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Britain in 2013: 1,500 New Female Genital Mutilation cases, including children born in the UK

The Muslim Issue

Who picks up the tab for these savage Muslim atrocities? You guessed it. And who picks up the tab for the endless increase in national security costs that is now the norm after Tony Blair’s unrestricted flow of Muslim immigration and visitors? Who picks up the tab for the welfare, childcare, medical care and housing costs to a 67% unproductive Muslim population in the UK who don’t want to integrate or educate themselves? We hardly need to tell you.

Could someone elaborate to us what exact benefit Muslim immigration offer to the western world? Any?? An estimated 50 million Muslims now live across Europe, while 80% of them drag both society and the economy down (even Muslims themselves admit this). The EU wants Turkey to join in their shady little membership and social experiment, without taking any consideration to the police statistics in Germany which show 3 million violent…

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