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UK: Muslim prison population doubles in a decade to 27%. Muslim MP blames it on Islamophobia.

Muslims committing crimes and being sent to jail is all due to Islamophobia – not their propensity to crime.

Get real! As if they are sent to jail without any trial or investigation whether a crime was actually committed.

Why not teach them from childhood onwards to not be antagonistic against non-Muslims and society in general? Were the young victims of sex slavery Islamophobic? Were the honor murder victims Islamophobic? Were the victims of all their drug peddling Islamophobic? Are people all over the world Islamophobic or why are Muslims always the most dominant group on crimes in society no matter where they go? Are all French people Islamophobic because their prisons are dominated by 70%+ Muslims? And the Spanish with over 60% Muslim prison population is Islamophobic? Could it be their own conduct and upbringing and the doctrines of the Quran that legalizes their crimes in non-Muslim societies that is the actual cause.

Always the victims. Amongst Muslims there doesn’t seem to exist any conscience whatsoever of personal responsibility.

In this BBC video interview [Sunday politics] with Andre Neil [6:30] however, when Sadiq Khan discuss other non-Muslim criminals, he insist that burglars must go to prison and criminals should be deported. So why are the Muslim prisoners not deported? Are there suppose to be Islamophobia excuses for Muslims and lenience while others must be deported and jailed? And since many burglars do not go to prison in the UK there would be even more Muslims in prison should they be properly punished.


Calls for inquiry as figures show 27% of London’s prisoners are Muslim

Research: shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan obtained the data (Picture: Alex Lentati)

Joe Murphy, Political Editor

Published: 28 March 2014, Evening Standard


More than a quarter of London’s prison population are Muslims, prompting urgent calls for an inquiry into what is happening in the justice system.

Official figures have revealed that record levels of Muslim people are serving jail sentences and that the numbers are still growing. Across England and Wales the proportion has risen from eight per cent a decade ago to 14 per cent now.

In London, the figure is an “astonishing” 27 per cent, which is more than double the 12 per cent of the capital’s population who are Muslim. In two prisons, Feltham and Isis, a third of the inmates were Muslim.

The data was obtained by Sadiq Khan, the lawyer and shadow justice secretary who is himself a Muslim. He told the Evening Standard that an inquiry was vital to explain why the increase is happening.

“What’s really worrying is the rise, year after year, in the number of Muslims behind bars,” he said, adding: “We need to know why that’s the case if we’re to stop this rising further, reduce crime and prevent people needlessly becoming victims.”

Half of the top 10 prisons with the highest Muslim populations are in London, including Belmarsh, where the percentage has risen since 2010 from 19 to 29 per cent, Brixton (24 per cent), Pentonville (28 per cent), Thameside (25 per cent) and Wormwood Scrubs (27 per cent).

Mr Khan accused the Government of sitting on its hands after a 2010 call by the Chief Inspector of Prisons for a National Strategy to deal with the growing numbers of Muslims behind bars.

He said: “Four years on and ministers have ignored this call. The Government is utterly clueless about what to do about this growing problem. This is a waste of human talent and a huge drain on the hard-pressed taxpayer.”

Higher offending rates is only one of many possible reasons why the prison population is higher for some groups of the population. Other explanations could be that Muslims are more frequently caught and prosecuted, or sentenced to longer prison terms compared with other offenders.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “We have already implemented many of the recommendations from the 2010 report.”

14 thoughts on “UK: Muslim prison population doubles in a decade to 27%. Muslim MP blames it on Islamophobia.

  1. Why has no one considered the possibility that prisons are becoming the madrassahs of choice for radical muslims. A trojan horse if you like. I would say deport them for sure, unless political correctness is going to assert these parasites the right to reenter society and consume it from within. Why am I reminded of William Blakes poem ‘ the rose’?


  2. I want to help.

    Sadiq Khan insightfully defined the Muslims’ plight:

    What’s really worrying is the rise, year after year, in the number of Muslims behind bars. We need to know why that’s the case…

    The UK, it seems, is being ripped apart by neurosis. The Brits are being pulled from hither to dale by complex misplaced emotional states like Islamo-phobia, and crimo-phobia and Islamo-crimo-phobia. And, of course and as is inevitable when the stabilizing influence of Sharia is disregarded, while the long-suffering Muslim community is straining at the yoke to pull the backward British into the bright light of the submission God has ordained for them, the Muslims, while exercising their traditional stoicism, have sadly developed a collective psychological “tic” from the cumulative abuse, and we trained psychological professionals have identified it as classic GDS, or Get-away Deficiency Syndrome.

    Now that we’ve identified the problem, the Muslim leadership can start hammering out the solution: ECP or Enhanced Caper Planning.

    The mosques are the ideal venue for implementing this remedy, and if the truth were told, GDS is partially their fault, as it is evident the mosques have previously failed to provide proper guidance to their young congregations to ensure their vocational success.

    There now, isn’t this just the good news needed to lighten everyones’ burdens?


  3. “This is a waste of human talent and a huge drain on the hard-pressed taxpayer.”
    Muslim talent is living on the benefits and terrorism as a side business. These parasites are happy so long as they get to suck the benefits tit


  4. Given that a “phobia” is a fear of something, I have every right to fear Islam being dominant in this Western country. But my islamophobia does,nt cause muslims to be the way they are ,it is their teaching and upbringing that causes that. Dont blame the victim because you are a ratbag.


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  8. I’ve spent time learning about the teachings of the Qur’an, have two copies of it (different translations) and also one of a highly regarded Hadith. Islam is not merely a religion, it is a doctrine of life (religious, legal, political), the ultimate goal being the subjugation of all other peoples and faiths. It offers three possibilities for non-Muslims, convert, become subservient and pay fees to allow continuation, or be destroyed. This is not hidden information, it’s clear in the Qur’an, just apply the instructed abrogation, replacing earlier texts with later. Islam is no religion of peace, it’s a religion of conquest! I was born in England and am now in the U.S. I’m very sorry to see my home country being destroyed before my eyes, but clearly, that is exactly what is happening. I hope that destruction can yet be circumvented.


  9. Mr Kahn was/is a lawyer yes?

    Common sense tells me that when more Muslims are in the country more will go to prison. Couple that with the fact that all countries have a higher percentage of Muslims in prison, it becomes obvious that more Muslims commit crimes that end in a prison sentence. That generally means violent behaviour in this country, and even then it has to be pretty severe.

    The report should really be into why so many Muslims commit crimes in their adopted land.

    Mr Kahn should never get an audience in the press as he is just trying to inflame the hatred amongst everyone.


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