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Muslim Honor Killings – Statistics

ghazala khan

Ghazala Khan (29 October 1986 – 23 September 2005) was a Pakistani woman, who was shot and killed in Denmark in broad daylight by her brother after she had married against the will of the family. The murder of Ghazala had been ordered by her father to save the ‘family honour’. No fewer than nine people from her family took part in arranging and performing the murder.

Honor killings are common in EU’s new member state Turkey. Spousal abuse and murder is the number one cause of death for women in Turkey, not cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

Burning, cutting, mutilating, raping and abusing a woman is perfectly legal and fine in Islam. Burning or damaging the Koran is not.


Turkish Ministry of Education: 1 in 4 Turks Support Honor Killings

Civitas: 1 in 3 Muslims in the UK strongly agree that a wife should be forced to obey her husband’s bidding

BBC Poll: 1 in 10 British Muslims support killing a family member over “dishonor”.

Middle East Quarterly: 91 percent of honor killings are committed by Muslims worldwide.

95% of honor killings in the West are perpetrated by Muslim fathers and brothers or their proxies.

A survey of Muslim women in Paris suburbs found that three-quarters of them wear their masks out of fear – including fear of violence.

Two-thirds of young British Muslims agree that ‘honor’ violence is acceptable.

Pew Research (2013): Large majorities of Muslims favor Sharia.  Among those who do, stoning women for adultery is favored by 89% in Pakistanis, 85% in Afghanistan, 81% in Egypt, 67% in Jordan, ~50% in ‘moderate’ Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, 58% in Iraq, 44% in Tunisia, 29% in Turkey, and 26% in Russia.

Pew Research (2013): Honor killing the woman for sex outside of marriage is favored over honor killing the man in almost every Islamic country.  Over half of Muslims surveyed believed that honor killings over sex were at least partially justified.

(2013) Jordanian teens support honor killing.



source: religionofpeace


37 thoughts on “Muslim Honor Killings – Statistics

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  5. I would like to bring to your notice that even though your statistics may be authentic, your interpretation and conclusion is no way authentic or remotely correct.
    ISLAM in no way promotes or even tolerates these so called ‘honour killings’.
    Domestic abuse, acid attacks, burning, objectifying, molesting women is what Islam had come to uproot, not promote.
    Just because these incidents happened in the ‘Muslim countries’ and the criminals have ‘muslim names’ does not mean that they have had Islamic motives. These actions can easily be explained to have originated from their egotistical desires and their urges to satisfy them, meanwhile blaming the religion forbgeir actions.
    Because they are humans first, and so called Muslims later.
    And trust me, humans can be insanely sickening, all on their ownm


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  8. Muslims that do this are barbaric and if your prophet Mohammed commanded you to do this. Then he was just another murderous megalomaniac tyrant. Not divine, insane


    • The article is extremely negative and wrong to say the least, there is a difference between culture and religion! Do not mix them up and be confused. Do not be ignorant and read the Quran in English and you will find NO where in the book that encourages the above. The Prophet (SAW) never commanded this or any abuse to women in fact he loved his wife Khadija (RA) unconditionally who was his employer first then became his wife after! Try living with this.

      I am a women – Muslim and proud to be one the core, I own and ride motorcycles, drive cars, vans and HGV trucks and I also wear a hijab,I travel the world SOLO. If this is not freedom for women then what is?

      Barbarism in islam if only you know the truth, it is the west’s wishful thinking.


      • Serioously, you must be joking. You are the one who need to read the Koran, the Hadith and the Sirat. And if you continue to be proud to be Muslim after that, you need a psychiatrist.
        Why don’t you move to the heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia – where they install the most authentic laws of Islam – and go and ride your motorcycles and cars there without your hijab? The Saudis haven’t invented their own “version” of Islam. They maintain the purest form of Islam.

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  20. The Pew Research Center, a source you use not once but TWICE, literally states in one of the specific things you cited: “In most countries where a question about so-called “honor” killings was asked, majorities of Muslims say such killings are never justified. Only in two countries – Afghanistan and Iraq – do majorities condone extra-judicial executions of women who allegedly have shamed their families by engaging in premarital sex or adultery.” Pew Research Center got information on roughly 50% of the entire 1.62 billion Muslims that exist in that, and less than half of the half they gathered data on support honor killings according to their findings. You can’t just go around implying an entire group supports honor killings when 25% or less do. That doesn’t make any logical sense.

    Don’t cherrypick your data, otherwise you just make a fool of yourself.


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