Muslims in Government Statistics

Australia: Muslim jobless rates twice the national average, says census data

Number of unemployed Muslims more than twice national average

John Masanauskas
Herald Sun
July 10, 2014 8:00PM

A report shows Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average.

MUSLIMS have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says an analysis of census data.

And more than a third of Muslims had weekly incomes less than $400 in 2011, the report said.

Released by the Immigration Department, The People of Australia study revealed an Islamic population of 476,291 — up 40 per cent compared to the 2006 census.

Muslims had an unemployment rate of 12.1 per cent in 2011 while the national average was 5.2 per cent.

Buddhists had the second highest jobless rate, with 8.6 per cent unemployed, the report said.

Uniting Church members had the lowest jobless rate of any religion with 3.9 per cent, followed by Jews (4.2 per cent), Lutherans and Presbyterians (4.4 per cent), Anglicans (4.5 per cent) and Catholics (4.7 per cent).

About 7.1 per cent of atheists were unemployed in 2011.

In terms of birthplace, Chinese had the top jobless rate with 10.8 per cent, followed by Vietnamese (9.6 per cent), South Koreans (9.1 per cent), Lebanese (8.6 per cent) and Malaysians and Sri Lankans (6.7 per cent).

According to the study, the Italian-born had the lowest unemployment rate of any birthplace group with 3 per cent, followed by Scots (3.7 per cent), English (4 per cent) and Greeks (4.2 per cent).

Victorian local government areas with the highest proportion of people with poor English skills were Greater Dandenong (15.5 per cent), Brimbank (12.5 per cent), Darebin (7.8 per cent), Hume (7.7 per cent) and Whittlesea (7.5 per cent).

More than 60 per cent of Greater Dandenong residents mainly spoke a language other than English, as did 57 per cent of Brimbank residents and 45 per cent of Monash residents.

The census revealed that 7.23 million Australians claimed English ancestry, 7.1 million said they were of Australian ancestry, followed by Irish (2.09 million), Scottish (1.8 million), Italian (916,000), German (900,000), Chinese (866,000) and Indian (391,000).



19 thoughts on “Australia: Muslim jobless rates twice the national average, says census data

  1. Very sad and hard to believe that Aussies have nothing to say….either out of fear or disinterest is hard to say. All Aussies need to stand up and put an end to the muslimisation of our country…not tomorrow or next week, but NOW!!


    • absolutely! A lot of Aussies have no idea what the teachings of Islam are either and many are in denial with their heads in the sand. Others don’t want to know and will get such a shock when it comes to a town near them.


    • I will reply. How many went straight to the dole, stayed there, and do not bother to look for work?
      How many claim on multiple wives to Centrelink?


  2. Tony was on tv earlier sprouting bullshit about how much they have contributed to this country, contributed WHAT? The highest number of shootings, rapes, child marriages, drugs, demands! gees the list is endless!
    But what politician has the balls to do something?
    The only politician who could’ve made a difference was effectively jailed by yours truly TONY ABBOTT! !!


    • Turnbull is about to sign Agenda 2030 sustainable development which is an upgrade of Agenda 21. Turnbull is a Muslim supporter!! So are Labour and Greens. Abbott was booted by the UN, not Turnbull – because he refused to sign Agenda 2030 – and rightly so!! He was trying to protect our country – thats why he was booted!! Saudi Arabia (Muslims – Sharia law) are now head of and Chair of UN!!! Wake up!! We need an escape clause in Agenda 2030 – same as Canada used – they have since used it and gotten out of UN!!! Good on them! This is what Australia need to do. Go to ICLEI global click on members and a for Australai – see all the Councils etc under Agenda 21 which is under UN and old info.


    • There is no room for bludgers in Australia….if you don’t want to work and just take advantage of our great way of life, then you need to hotfoot it out of here. The Federal Government needs to stop playing silly-buggers when it comes to immigration. With muslim jobless rates twice the national average and rising, muslims are a huge drain on our economy and MUST be refused entry. No ifs, no buts…Just do it!!


  3. Isn’t that Why they came here for Centrelink. Marry two or three women have six or eight children. Brainwash them and sit back and collect all the money they can through centrecare.


  4. If your trying to entice hatred then this is exactly what you will send to the general population and the most gullible ones will fall for it. After doing some research of my own yes I found out the Muslim unemployment rate is the highest but at 7 % not 12. Secondly the REAL reason is because of name discrimination. Go and study for your self. One lady with Muslim name and another with Anglo name both with same qualification. The Anglo girl always gets the first choice. Again go and research it’s a fact.


    • According to your research Yakub ???? What sort of research was that. Talking to your mates down at the Centerlink queue, or in the local Mosque?. I can’t imagine anyone conducting their own census, did you knock on every door in this country? I doubt it, because you missed mine. There’s no need to do any research, it’s already been done. And I’ll guarantee the Jobless Muslim figure has risen. The only shining light on your garbage was the fact the Anglo girl comes out in front, it’s about time someone other than a Muslim did.


  5. Surely their costumes, need for regular “prayer times”, and their intolerance would put any potential employers off? Personal baggage such as religion, culture and creeds should stay out of the workplace.


  6. Stop letting them into our country !!!
    Look after our own people first .
    There’s enough unemployed and homeless
    Australians that don’t get any help ,
    Yet us hard working tax payers have to pay for
    these Muslim scumbags taking everything that they can get!!!


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