  18. Actually, my leadership training program used Pew Stats in a similar way, but instead of averaging statistics, we placed actual numbers of Muslims who support dangerous, abusive behaviours into carts, added up the total numbers and created an accurate percentage of Muslims globally that support Islamic abuses. It was over 80% of the population of Islam. Take into account that 1/3 of Muslims in western lands are exercising a form of swing vote, where they tell people what they want to hear, and you get over 90% of Muslims supporting Sharia Law and other Muslim religion abuses.

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