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‘350 million Muslims secretly live as Christian converts’

A major Christian syndication has provided video evidence to us from their user data around the world which proves that a massive 350 million (!) Muslims live their outward lives as Muslims, on the surface, but have secretly converted to Christianity.

The reason for this dramatic transformation in numbers is not due to the Church proselytising Muslims or trying to convince or force conversions. According to the most common Muslim testimonial to their conversion “Jesus appeared to them in dreams or visions” spontaneously and “showed them he was the real prophet”. Others reported miracles and answers to prayers to be the reason for their conversion, by what they claim to be “Jesus” having responded to them.

This astonishing figure took us by complete surprise but it is real and have been confirmed by Arab Christian sources and figures.

The Muslim population is now 2.08 billion people as of 2013 figures according to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

In addition to the mass conversion of Muslims in Islamic countries, other reports which have been official for a few years have confirmed that over 6 million Muslims in Africa convert to Christianity every single year.

Over 3 million Christians are currently ‘missing’ from Syria in the past 3.5 years and are not included in refugee numbers indicating that they have been killed.

Because of the extreme persecution against Christians taking place all across the Middle East we have decided not to publish the source or details of this data or where this converted populations live in the Islamic world out of consideration for their security and safety. It is our opinion that the mass slaughter of Christians taking place right now is exactly due to the fact that millions of Muslims have converted to Christianity and authorities and Salafis are aware that changes are taking place and trying to put a stop to it.

115 thoughts on “‘350 million Muslims secretly live as Christian converts’

  1. No evidence to review = doubtful article; whatever the excuse may be. Furthermore, Muslims killing of Christians causes an imbalance in statistics? How about Christian majority USA and USSR collaborating to kill thousands of Muslims in Syria while the world watched this war crime? Oh and with Israel to kill thousands of Palestinians, Egyptians, Lebanese and Jordanians?
    How many Christian majority countries are currently invading Muslim majority countries? Many i know. What about vice-versa… how many Muslim countries are invading Christian majority countries? Shockingly, Zero! The world reality contradicts your claims.
    Moreover, seeing a man in white, even if he does say he is the prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), it is still a dream. Where is the mind from all of this. The reality is, yes the demographics may play a role in favor of Islam, i don’t know, but Islam is the logical religion, that’s why it attracts followers, period.
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    Or contact me for a free copy, no problem.


  2. HATEM, the USA is a secular country, so it isn’t the church invading Muslim countries and perhaps you can explain how those countries BECAME Muslim countries in the first place. Was it flower power? Did then win them in a raffle or lottery? Please can you explain?


  3. You don’t want to mention the source?? You must be kidding us.

    How do people know that you are telling the truth?

    This is definitely just a hoax.

    And only stupid people believe hoax.


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