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The Good Country Index: Muslim countries contribute least good to the world (Data)

The ‘goodest’ country in the world? It’s Ireland! But Iraq, Libya and Vietnam are worst in index that measures nations’ contribution to humanity The UK is the best country for its contribution to science and technology Outside of western Europe and English-speaking world, Costa Rica is highest Western Europe is the ‘goodest part of the … Continue reading

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‘76.5 percent of Emiratis no longer favor travelling to Britain’

Poll: Emirati tourists shun UK after attack This picture taken on April 7, 2014 shows signage at the Cumberland Hotel in central London. (File photo: AFP) By Staff write | Al Arabiya News Thursday, 10 April 2014 Most Emiratis no longer consider Britain their favorite tourism destination after the recent assault on three UAE sisters … Continue reading

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87% female students of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University ‘abused by faculty staff’

Monday, June 02, 2014 1:52 PM Saudi Gazette report RIYADH — A study by Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University’s media college for women has revealed that 87 percent of female students have complained of being abused by university faculty staff. Sixty-two percent said they were facing academic problems. Ninety-three percent supported forming a student union … Continue reading

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Turks in Germany are a Financial Time Bomb – Statistics

Turks in Germany are a Time Bomb by DR. SAMI ALRABAA “The Turks in Germany are a time bomb, at least the majority of them”. This is the statement with which Peter Cohen, an American visiting professor at Munich University, concludes his recent study in Germany. Three million Turks live already in Germany already, while … Continue reading

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80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare

by Daniel Greenfield Turks came to Germany as ‘guest workers’. They were supposed to provide some “necessary cheap labor” and then leave. But it didn’t work out that way. And the topic has obvious implications for our own Gang of 8′s guest worker plan, which is going to lead to non-workers bankrupting the social welfare … Continue reading