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Handicapped Boys Are Biggest Victims Of Sexual Abuse In UAE – Survey

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45% of abused kids victims of relatives in UAE

Study shows boys more vulnerable than girls

By Staff, Emirati247

Published Saturday, November 02, 2013

Relatives are the main culprits in molestation crimes in the UAE as an average 45 per cent of the abused children are victims of family members, according to a study.

The study, presented to a child care seminar in Dubai this week, found that boys are more vulnerable to sexual abuse in the UAE and warned that such crimes against handicapped children will only block their integration into the community.

Presenting the study, Dr Mamdouh Mukhtar, a well-known psychiatrist who works as adviser to Dubai Police and Sharjah Higher Family Council, said his findings were a result of a survey in 18 schools in Dubai and it covered the 6-12 years age group.

“The survey revealed important facts, which showed that boys are subject to…

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