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Sweden borrows 10,000,000 kroner per hour to finance Muslim immigration

by Nicolai Sennels

News clip – “We are borrowing 10 million kroner per hour”:

Former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said: “It will cost you money, we will not be able to afford much else, but it’s really people fleeing for their lives.”… “Open your hearts!,” exclaimed Reinfeldt in his speech.

Quite interesting article on Sweden’s new Donald Duck government can be found on this link.

Translated from Avpixlat via More about Sweden on Jihad Watch here.

According to Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (S), finances are really bad…

“It has become very clear that the barn is completely empty. It is not a set table we come to — it’s completely scraped. The question is whether even the table remains,” said Magdalena Andersson to the Daily News earlier. …

Immigration is costing billions of kroner and continues to increase without anyone so much as glancing at the handbrake. It is expected that bad economics will lead to tensions in society.

NOTE: An observant reader pointed out that Sweden is borrowing 36 million krona per hour to fund their insane policies. You can find the statistics of the debts, gdp and ratios here:

Also watch comedian Pat Condell’s video, “Sweden – Ship of fools”:

9 thoughts on “Sweden borrows 10,000,000 kroner per hour to finance Muslim immigration

  1. Jerzy Donus och alla de 10 milioner kr per timme gar till tjansteman som lever gott utan att gora deras jobb, utan ansvar skickas dodshotade i doden och till de asylboänden som är ännu värre an fosterhemen, fast mycket dyrare. Vissa ställen får 10 tusen kr per person och dag !!! Sjalvklart for atkunna få det maste man vara pa good fot med de som spenderar de 10 milioner, dvs regeringen, migrationsverket, socialstyrelsen. Eller vara själv anställd samt en del av den migrations verksamheten. Och fär att skylla 10miljoner på muslimmer luktar illa , luktar rasism och fördomar på långt håll. Och det förmodligen är just det vad det handlar om, i denna filmsnuten säger Magdalena Andersson ,den nya finance minister, inte ett ord eller ens antyder eller referar till muslimer. Men filmsnutens skapare skriver in sina antimuslimska propaganda. Inte heller i artikeln som linken kopplar till talas om muslimer. sa detta ar rena antimuslimska propaganda.


  2. Suffocating free speech corners the Swedish people into totalitarian dhimmitude status and gives Muslims the upper hand to rapidly infiltrate and destroy the entire country with their medieval fascism.
    Amongst all immigrant related crimes, since immigrants stand for the overwhelming majority of crimes in a country that used to have the lowest crime rate in the world, Muslims are responsible for the main crime statistics. And they are very, very serious problems that bode badly for the future generations of Sweden. Almost daily arson attacks, violence, assault, murders, shootings on the streets, robberies, animal abuse, honor crimes, female genital mutilation, and rapes.
    The rape statistics alone (17,000 a year) are so shocking the international media cannot fathom how Sweden’s politicians can stay quiet and do not care enough about their own people to do something about these problems. In 2013 over 450 Swedish children got violently raped by Muslim males. The total Muslim population is only 5%. The total Swedish population is 9 million of which Muslims make up around 450,000 (official figures) although Muslims themselves claim Sweden houses more than 800,000 Muslims. This hidden figure is the illegal mass immigrants, as in Palestine. Sudden flash immigration is a common Muslim war strategy used in rapid expansion for takeover from within.
    Its not difficult to be illegal in a country where people are weak and pathetic. For example, a murderer is sentenced to a prison facility that is more remnant of a five star hotel than a prison where hard-core prisoners are rewarded with video games, TV, pool rooms, gyms and a personal chef. “Life in prison” in Sweden means around 10-18 years (!). Sentences for criminals are often cut short in half the time – when they return into society to rape and murder another victim [recidivism, the behavior of a repeat or habitual criminal, is around 50-70% around the world].
    Sweden’s bogus claim of having low crime rates are merely due to the fact that they don’t really punish a lot of criminals. Therefore Swedish crime statistics don’t really reflect the truth. As few as 10-20 percent of all sexual offences are reported to the police meaning Muslim rape numbers are 800-1,000% higher than what is being reported. Crime is rewarded in Sweden. Seriously sick society!
    Sweden is / was a wealthy, beautiful, and modern nation. But it has been compared to nations such as the Soviet Union. One U.N. report stated that it will soon be a third-world nation.


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  4. Whats wrong with beeing antimuslim?, show me one example on whats good withs whats happening not just to Europe or even North America?

    I have a new found religion that i will die by, and its ISLAMOPHOBIA, a word thought up by people that have no arguments of their own and try to shove their will down peoples throats and if they dont like it they will shop your head off. And of course if you fear someting you are branded as a bad person. I on the other hand would call it a waken state – self preservation.

    I have read / studied and contemplated several religions, and my conclusion it that Islam is not a real and genuine religion. its a war strategy on how to invade and impose your will on people that you feel are inferior to you.

    Mind you all, there will be war, and it will not be pretty. but there will be casualities on both sides. Not just Christians!


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