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Minority Issues? Over 70% of Muslims Support Sharia Law, 90% Support Execution of Apostates – Statistics

There are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. In Egypt 90% of Muslims agree that apostates deserve execution if they want to leave Islam. And the brutal and barbaric Sharia law is supported in majority through the entire Muslim world.

By David French ACLJ.ORG | 1:06 PM May. 1, 2013

While publications like the Daily Beast and Mother Jones and networks like NPR are exposing the scandal of – gasp – Evangelical adoptions, perhaps they should cover a different religious scandal. Thanks to Jim Geraghty’s must-read Morning Jolt e-mail (subscribe if you haven’t — it’s consistently my favorite read of the day), I ran across this chart from The Economist detailing Muslim attitudes towards sharia law and apostasy:

Read it and weep. In Egypt, for example, more than 70 percent of the public supports shariah law, and almost 90 percent of those individuals also support executing those who leave Islam. I feel comfortable saying this is a problem, a much, much greater problem than any alleged American “Islamophobia,” and if we turn away from these statistics and believe the fault for continued jihadist bloodshed lies primarily within us — or is primarily the fault of Israel — then we are truly willfully blind.

To be clear, I do not share this chart as evidence of the nature of “true Islam.” Unlike our recent presidents, I don’t claim to understand the religion so deeply as to pontificate on its true nature. In fact, this chart shows considerable diversity of views (if only Egypt were like Kazakhstan), and I know many Muslims who not only are marvelous people but have provided indispensable help in the war against jihadist terror. Instead, I defy anyone to read this and argue that there aren’t deep cultural problems — tied directly to religious belief — in vast and important swathes of the Muslim world.

Whether the Islam of Egypt or Kazakhstan is “true Islam” is a matter to be worked out by Muslims, but the fact remains that it’s not a mere “few extremists” who want to execute apostates, and that mindset is a problem for all of us. It’s not “phobia” to point this out any more than it’s “phobia” to note that Muslim terrorists are responsible for tens of thousands of additional terrorist attacks since 9/11 and for thousands before. Nor is it “phobia” to note the rather obvious fact that a population that overwhelmingly believes in executing apostates might well be fertile ground for recruiting jihadists.

One final note: Two of the worst countries on that chart — Egypt and Pakistan — are also among our largest recipients of military and financial aid. It looks like billions of taxpayer dollars do not, in fact, buy moderation.

Indian Muslims shout anti-US slogans as they ride horses over the U.S. flag during a demonstration

This article is crossposted at National Review Online.

20 thoughts on “Minority Issues? Over 70% of Muslims Support Sharia Law, 90% Support Execution of Apostates – Statistics

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  3. Muslim Community: LET US CHANGE

    The national leaders, administrative and political decision makers in
    Muslim countries should do the following to serve Islam effectively:


    1. Devise economically independent nationalism. Stop imitating other
    nations or other ideologies no matter how attractive they are.
    Neither capitalism nor communism has served humanity adequately.


    2. Give utmost importance to education and research and at every level
    of education, right from Kindergarten to Ph.D level, blend Islamic
    education with secular education. Do not compartmentalize education
    into Islamic and secular.

    The problem with us is that we are producing academic scholars who
    later on in life throw Islamic values to the winds. Let us produce
    Hafizes who are at the same time engineers or architects or other


    3. We have to do deep research on banking and investment and
    international monetary system. We can not rely on non-Muslim banking
    and monetary systems to do foreign trade, investments and foreign
    exchange savings. We got to train Muslims to be extraordinary
    specialists in monetary economics and devise an Islam based
    international monetary system which can help us reduce the sort of
    recession under which the present world goes through due to our
    reliance of West based monetary system.


    4. Muslim countries that are rich due to their oil reserves must find
    ways and means to invest their extraordinary foreign reserves, in
    other poorer Muslim countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
    Indonesia, Egypt and very many African and Central Asian countries. We
    can help these poorer countries to develop their potential and soon
    fully alleviate their poverty. This is the spirit of Zakah.


    5. Muslim countries that are rich must invest billions of dollars in
    poorer countries as given in 4 above, in building huge universities,
    higher institutes of learning and research institutes and large well
    equipped hospitals. This can be done partly on charity and partly on
    commercial basis.


    6. Many Muslim countries depend on foreign trade even for simple
    consumer goods that they are capable of learning to make, simply
    because they are lazy and lack motivation. They import pens, pencils,
    paper, sweets, foot-wear, cooking utensils, powdered spices, dressing
    materials, bicycles, toys, furniture etc etc. They got to set up
    industries where these things can be locally made using either the
    local raw materials or imported ones, to start with at higher costs
    than the imported ones.

    But these import substitute industries are important in order, first
    to learn to manufacture and eventually become skilful. A strong
    manufacturing base is important in order to slowly develop heavy
    industries and arms and weapons manufacturing. We can never meet the
    expectations of the protagonists of the so called clash of
    civilizations unless we change our business attitudes.


