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Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says Australian analysis

One Muslim man and woman and their 11 children. Rapid breeding is not only a financial disaster on the West but is taught and encouraged on Muslims to better Muslim majority initiatives.

Number of unemployed Muslims more than twice national average

John Masanauskas, Herald Sun
July 10, 2014 8:00PM

A report shows Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average.
A report shows Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average.


MUSLIMS have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says an analysis of census data.

And more than a third of Muslims had weekly incomes less than $400 in 2011, the report said.

Released by the Immigration Department, The People of Australia study revealed an Islamic population of 476,291 — up 40 per cent compared to the 2006 census.

Muslims had an unemployment rate of 12.1 per cent in 2011 while the national average was 5.2 per cent.

Buddhists had the second highest jobless rate, with 8.6 per cent unemployed, the report said.

Uniting Church members had the lowest jobless rate of any religion with 3.9 per cent, followed by Jews (4.2 per cent), Lutherans and Presbyterians (4.4 per cent), Anglicans (4.5 per cent) and Catholics (4.7 per cent).

About 7.1 per cent of atheists were unemployed in 2011.

In terms of birthplace, Chinese had the top jobless rate with 10.8 per cent, followed by Vietnamese (9.6 per cent), South Koreans (9.1 per cent), Lebanese (8.6 per cent) and Malaysians and Sri Lankans (6.7 per cent).

According to the study, the Italian-born had the lowest unemployment rate of any birthplace group with 3 per cent, followed by Scots (3.7 per cent), English (4 per cent) and Greeks (4.2 per cent).

Victorian local government areas with the highest proportion of people with poor English skills were Greater Dandenong (15.5 per cent), Brimbank (12.5 per cent), Darebin (7.8 per cent), Hume (7.7 per cent) and Whittlesea (7.5 per cent).

More than 60 per cent of Greater Dandenong residents mainly spoke a language other than English, as did 57 per cent of Brimbank residents and 45 per cent of Monash residents.

The census revealed that 7.23 million Australians claimed English ancestry, 7.1 million said they were of Australian ancestry, followed by Irish (2.09 million), Scottish (1.8 million), Italian (916,000), German (900,000), Chinese (866,000) and Indian (391,000).

9 thoughts on “Muslims have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says Australian analysis

  1. I thought west is not aware of these peoples tacticts. I am single mother and healthworker from gujarat india. in gujarat food and housing provided by state for below powerty line 90% of them are muslims. they get the flat and then sell it by profit and move to another city to again get a flat. helthworkers are only government person who can go into their area, not even electricity company provider, not even police. most of the 40yrs male have more than 12 child because with every newborn they receive 70000 rupee and marrying any women of other religion they get 250000 rupee from arabs. if you think im making this up than see if any of working in western union money transfer and ask them. they are abuser of socialist democracy, and their main business requires weapons. people avoide their areas for transit. they rape teenager girls and vanish in their crowded slums. girls cant tell who was attacker because these people never mix up with others. But dont blame them they are doing what their religion is teaching them. i blame my politicions to applease them for votes. only if gov ban the free aid to these people or ban foreign funding.


    • Thank you for sharing this information on the Muslim exploitation of the generosity your country is trying to provide to them. The exact same is happening all across the West. Constant jizya extracted by Muslims in the form of handouts that everyone else has to pay for. In return they bomb and threaten and hate our men, women and children without any provocation.


    • You r such an ignorant lady India is himself a poor nation …You should know the Hindu & Muslims are the pillars of the society of INDIA…
      INDIA has a Criminal party called BJP himself doing all the nonsense things
      they r backbonned by RSS who is himself a traitor Organisation ..
      RSS didn’t participate in any of the Freedom fight they are actually informers of English-Men…
      BJP is a hatemonger party who has the work to spread communal violence all over the INDIA…
      You need to read more about INDIA since you are Gujarati thugs who know only benefit eitehr on the dead body of any man


      • Gujarati’s are hardworking and law abiding citizens, period.
        80% income tax of India comes from Gujarat. All innovation and technology in hardware sector comes from Gujarat. Space pioneers are from Gujarat. Just because rest of the India is lazy beggar doesn’t mean Gujarat is too. Central government eats all the taxes and feeds Hindi Baggers. and we have to pay high state taxes that you didnt even heard of. Even village small as 500 people pays yearly property tax. Gujarat secures equal to 35 billion UDS in state tax alone. Center government didnt provide coal so we didnt do finger pointing but imported Australian coal and get the job done. CNG produced in gujarat is 30% costly in gujarat than delhi, we didnt finger point but go to suprime court in lawfull manner. It is time that all the lazy junk people needs to start working other than living on welfare ration and housing paid by taxpayers money.


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  4. This is a prime example of muslims breeding like rats & then living on our welfare system without having contributed a single cent..her virgina must b the size of the mouth of a whale…


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