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Europe’s Shifting Immigration Dynamic [Statistics]

This report was published in 2009. It has a lot of details that can be of value to anyone interested in researching the origin of the sudden boom in Muslim immigration; who these people are and where they originally came from.

Additional value to this older study is that some of the European countries have discontinued to collect detailed data on immigration out of sensitivity issues since reality would upset the general public.

Note that real explosion in Muslim immigration into Europe began to take dramatic shape in and around 1990 with a consistent dramatic increase without end. Readers may wish to note that the article is written by a liberal leftist with concerns over “Islamophobia”. With the consistent increase in terrorism since the article was published, one can only hope the author has woken up to some level of sanity.






One thought on “Europe’s Shifting Immigration Dynamic [Statistics]

  1. Excellent article! Too bad our American Jews still don’t realize that O’Bama is one of the head muslims in the world! Most voted for him…twice and would probably vote for him again. How stupid, to be leading themselves to the slaughterhouse again in less than 100 years!


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