    7. In many Muslim countries people’s propensity to consume is much
    greater than their propensity to save. Salaried employees earning as
    much as US$3000- 10,000 a month, spend a lot on luxury items, owning
    several cars, exorbitant life style and building palatial houses. They
    seem to give greater priority to showing off their wealth rather than
    giving priority to their children’s education. Moreover, they lack
    corporate thinking or savings in order in order to invest in capital
    appreciating assets or forming large public companies.


    8. Rukun Islam is vital but at the same time we have to understand the
    spirit behind the rituals. Discipline during the time of fasting alone
    is not important. We got to maintain that discipline and implement
    Islam based Akhlak and if necessary borrow other good behaviour
    patterns from other cultures, such as honesty, keeping up promises,
    paying the wages of workers adequately and on time, punctuality,
    dignity of labour, the organizational and administrative systems and
    capabilities of the West, their enquiring spirit, their attitude
    towards research, their adventurism and above all Islam based mercy
    and social justice.


    9. We got to stop copying all aspects of western culture, their dress,
    their music, their cinemas and movies, their interpretation of history
    and politics, their architecture, their methods of matrimonial
    relations, their family, civil and criminal laws in Toto, their
    philosophy and their freedom of expression. But absolutely nothing
    wrong in borrowing some of their good characteristics as I have
    mentioned in 8 above if they can sharpen our intelligence and improve
    our efficiency, productivity and honesty in our dealings. We are fast
    in copying all the bad aspects of western culture but very slow in
    copying the good aspects.


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  5. This graph mkes no sense,the combined score of most countries is much higher than 100%. For example,how can 89% of Palestinians suppurt Sharia,while 85% support religious freedom ?

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    • Your reasoning makes no sense. To most Muslims it is Sharia that represents their idea of freedom and democracy. Insane thinking to us, sensible to them.


      • Ok,thank a lot for answer – I learned a lot from this website. However,according to Sharia a muslim does not have any freedom of religion since he will be executed or severely punished if he convert to christianity or anything else,jews and christians are subjected to discrimination and need to pay a tax or to convert,and polytheisits simply have two choises – either they convert or die . Do you support Israel ?


  6. Moron. Sharia law is not “brutal and barbaric”, you’re thinking of Udud law, elements of which are only ever applied in Saudia Arabia and Iran.

    And your so-called statistics show the vast majority of Muslims support religious freedom, even though those same “stats” are cooked up by Islamophobic political groups, not independent or academic researchers.


    • Islamists want Sharia Law to SUPERSEDE the laws we have in the U.S., i.e. taxes, Oblundercare, etc. – that is why we do not want it in the United States, if you’re a damn citizen ACT like one. Dearborn Michigan is TRYING this shit and I hope they smack it down faster than Ray Rice’s wife in an elevator. TRULYMADLYAMANDA, I feel an overtly Progressive, liberal vibe pervading from your missive, perhaps it would be best if you got your news from a source other than MSNBC and CNN as they tell more tall tales than the Brothers Grimm. May I recommend a source foreign to U.S. soil since I’m sure you were about to parrot “at least I don’t watch Faux (SO witty btw) News like your typical liberals sheep, bleating out what the MSM spoon feeds you – I just wanted to nip that in the bud before you make an erroneoud statement.


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  11. And this supposedly means all Islam is sharia or supports it? Did you stop to look at your list? Where Thailand and Malaysia-ARE NOT Predominant Muslim countries? And that they are sometimes made to feel as second class citizens? Or do you just Attempt to twist the data-YEP! Thought so-Islamaphobe.


  12. And secondly how may are smart enough to comprehend that Shari’a is merely a Islam incorporation of a CROSS-cultrual law from Tanzania to Kashmir when Mohammad first sucked air?? Slavery was acceptable, women were to be treated like cattle and stealing or killing without cause WERE Unacceptable FAUX PAS for all cultures-AKA Common decency Circa 000 BC/AD nd then some.. Considering that hundreds of cultures rose and fell within them!! until ROME-and the Dark Ages brought on the Blind for some EXCEPT Islam. Learn some world history before your Islamophobic Stupid just keeps feeding fire if Enemies Humanity y DOESN’T NEED your help creating.


  13. I totally agree with all of the above.
    Being of muslim origin myself, as a woman, I know what it is like to live in a secular country that is inspired by democratic values like freedom of speech, and I also know what it is like to live in a totalitarian regime in which the vast majority of the population is muslim. I experienced both… you wrote your article 3 years ago, now we are in 2016 and things aren’t getting any better. I strongly advise everyone to read the book “submission” by the French writer Michel Houelbecq! Although a novel, it is quite prophetic I am afraid. I literally had the goose bumps while reading it! And being French, he is fully aware of the situation. When you think of St. Denis, an area north of the centre of Paris, less that 10 km away, the muslim community counts 700.000 people, that is 45%! You have shops that only sell niqabs and should you be unveiled as a woman, you could get in serious trouble. Sadly, the politicians have done nothing so far to adress the problem. By sweeping it under the rug, the heap of dirt has grown into a huge mountain… And now we have a new debate: the niqab and the burkini! What secular Europe seems to oversee, is that ironically, their very democratic values are being abused, they have a Trojan Horse of monumental proportion: Islam, which was moderate and dormant 20 years ago, but now, thanks to the rise of extremism and the media, we have an ideology that seems to be unstoppable!


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