Muslims in Government Statistics

Divorce rates in some Islamic countries topples many European countries – UN data

woman dragged behind car and killed
These cases are not included in the divorce statistics but if she had the freedom and choice, she would probably have applied for divorce. This is from Saudi Arabia: This woman had her legs tied with a rope attached to the rear hook of a car, and dragged behind the car until she died. It was her husbands punishment for her ‘disobedience’. There is no law within Islam that prohibits or punishes a man for committing acts of violence, rape or murder against his own property. The wife and children are his property. There is punishments if a man commits these acts against someone else’s property, but not when the crimes happen within a family.


Here are a group of graphs and figures that provide some comparisons of divorce rates across the world.  Included are the best estimates of divorce rates for many countries.  There are specific charts for Europe, Asia, Islamic countries and Oceania.

Many of the major Islamic countries do not report their divorce rates to the United Nations so there is limited data about divorce rates in these countries.  The major countries with missing data are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh all of which have over 100 million Muslims among their population.  For Indonesia there have been reports in the press and scientific literature about divorce rates.

The United Nations publishes an Annual Demographic Year Book for 2011 includes a table of divorce rates  for about 200 countries in the world.  The data in this table are from the 2011 yearbook.  Many countries have not reported their 2011 data, but some have made these reports.



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