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Denmark: Muslims are around 450% more criminal than non-Muslims


The Muslim pedophile gang of Rochdale, England: (from top left) Abdul Rauf, Hamid Safi, Mohammed Sajid, Abdul Aziz. (from bottom left) Abdul Qayyum, Adil Khan, Mohammed Amin, Kabeer Hassan.


Database: Muslims in Denmark are highly criminal

Lars Hedegaard August 21, 2014, Dispatch International

[Google translate from Danish] Men with Muslim first names are convicted of crimes more often than the Danish population as a whole. 1.8% of the population in the last five years have been sentenced in court — but for men with a Muslim first name, the figure is about 8 percent. This is shown by a poll which Dispatch International has done.

The basis for this study is the so-called “namewheel” [database] as the prestigious weekly newsletter Ugebrevet A4 has put out.

If you type a first name, one can obtain a variety of information about individuals that carry this name. Issues such as employment, housing, age, income, and thus how often people with this name have been convicted over the past five years.

Dispatch International has combined “namewheel” with the most common Muslim male names that Denmarks Statistik report each year. We have used statistics from 1 January 2012.

If one calculates the estimated average for the 20 most common Muslim first names, it turns out that 8.1 percent of those have been convicted over the past five years. The corresponding figure for the total population is 1.8.

This means that the carriers of the 20 most common Muslim first names is about four and a half times the average criminal population.

And then you should know that the “namewheel” does not take account of those convicted have been sentenced to one or more times – and that the Muslim excess crime rate raises the national average of 1.8 percent. If you worked out the percentage for non-Muslims, the gap between the non-Muslim population and the Muslim is even bigger.

The 20 most common Muslim names in Denmark are: Ali, Mohammad, Mohamed, Ahmad, Mustafa, Ahmed, Mohammed, Ibrahim Mehmet, Mohamad, Hassan, Muhammad, Omar, Abdul, Mahmoud, Ahmet, Hasan, Malik, Yusuf and Hussein.

On January 1, 2012, there were 31 271 men who carried these first names in Denmark.

Dispatch International has also conducted a random check of less frequently occurring first names, but the picture is still the same. The name Abdallah carried by 181 people, of which 11.5 per cent have been convicted of crimes. For Faisal (152 persons), the figure was 12.5 per cent and Abdulla (61 seats) 9.6 per cent.

10 thoughts on “Denmark: Muslims are around 450% more criminal than non-Muslims

    • That is not because of that or being half black,its nothing to do it,black people problems,are not caused because of religion that ask them to how to behave,are mostly because of social problems causes,while muslim problem are because of their beliefs that support their behaviour,islam do not condemn their actions as paedophile,islam tell them to not integrate and not submit to non believers(non muslim) .


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  2. According to our corporate western media we are supposed to support Israel with their endless wars against the Muslims, and we are supposed to hate the Muslims in their own land. They are all wife beaters, goatfuckers, and bombbelt wearing terrorists.
    BUT! As soon as the same politicians that tell us to support Israel, as soon as they implant these Muslims in our countries, and neighborhoods, all of a sudden we are supposed to love them, and we are the racists and haters if we don’t except them.
    This the elites strategy of divide and conquer.


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