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Australia: Muslim jobless rates twice the national average, says census data

Number of unemployed Muslims more than twice national average John Masanauskas Herald Sun July 10, 2014 8:00PM A report shows Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average. MUSLIMS have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says an analysis of census data. And more than a third of Muslims had weekly … Continue reading

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Britain: 24% of Muslims have no qualifications and 21.3% have never held a job

Worried about Muslims in Britain? Here’s the answer As figures show the number of Muslim children is rising, James Kirkup says integration is about economics, not values. By James Kirkup 6:40AM GMT 13 Feb 2015 Do you worry about Britain’s growing Muslim population? You’re not alone. According to the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey, in … Continue reading

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69% of people polled don’t believe that Islam belongs in Austria

Poll: ‘Islam does not belong in Austria’ Published: 09 Feb 2015 A new survey on how Islam is viewed in Austria suggests that anti-Muslim sentiment has risen sharply in the wake of the Paris shootings, with 69 percent of those polled saying they did not believe that Islam belongs in Austria. The survey, carried out … Continue reading