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How widespread is Islamic fundamentalism in West Europe? – Survey

By Erik Voeten  |  December 13 at 12:15 pm One narrative about Muslim immigrants in Europe is that only a relatively small proportion holds views that are sometimes labeled as “fundamentalist.” Ruud Koopmans from the Wissenschaftszentrum in Berlin argues that this perspective is incorrect. He conducted a telephone survey of 9,000 respondents in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, … Continue reading

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18% of Muslims support death sentence for apostasy, 21.9% oppose democracy – Austrian Survey

The Threat of Islam in Austria from Gates of Vienna I previously reported on a survey of Flemish voters that showed how many people in Flanders consider Islam a threat, despite all the decades of multicultural indoctrination. Now comes a mirror-image survey from Austria, showing the intolerant and non-integrative attitudes of Austria’s Muslims. And remember: … Continue reading