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Islamization of Europe: The Numbers Don’t Lie

by Bruce Bawer, FRONTPAGE Magazine Few readers of this website will be unaware that over the last several years plenty of books, including my own While Europe Slept, have warned about the present and future effects of the rise of Islam in Europe.  Some writers, notably Christopher Caldwell and Mark Steyn, have gone into considerable … Continue reading

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Sweden: 5.6% Muslim population increase in only 8-years

Translated by Nicolai Sennels from Danish: “Sweden is Changing”, Weekendavisen May 5th 2012 (not online). The perfect storm:   Immigration. Sweden’s population now numbers 9.5 million people. It was only eight years ago that the figure reached 9 million. Much of the population growth is due to family reunification for refugees who have obtained asylum. … Continue reading

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Islam in Spain: 800% population increase in mere 13 years

written by Fernando Bravo Demographics and Immigration It is difficult to estimate the size of the Muslim population living in Spain. Available statistics do not distinguish population according to faith, which means we can only estimate quantity using national origin or national identity as sign of religious adherence. This implies a certain margin of error … Continue reading